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The Three Approaches to the Talent Development Reporting

Introduction The evaluation of learning efficiency has always been one of the essential tasks for workplace training professionals. The three major approaches to assessment are based on the works of three scholars: Donald Kirkpatrick, Jack J. Phillips, and Robert Brinkerhoff. The first two concepts share similar grounds and are, in many ways, complementary, while the […]

Origins, Characteristics, and Consequences of Technological Systems

Introduction Technological systems are usually very dynamic and complex. Their complexities stem from the impact they have on the environment and other aspects of human life. The electrification process also shares this complexity because since its birth, electrification has greatly influenced the economic, political, and social aspects of life. For instance, many people have experienced […]

Globalization Potential Benefits and Costs

Globalization has become a compelling aspect in the new world system. O’Meara (3) asserts that globalization is one of the most important aspects in the determination of the world’s future due to its multifaceted nature. Globalization entails political, environmental, health, economic, security, cultural, and social dimensions. The term globalization refers to a phenomenon whereby the […]

Sister City Program: Dalian and Oakland Cities

Introduction In the international system, the idea of sister city program was established in 1958, even though little emphasis was placed on international trade and economic cooperation. In the mid 1960s to early 1970s, the focus shifted on economic, trade, and cultural cooperation. This was attributed to the increased participation in the plan by Chinese […]

“Impossible Subjects” Book by Mae Ngai

The book ‘impossible subjects’ by Mae Ngai focuses on the history of immigration in the twentieth-century America. It offers a concise illumination of the illegal immigration of the late twentieth century. Though considered illegal and a serious problem, the author sees the immigration as a legal endeavor. According to him, the inclusion of Mexican immigrants […]

Importance of Environmental Conservation for Public Health

We should not interfere with botanical diversity. The latter provides ethno-medicines and wild foods that are integral in sustaining public health. Human beings also require clean water and air (Golden et al. e41221). When the natural biodiversity is distorted through environmental pollution, access to clean water and high quality air is hampered. As a result, […]

Marketing Design and Innovation: Smart TV’s

Executive Summary Marketing design and innovation has gained massive relevance in the electronic industry where competition has reached the cut-throat levels. The Smart TV industry is one of the most affected industries where firms are fighting to retain their competitiveness. Samsung Smart TV is one of the products that have found themselves in this competitive […]

A New Organic Chocolate in the Market

Situational Environment Demand/Demand Trends-Industry Trends Euromonitor (2012) reported that Mars was the market leader in 2010 by holding 47% market share and Snickers, Galaxy, Nestlé and other international companies captured additional 30% share in the UAE; however, local companies concentrate on product diversification to increase market demand by changing customer perception; thus, the market growth […]

Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Real?

Introduction Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral and psychiatric disorder that affects at least one in every 20 children in the western world (Pineda, Ardila, RosselliMet al, 1999). It is characterized by hyperactivity or impulsiveness, and in most cases, difficulties in paying attention. Since 1970s, there has been a debate over the existence of […]

Moral Leadership and Business Ethics

Business Ethics Morality Morality entails the application of opinion, principles and laws of good behavior in any specific society. Although morality is hinged on the intrinsic aspects of society, some principles are applicable in a universal manner. Permissibility of conduct is dependent on the moral standing of the parties involved in judging the conduct, the […]

Stress: causes and effects

Psychology is one of the most dynamic studies in academia. Generally, psychology is concerned with the study of human behavior in the environment, factors that influence behavior change and other behavior determinants. Psychology involves research activities because it is concerned with finding out. There are several research methods that are used in psychology to assist […]

Savings, Investment, Income Distribution, and Growth

Introduction People earn income for use in various activities including expenses, investments and savings. Expenses refer to all activities where money is used to purchase goods or services that do not generate income. Investments are those that involve depositing money in various activities with an aim of making profits in the future. Savings refer to […]

Cognition of Language

Introduction The age at which language can be learnt is an area that has been given attention by different researchers. Researchers have tested syntax, lexical, phonological and grammatical differences of different people and of different ages in which they acquired the first and the second language. Different results have led to the explanation of the […]

Creation of Global Media Market through Development of Communication Technologies

Introduction This essay will start by giving an outline of the global media system and how it developed over time. The modern era is commonly described as one of globalization democratization, and technological revolution. In all the three areas, communication and media play an inevitable fundamental role. Both economic and civil globalization would be possibly […]

Ensuring the Effectiveness of an Organizational Change

One of the foremost preconditions for ensuring the effectiveness of an organizational change has traditionally been considered managers’ awareness of what accounts for such change’s dialectics (Ford & Ford, 1994). In other words, it is not only that, in order to be able to design an appropriate strategy for organizational change managers must understand what […]

“Reconstruction: The Second Civil War, Parts I and II”: Revealing Narratives and Lesser-known Lives

In the documentary Reconstruction: The Second Civil War, Parts I and II, the personal stories shared are intriguing because they have not been told in detail for most students. This era of US history had as much impact on subsequent events as did the Civil War itself. It was largely the result of the actions […]

Analysis of Inherit the Wind Film

Introduction Inherit the wind is a Hollywood film produced in 1960 following inherit the wind play. The movie is an allegory that fictionalizes the 1925 Scopes Money Trial. This is aimed at criticizing McCarthyism. The movie reacted to the chilling outcome of the McCarthy period, which entailed an examination of the academic discourse. The movie […]

Do Campaigns Matter

Intense political campaigns often characterize the electioneering period in many societies across the world, as individuals seeking for elective posts attempt to interact with the electorate at a personal level. Campaign advocates attest that the socio-political process has numerous benefits to the electorate as well as leaders, whereas critics argue that campaigns are mere conduits […]

Cultural Diversity: Christianity and other in the USA

Introduction The following analysis presents an argument about Christianity and its position concerning the various faith bases available in the USA. Faith bases that exist in the United States include, but not limited to Islamic, Hindu, Christianity, and Buddhism. It is important to understand the concept of religious pluralism in order to give a detailed […]

Confucians and Judeo-Christians

Part 1: The Ethical Conflict between Indulging Individual Freedom and a Well-ordered Society This conflict can be seen in the case of Confucians against Western democracy or Judeo-Christians. Western countries including Europe and America seem to observe individual freedom at the expense of the entire society unlike Asian countries, which embrace the notion of a […]

Strategic Management: Planning and Organisational Success

Introduction According to Olsen, West and Ching-Yick Tse (2008) strategic management enables organizations succeed beyond sustained business performance to attaining competitive advantage. This implies ordinary business management practices do not guarantee business success. This implies that business managers have to look beyond the traditional methods of business management since the demands of modern business keeps […]

Placing People Where They Belong

The Peculiarities of HRM Recruitment Methods Dealing with the issue of hiring employees is one of the most crucial aspects of any company’s work, since the further development of the company depends on the careful choice of the workforce (Abdullah, 2009). However, despite the efficient and quite successful scheme of sorting the employees in the […]

Music Harmony Studying

Introduction Music harmony is the art of simultaneously employing pitches and chords in the enrichment of sound. The study of music harmony, therefore, entails unveiling the intricate characteristics of chords, the way they are built and the principles of their connection. Harmony is the opposite of melody since the latter is taken as the horizontal […]

Why the West rules

Geography defines the social development of a region (Morris 56). For a hundred years, up to the year 1700, China was the most developed and successful country on earth. This was due to the succession of inventions that characterized East Asia. The inventions in china alone made the East to be far ahead of the […]

Uzbekistan’s History, Economic and Culture

Uzbekistan is a country in central Asia which boarders Kazakhstan in the northern side, Kyrgyzstan in the eastern side and Tajikistan in the southern eastern side. During the 4th century B.C it was under the Persian rule that had been conquered by Alexander the Great. The region incorporated Islam as a religion in 8th century […]

Is there a significant difference in the proportion of cholesterol values greater than the mean of the control group between the 2-day, 4-day, and 14-day?

Statement of the purpose There is a significant difference in the proportion of cholesterol values greater than the mean of the control group between the 2-day, 4-day and 14-day heart attack patients. Background Heart attack cases have been associated with the level of cholesterol in a patient. Low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol concentration is factor that contributes to […]