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E-Learning in the Academic Industry

Introduction Motivation More universities are integrating e-learning and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools with their curriculum. Despite the lasting association of traditional teaching methods with colleges and universities, the change switch e-learning and ICT based teaching has been rapid. E-learning and ICT based teaching has experienced tremendous growth in the education industry. Even though […]

The crisis in Dubai

Introduction The crisis in Dubai occurred as a trickledown effect from the property market in the United States. This crisis took time to develop and invade most of the countries in the world. According to the current statistics, the global meltdown of that caused the crisis in Dubai has overshadowed the great depression that occurred […]

Group Counseling

Introduction Group counseling is a type of therapy that involves a small group of people sharing a similar experience or similar problems. Individuals who are experiencing difficulties that they wish to resolve usually involve the use of counseling to help them deal with these difficulties. Group counseling sessions are usually designed to deal with specific […]

Effective assessment practice paper

Introduction Student assessment forms important aspect of learning. More specifically, assessments are used to give all important feedback to students on their learning, to identify whether students have understood what they have been taught or whether further learning is required, to identify the best teaching strategies that can work for a given group of students. […]

International Accounting and Financial Reporting

International accounting and financial reporting are the accounting standards which are based on accounting interpretations and the framework as they have been stipulated by the international accounting Standards Board which were formed in 1989. It is a business trend and technique that the financial report of a business enterprise should be prepared at the end […]

Risk Factors for Deliberate Self-Harm among College Students: Article Review

Introduction Deliberate self-harm is one of the fields in research that have received little attention from scholars and academicians in general. This is despite the fact that this behavior is becoming more evident among youths and especially college going students. There are several factors that have been identified by the few studies that have been […]

Compare and Contrast Shakespeare’s Othello and the Blind Owl by Sedayat

Shakespeare’s Othello and the Blind Owl by Sedayat can be compared and contrasted in several ways. For instance, it is evident that the characters and plots in the two books are different. Also, some themes such as, love, gender culture and murder are common in both works. However, The Blind Owl includes suicidal incidences, which […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Euthanasia in Modern Society

One of the most peculiar aspects of a post-industrial living is that, as time goes on, a number of religion-based moral dogmas are being exposed conceptually fallacious. The validity of this statement can be well illustrated in regards to an ongoing debate on whether the practice of euthanasia should attain a fully legitimate medicinal status […]

Minorities and policing

Introduction Minorities have often been victims of racial profiling by law enforcement officers. They receive discriminatory treatment in various instances, for example, while driving, in shopping malls or walking in public places. The police officers usually stop them and conduct thorough searches on them. In airports the minorities are checked more keenly as the police […]