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Ser Duncan studied at the University of Minnesota, USA, with average GPA 3.29 out of 4.0.

Should The Endangered Species Act be strengthened?

Introduction The main reasons why the endangered species act (ESA) act should be strengthened in United States are the act is the only piece of legislation that is responsible for the protection of flora and fauna and their habitat in addition to their genetic diversity (Easton, 2009). Secondly, the ESA is a clear and uncomplicated […]

Large Hadron Collider

The standard model of studying particle physics is surrounded with several issues in the wake of the anticipated entry of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Particle physicists are not sure whether LHC will challenge or add to the standard model used to study particle physics presently. Moreover, LHC might explain the some controversial macrocosmic issues […]

If You Forget Me

“If You Forget Me” is a poem by the Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda. Neruda’s work spans the period between the first and second world wars. Neruda was also active in the civil movement that took place in Spain. Born in 1904, Pablo Neruda was a Chilean politician, diplomat, and poet (Pablo Neruda – […]

Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle

Nicomachean Ethics is a collection of ten books authored by Aristotle. The Nicomachean Ethics book attempts to advance the understanding of ethics. As a matter of fact, both book one and two intensely explore the concept of moral virtues. In book one, Aristotle asserts that an individual can have certain moral virtues and lack others. […]