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Savanna Potts studied at the University of Georgia, USA, with average GPA 3.06 out of 4.0.

Organizations and Economic Environment

Introduction The continuous increase in real gross domestic product is what is called real economic growth. Economic growth can originate from efficient production levels or from inefficient production levels. Economic growth can happen with decrease, increase or without any change in the price level. There are various factors that are associated with economic growth and […]

Octone Records Report

Introduction The records industry, like any other industry, has encountered new trends and challenges that have, consequently, affected business performance of individual firms. The advent of technology has affected the average profits made by firms since technology provides ample room for illegal file sharing and piracy. This report analyzes the marketing performance of Octone Records […]

Photography and beauty

Introduction Walt Whitman in his works rejected the distinction between beautiful and ugly as he sought to have a world that was united in perception. His resistance stemmed from the fact that in the early decades of photography, photographs were meant to idealize images and for a picture to be considered beautiful, its subject had […]

Summation of Joan Magretta’s ‘Why Business Model Matters’

Introduction In the article ‘why Business matters’, Joan Magretta gives an insight into the origin of a good business model. She gives a highlight on the application of the term ‘business model’ in relation to a business strategy. The article indicates the differences between business strategies and business models. The author indicates that the interchangeable […]

Transportation and Logistics System in Argentina

Introduction Transportation and logistics system acts as one of the major reflectors of a country’s economic capability and resource availability. Such elaborate system, determines various trends within market environment based on critical aspects. Consequently, nature of transportation and logistics systems within a region determines costs and ultimately nature of pricing on consumer goods. For example, […]

The Evolution of Organizational Knowledge Creation Theory

Analyzing the Evolution of Organizational Knowledge Creation Theory and Research Organizational knowledge creation involves making available and intensifying knowledge created by individuals and also shaping up and linking it with an organization’s knowledge system. The description of knowledge and knowledge conversion triggered research on conducive organization for and the context for knowledge creation. Research particularly […]

Kosovo: Origins, Developments & Outcomes

The process of post-Cold War change in the Balkans has been approached and studied from a multiplicity of conceptual frameworks and assumptions by scholars and political analysts. The most dominant and consistent, according to Pula (2004), is the so-called ‘transition view’, which interprets a post-communist change in Eastern Europe as a struggle with the tradition […]

Boundaries in Marriage

A summary of Boundaries in Marriage Cloud and Townsend (2002) recommend a hypothetical model that can be used to maintain a healthy marital association. Their proposed model summarizes both the theological and theoretical orientation to a healthy relationship. They argue that marriage basically concerns love. Nevertheless, the authors claim that love itself is insufficient to […]

Global-Wine War: New versus Old

Introduction Demand and supply are important elements in determining the competitiveness of a business. The response to effects and changes by demand and supply determines the organizations’ competitive edge in business. This paper will highlight the shifts in demand and supply that prevailed in the Global Wine-War between the new and the old wine case […]

Challenges and Human Resource Mechanisms in Multinational Companies

Introduction Multinational companies have operations in more than one country. Therefore, companies employ people from different countries and culture (Feely 2003). These companies have a culturally diverse work force. Multinational companies have subsidiaries in different countries thus have diverse work forces. Diversity is characterised by religious and cultural differences among employees (Som 2006). Human resource […]

The Keys to the Success of Dell

Introduction Dell Computers Company operates in the computer industry of the US. The Company engages in development, sales and support of computer services. Michael Dell founded the company in 1984. Dell’s strategy of making sales directly to its clients has enabled it to acquire the position of the market leader in the US computer industry. […]

Personality Assessment Instruments

The Myer Briggs personality assessment test, the Rorschach test and self-books are all instruments of personality assessment. The Myer Briggs personality assessment criterion is largely a psychometric questionnaire that evaluates the views of different people with regards to their perception of the world and the decisions they make in day to day life. This indicator […]

Policy Analysis and Evaluation

Introduction Globalization has influenced the growth of trade, to the point that countries engage in exports and imports transactions worth billions everyday. Governments take advantage of these transactions by drafting and implementing policies to promote their countries as preferable trading hubs. This status is important as it determines the angle with which the world views […]

Quality Education: How the Concept Can be Spread Amongst Stakeholders and Educators

Introduction In the course of the last decade, the global education sector was on the limelight concerning its capacity offer quality basic education. Education is both a system and a process. As a system, it is entrenched in a cultural, political, and economic context. These contexts are interdependent in such a way that they influence […]

Higher Education History

The founding of the USA changed the education landscape in America in the 1800s. Americans took control of their education system from the colonialists. State governments took control of the colonial colleges. Consequently, the US enjoyed college boom in the late 1800s as a result of changes in economic and industrial activities. This was to […]

Latin Restaurant operations plan

Operating Strategy The business itself will operate under the concept of a fine dining establishment with live entertainment 4 days a week. Aside from being a restaurant the business will also operate as a catering and merchandising establishment wherein customers can either buy in-store made products such as cakes, snacks and sauces as well as […]

Ethics and media

Introduction This paper is aimed at showing how various ethical theories can be applied to the situations related to the work of mass media. In particular, it is critical to examine the functioning of mass media in the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, one should focus on such a phenomenon as censorship that can profoundly affect […]

How and in what ways, did the use of print change the lives of early modern Europeans?

Introduction We are at the brink of experiencing transformation of the Internet revolution that now defines almost all aspects of the modern life. It is sensible to review and understand how printing press revolution brought about significant and long-lasting transformations in economic, political, social, and cultural aspects of lives. Printing press transformed some aspects of […]

Project Management Success

Introduction To some degree, the success of every project depends on the expertise of a leader who has to guide the activities of team members and foster their cooperation. In some cases, this professional has to coordinate the work of people who may be located in different countries and this task can be very challenging. […]

MGM Grand Hotel Fire

The Fire The MGM Grand fire took place in November 1980. The fire burnt the then MG Grand Hotel and Casino costing the lives of 85 people (Mirkhah par. 4). It was considered the worst tragedy Nevada had ever experienced and was classified as the third biggest fire in the United States has ever experienced. […]

Criticism of Novel-To the lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

The story written by Woolf is fascinating since it depicts the highest level of professionalism in the modernism era. Nonetheless, some of its features ranging from writing style to the portrayal of some characters are astonishing when subjected to criticism. The book has several characters incorporating Mr. Ramsay, his family, visitors, and other characters that […]

Crisis Intervention Strategies

Prevention and management of crisis in the workplaces or at home is a complex process that requires ethical and legal considerations when addressing various issues. In case study, suffering from depression, Julie is an eighth grade student at South Middle School and she has developed suicidal feelings. At school, Julie is angry and outbursts during […]

Social Factors that Motivate People to Travel (in Tourism Industry)

Introduction Tourism is used as a revenue generator in many countries. With an increased world population, tourist population has grown accordingly. People travel because of different reasons, some of which are personal, while others are job oriented. Beard and Ragheb identify the various push and pull reasons that people base their decisions on for traveling. […]