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Sasha Carroll studied at Wake Forest University, USA, with average GPA 3.49 out of 4.0.

Where Kittyhawk Failed: The Case of Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies have always been a very dubious concept, clearly promoting further evolution of technological thought, on the one hand, and blocking the development of the current technological advances, on the other side. Perhaps, one of the most notorious cases of disruptive technologies affecting the current market and ruining the opportunities of promising technologies to […]

Rural tourism in Malta and Cyprus

Executive summary Rural tourism concentrates on taking part in rural surroundings and entails both eco-tourism and agro-tourism. Rural tourism is mostly fitting in developing countries where land for farming activities now lies in fragments because of escalations in population. For instance, Malta comprises of an archipelago established at the middle of the Mediterranean. With respect […]

Managerial Economics – A pharmaceutical Company

Every organization faces numerous problems and challenges. Some of them are minor, the others are crucial. Many come as a part of the company’s planning process, and some are brought due to certain new opportunities. Whatever they are, decision-making process lies at the very core. It is always a delicate balance between a desire to […]

Members of the LGBT Community

Social problems in relation to the LGBT population Several strategies have been embraced by supporters, sympathizes, and activists of gay sex marriage to win support of the public on the need to stop prejudicing gay and lesbianism marriages. For instance, the assimilation approach has resulted in positive results among the gays in America and reduced […]

German Automotive Industry

The German automotive industry is one of the oldest in the world with over a century of operation. The industry is renowned for the invention of the four-stroke engine (Germany Trade & Invest 2013). The earliest vehicle to be powered by gas was developed by Karl Benz. Thereafter, the copyrighting of the vehicle gave rise […]

The Significance of Home Schooling

Butler, Shery. “The “H” Word: Home Schooling.” Gifted Child Today, vol. 23, no. 5, 2000, p. 44. This is a purely descriptive article. It presents the experiences of different personalities with home schooling. The article provides a narrative while emphasizing on the significance of home schooling. There is an observation that home schooling is more […]

Financial Evaluation of Alternatives for City Hotel Limited

Introduction The management of the City Hotel Limited seeks to evaluate various alternative options that are recommended with an aim of improving performance. The company has faced a drop in performance since its inception. This can be attributed to the competition and deterioration of the condition of the rooms. The options proposed by the management […]

Natural Disasters in a Globalizing World

China floods in 1931, Katrina and Rita Hurricanes, the Tri-State Tornado, and San Francisco Earthquake in 1906. This list of noticeable disasters is not finished and considered rather huge with the volume of damage that varies considerably (Prophet, 2008). During a long period, people attempt to fight against natural forces and disasters in order to […]

Human Resource Management

Best Fit Best Practice Factor in HRM strategy Human resource management strategies are the plans that organizations put in place to help in managing people, organizational structure, development and training. The plans help in ascertaining how people’s skill fit into an organization’s mission, vision and objectives. The HRM of an organization is focused on recruiting […]

Conflict Resolution In a Team Building

Introduction When an organization continues to manage and organize its work force, there are chances that conflict will arise either between the work teams and the management or among employees. In most cases, conflict arises as a result of differences especially when people come together in teams to work for a common goal, but then […]

Doing Research on Vulnerable Populations or about Potentially Upsetting or Traumatic Topics

Introduction Researches on vulnerable populations or about potentially upsetting or traumatic topics are complex and often tackle sensitive issues hence causing mixed reactions. In this regard, diverse ethical concerns often emerge for researchers conducting extensive researches on these areas. According to Israel and Hay “Vulnerable people cannot safeguard their rights and interests” (2006, p.71). Therefore, […]

Native American Culture and American Indians

Native Americans or American Indians are the first inhabitants of the American continent. These people are considered as the earliest inhabitants of the continent and its owners. However, the history of the USA has come through the colonization and many people who now inhabit the continent are not the Native Americans. Therefore, it is natural […]

Competitive Forces and SWOT Analysis: Whole Foods Market

Introduction Whole Foods Market is a leading company in the organic foods industry. The company’s core business is sourcing and retailing a wide variety of organic foods (Whole Foods Market, 2011). The company’s product portfolio consists of food items in the following categories: snacks, frozen foodstuffs, supplements, beverages, pantry and staples (Whole Foods Market, 2011). […]

Characteristics of Japanese Employment Relations

Changes in the some national factors such as institutions, labour markets, capital markets, national relations, businesses, economy, culture and rule triggers the employment relation practices and its changes. Considering the Japanese employment relations, it has some key aspects, which include the lifetime, enterprise based and seniority based amalgamation that determines employment relations. Japan is a […]

Analysis of General Electric

Initial Challenges During his first four years in as CEO, Jeff Immelt had to contend with reduced investor confidence resulting from the 9/11 terrorist attack. Investors’ confidence in the stock market was shaken which resulted in a 20% reduction in General Electric’s stock price. Immelt had to reduce the company’s annual growth forecast which was […]

The Government of US

The US is the only state in the international system with the busiest elections calendar. This is because elections are held at state, federal, and local levels. This means that the American voter would vote more in his or her lifetime as compared to German, Japanese, and British voters. High-visibility elections are given much focus […]

Wars of religion and consolidation in France

There were specific periods of time in the historic period of France when religion was a real problem for its citizens. France was occupied by the war on religion during almost four decades since 1562 up to 1598. There were three great periods of the war which were held during 1562 – 1576 (the first […]

Comparing and Contrasting Two Theories of Personality: Psychoanalytical Theory vs. Behavioral Theory

Introduction to Theories of Personality Personality refers to a set of organized and dynamic characteristics possessed by an individual. Under different circumstances, such individual characteristics influence a person’s emotions, behaviors, cognitions, and motivations (Olson & Hergenhahn 2010). Personality may also refer to patterns of behaviours, thoughts, and feelings that a given individual manifest consistently over […]

Jack London’s, “To Build a Fire”

To Build a Fire by Jack London tells the story of a man who perishes in extreme whether conditions because he fails to take precaution before setting out on a journey on cold weather. The story is both naturalist and realist. The naturalism movement in literature concerned itself with the struggles that a man had […]

Chinese Gods’ Various Teachings

The majority of Hong Kong residents were initially predominant worshipers of Confucius. They believed in the Holy Trinity of Guanyin, Amutabha Duddha and Shakiyamuni Buddha. Later on, Hong, the self-proclaimed Heavenly King and God’s son, introduced Taiping during an era of great peace. Taiping demanded former worshipers of Confucius to first repent their iniquities before […]

Abraham Harold Maslow

A long list of theories that attempt to explain human’s personality traits have been put forward by psychological theorists especially of the 20th century. Some of the prominent theorists include Sigmund Freud, B. F. Skinner, and Abraham H. Maslow (Newman & Newman, 2007). Maslow was an American psychologist who was born and grew up in […]