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Asian and American education systems

Introduction Asian and American education systems are too different. Due to the cultural differences, USA and Asian education have specific structural, social, and economic varieties which make the educational systems of these two nations differ greatly. Starting the discussion with the structural peculiarities of each of the educational systems, the economic priorities along with the […]

War in Afghanistan: Should the U.S. Pull Out Now?

September 11, 2001 terrorists’ attacks on American did trigger United States and United Kingdom to invade Afghanistan in search of prime terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, the master mind of terrorists who is responsible for the terrorist activities across the world. Osama Bin Laden belongs to Al-Qaeda terrorist organization that has it basis in Afghanistan, allied […]

Two Problems of Enron Company

Creativity is of essence in every aspect of life. Moreover, a world full of creative minds can go along way in making it a better place. Companies depend on creative minds to achieve their unique and important objectives. In fact, goals are always backed by creative and innovative minds. In essence, originality goes along way […]

Homosexuals Should Not Be Allowed to Adopt Children

Introduction Due to the increased acceptance and changing societal perceptions towards same sex marriages, many gays and lesbians have opted to become parents through adoption. In addition, with the current legalization of the practice in some global communities, more so in some states in the U.S., for example, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California, the practice […]