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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Introduction A family plays a substantial role in shaping a personality. This fact is a problem for children whose parents fail to pay proper attention to their upbringing due to various addictions. Jeannette Walls was such an unlucky child, and she described her growing up in a dysfunctional family in her memoir The Glass Castle. […]

LeBanze Automotive Company

Introduction The company will be called the LeBanze Automotive Company. The mission of the company is to provide customized SUV and pickup trucks that are affordable and very durable. The business strategy will be marke-oriented strategies such as product proliferation, product modification, and product diversification to meet the market demand. The business intends to penetrate […]

Technological Innovations for New Methods of Production

Introduction Technology has dominated most organizations over the last couple of decades. Globalization has led to increased competition among organizations. As a result, organizations have been prompted to adopt technological innovation to improve their productivity and maintain their competitive advantage. Innovation refers to the application of new ways of producing and offering services in order […]

Propaganda Model Research

Introduction Media play a very important role in the modern society. According to Mullen (2010, p. 56), the role of media has become more relevant in the current democratic and capitalistic society. This scholar says that information is power, and depending on how it is coined and used, it can bring development or destruction in […]

Research Variables in Multi-Cultural Research – Sampling and Measurement Instruments

The two research variables under analysis are sampling and measurement instruments. These variables pose serious problems for cross-cultural researchers owing to differences that stem from the subjects, administrators as well as the material in question. One of the key challenges in sampling within multicultural research methodology is the problem of clearly defining a representative group. […]

Nike Company Marketing Communication

Introduction Marketing communication has become an integral part of product and services. The process of incoming current consumers and prospective consumers is among the key competencies’ of any company, a successful marketing communication mix will most likely contribute in boosting sales and revenues (Yeshin,1998. 1-16) A company’s communication mix may have a lot of elements […]

The Western Front: First World War

Introduction The 20th century was characterized by major military confrontations between nations. The first significant military conflict during this century was the First World War. This war, which took place between 1914 and 1918, was different from previous wars in that it involved almost all nations in the world. The two main sides in the […]

Albaco Shoes Ltd Export Strategy

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to develop an export strategy for the board of directors of Albaco Shoes Ltd. Albaco is a leading manufacturer and distributor of footwear in Albania. Thus, the export strategy is expected to enable it to export its products to Norway. SWOT analysis will be used to assess the […]

President vs. Congress

Introduction The position and representation of both President and Congress in United States have brought huge debates. Some people argue that Congress does not really represent the constituents. While the position of the president is certainly preferred since it is considered to represent the opinion of the people. Delegates’ representation is a body or an […]

Sun Country Airlines Leadership Style

Introduction In modern contemporary business environments, change is inevitable; change is defined as a strategic process that involves transitions that move an organization from its current state to a desired state; the objectives of change vary with situation, however, the main goal of a change process is to improve business processes, products, and strategies. Leaders […]

Financial Statements

Introduction Financial Statements are useful in providing information to both internal and external users. This paper seeks to elaborate the uses of each of the major statements contained in the annual report. The company chosen for this analysis is Best Buy Limited. Questions The Income Statement reveals the company’s revenues and expenses for the past […]

Issues in Developing Economies

Introduction Literate and educated people form the fundamental platform for economic development because they are able to obtain meaningful formal employment in addition to being self-employed and creating employment for others. Armstrong (2010) indicates that in South Africa, a single national educational system exists managed by the national Department of Education. The national system […]

Article Analysis: “What Muslim Consumers Expect” by Miles Young

Introduction The article by Miles Young, called “What Muslim Consumers Expect”, published in the journal of “Market Leader”, discusses the special considerations that marketers should put in place when selling to Muslim consumers. This paper analyzes the issues raised in the article. The article The focus in the article is how to sell to Muslim […]

Historiography of science and the scientific revolution

Introduction Historiography of science and scientific revolution is a broad area to which development different historians have contributed their works and studies. These historiographers examine different themes, philosophies and ideas on different subjects and context which assist them in understanding the concepts behind them. These people, therefore, explore different areas by various methods which help […]

New Service Development and Customer Involvement

In the 21st century organizations are mainly concerned with how to improve their market position. The main objective is to cope with the competitiveness characterizing the business environment. As a result, firm’s management teams are under increased pressure to develop new services in order to satisfy customer needs. Intervention of customers in the process of […]

Management of Donor Funded Projects in Least Developed Countries

Introduction Least Developed Countries (LDCs) is a special category of countries characterized by extreme poverty, weak economies, and scanty institutional and human resources. Despite the fact that millions of dollars have been spent over the years to address the problems and needs in the least developed countries, the level of poverty there remains high and […]

Monopoly and Allegations of Microsofts Monopoly in the Sottware Industry

Introduction Economics is defined as the study of the mechanism of people’s decisions on how to utilize their scarce resources (Baumol & Blinder, 2007). Economics assumes rational behavior in people, thus, expecting them to maximize profits, and at the same time minimize the utility of scarce resources available to them. Monopoly is defined as the […]

Risk in organization

Risk Identification Risk identification can be defined as the process of establishing either anticipated or existing risks along with their characteristics and outcome possibilities. The main objective of risk identification is to come up with a list of all possible risks in an area. In a scenario where a mother took her 4.5 month old […]

The History of the British rule, the British and the Dutch East India Companies.

The state in which the entire countries in the world are at present is completely incomparable to how they were some times back. Most changes being encountered in companies today are attributable to the advancement in technology. All these changes were experienced at or after stages of colonialism. This was a period that entailed the […]

Taj Mahal and Qa’aba

The Main Characteristics, Intensions, and Cultural Values Taj Mahal.Taj Mahal is considered to be the heart India, and the masterpiece of Persian Architecture (Shah Jaham, 1632). Being the most recognizable building in the world, this sacred place was built in remembrance of Mymtaz Mahal, the third wife of Shah Jaham, the Mughal emperor. The construction […]

Psychology of Personality

Each individuality is different; however, there are some specific features, which people may share. Applying to these similar features, the psychological theories have been developed. Reading two cases devoted to Martin, a successful lawyer, and Toshimi, an owner of a ballet school, the individual psychological theory developed by Alfred Adler may be considered. Being a […]

Organizational Analysis and Design

Introduction The analysis of the OAD case regarding two companies enables the students to understand the importance of management style in the overall performance of the organization. Those who will analyze the details pertaining to the case will come to realize that the management of a particular organization is dependent on leadership and management style […]

Concept of Business

Outline Introduction Elements of deceptive advertisements How a case account to deceptive advertisements Conclusion Introduction The Federal trade commission policy paper declares deceptive advertisement to be unfair, misleading and of material respect which is against the law. These advertisements may sometimes persuade falsehood purchase of products. Hence, there is a need to identify the elements […]