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Shania Kerr studied at Indiana University Bloomington, USA, with average GPA 3.43 out of 4.0.

The Economic Environment of Business – Haier Company

Introduction Economic environment is a study area of economic and has a major focus is environmental issues. The central part of economic environment is market failure. Therefore, for effective economic environment, the management of an organization must focus on market success. For instance, marketing strategies must be employed to have effective environmental economics. An international […]

Library Management System

The library management system is a type of enterprise resource planning system that is primarily used in libraries. Enterprise resource planning systems provide a technological platform where an organization can integrate and coordinate its internal processes (K. Laudon, J. Laudon and Brabston 13). The library management system allows a library to keep track of all […]

Economic Factors on the Stock Market

Introduction Different nations have different economic policies that guide investments in stock markets. Consequently, decisions to invest in the international equities will mean subjection into differing sets of polices opposed to the prevailing domestic conditions. The dilemma on the differences between the impacts of the factors affecting domestic equity returns and international equity returns has […]

Wal-Mart Organizational & Environmental Pressures

Introduction Sweeping demographic changes, emerging technological innovations, geopolitical shifts, and pressures arising from the internal environment are combining with concerns for security as well as the current fast-moving and disruptive business environment to create substantial pressure for organizational change (Wischnevsky, Damanpour, & Mendez, 2011). Wal-Mart, a leading company operating retail stores in different formats across […]

Causes of Depression in the 1890s

Synopsis This paper provides acumen into the occurrence of the global depression of the 1890s. It is founded on the words of Henry Lawson ‘there is no prison like the city for a poor man.’ The introductory section provides a general explanation of the occurrence of the depression. The background information expounds on the various […]

Pepsi’s Advertising Campaign

Pepsi’s advertising campaign for its Mountain Dew is directed at the right market segment. The company uses new campaigns in order to attract new consumers. Most of the targeted consumers include young African Americans and Latinos (Stanford, 2012). Pepsi Company appears to attract more consumers in Dakota and Nebraska. The product’s advertising campaign does not […]

Organisational Group Behaviour

Introduction Organisational group behaviour comprises of a wide array of topics ranging from sociology, psychology, management, to communication among others. All these elementary principles are critical to the formation of an effective group. This area is a dynamic concept that has received a lot of attention because the various theories regarding organisational group behaviour are […]

Early Mathematics: Teaching and Learning

Teaching children mathematical techniques in relation to the current technology can be a daunting task even for experienced teachers. Learning through mathematics, science and technology facilitates optimal acquisition of mathematical skills by these children. Studies in this subject provide a vital understanding of the underlying link between children’s learning process and the surrounding technology. They […]

The International Rescue Committee, Inc.

The international Rescue Committee, Inc. (IRC) is an organization based in the US and is normally obligated with the duty of helping refugees in ensuring their welfare is as stated in the policies. IRC acts in response to the humanitarian crises and helps people stay alive, recuperate, and restructure their lives. The United States thinks […]

The Role of Government Failure in Policy Analysis

Introduction Government failure by definion is the inability of a government or government agencies to achieve their goals and outcomes (Dollery and Wallis, p. 4). According to Dollery and Wallis (1997), there are three types of government failure, i.e. Legislative Failure, Bureaucratic Failure, and Rent-Seeking. Weisbrod (1978), on his part, has a broader view of […]

The Landscape Reader

Landscape is the skill or art of organizing horizontal surfaces. It has emerged as a model for urbanization in the past few years. The architect behind this concept of urban model was James Corner. It is worth noting that this concept has greatly benefited from the intellectual and cultural revitalization. It has also become the […]

The Middle East Region from 1945 to 1949

The situation in the Middle East has rarely been (if ever) stable. The relationships between Zionist and Arab groups have always been strained. In the middle of the twentieth century the region was again torn between two groups which started a number of wars. In the early 1940s a balance of power was secured by […]

Company Research: Whole Foods

Introduction The US organic food industry has remained relatively competitive throughout the 80s and early 90s. However, in recent years, Whole-food market has maintained a competitive advantage through various means (Nina, 2007, p.3). Whole Foods tendency to merge with its competitors, or entirely acquire the operations and businesses of other organic food companies in the […]

Business in Japan: Challenges and Threats

Executive Summary Before a firm decides to venture into doing business in Japan, a lot of factors have to be considered and market entry strategy crafted and executed. It is essential for a firm to conduct a survey of the Japanese market to determine the available market opportunities and the underlying challenges before venturing into […]

One-Way Manova

Introduction In an effort to use aptitude as well as students’ achievement among several demographic variables in determining high school seniors’ choice of career after high school, a survey was conducted among over 500 students. A one way multivariate analysis of variance was then conducted with “collplan” being the predictor variable whereas student’s career plan […]

Increase in Gasoline Price in February 2013 in the USA

The US had experienced a massive rise in gasoline price during the month of February this year. From macroeconomics perspective, there are limited resources that human beings use carefully to satisfy their endless needs. The price of gasoline, a by-product of oil, highly depends on the price at which oil is acquired from the producers […]

Effects of Silver Mining on Indigenous People in Mexico

Introduction Indigenous people own most of the expansive strips of undeveloped land in Mexico. These lands are renowned for holding numerous unexploited minerals, and in this respect, most of the mining companies target these lands leading to conflicts between the companies and the indigenous people. According to Anaya (2000), the conflict drastically affects the sustainability […]

Second language acquisition and identity

Introduction It is difficult to predict or generalize second language acquisition because it is not an isolated activity; this is a culture-specific and identity-bound concept. A second language user is often introduced into a fresh world that may be radically different from what he or she was accustomed to. One must therefore reconstruct or renegotiate […]

Nairobi National Park

Introduction This is a descriptive essay on a national park. I chose a national park situated in a country which is well known for its fauna and flora to make the whole descriptive process great and beautiful. Nairobi National Park receives thousands of tourists from Europe and America; they flock into this country to admire […]

Leasing as a Way of Obtaining Equipment

Introduction Leasing equipment is whereby a company or an individual obtains equipment for use and pays for the services derived from the use of the equipment as per the lease contract while buying is where a company or an individual obtains equipment by paying for them first before use and the ownership changes from the […]

Concept of Hyperventilation Anomaly in Medicine

Introduction Hyperventilation is a breathing anomaly that makes the body’s ventilation to go beyond the required optimal metabolic demand. This condition makes individuals to over-breath, leading to many physiological changes associated with the normal functioning of the body. In most cases, it can cause giddiness, unsteadiness muscle spasms, and quivering of fingers and sections surrounding […]

Life is a Smorgasbord by Dan Lewis

This prompt seeks to explore the concept presented by the phrase, ‘life is a smorgasbord’. To understand the expression, we first have to understand that a smorgasbord is a buffet-like presentation of many small dishes where one is allowed to take as many servings as they wish. This phrase suggests that we have a wide […]