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Dehumanization in Auschwitz

Introduction The Nazi rule in Germany is considered to be the most oppressive and discriminative rule in modern times. During this rule, which lasted until the end of the Second World War, the Nazi engaged in widespread discrimination against European Jews. This deep anti-Semitism resulted in a master plan created by the Nazi to exterminate […]

Bavarian Motor Works

Background of the company Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, also known as the Bavarian Motor Works, is a German company that manufactures automobiles, engines, and motorcycles. The company, whose name is abbreviated as BMW or BMW AG, was founded in 1916. BMW’s headquarters is located in Munich, Bavaria. The company has a subsidiary known as Rolls- […]

Critical Discussion of the Post-Revolutionary Situation in Egypt

Introduction According to Campante and Chor (2012), the last decade witnessed a situation of unrest in the Arab world, with civilians in a substantial number of countries rising against the regimes that were deemed to be autocratic. The full scale of the revolution was witnessed in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, where the scale of action […]

Spirits without Borders: Vietnamese Spirit Mediums in a Transnational Age

The book under analysis is called Spirits without Borders: Vietnamese Spirit Mediums in a Transnational Age. Karen Fjelstad and Nguyen Thi Hien have dedicated the book to discussing the reasons and preconditions for spread of ritual from Vietnam to the United States, as well as to understanding the influence of ritual transnationalism on both nations. […]

Usha Martin Company

Introduction Founded in 1961, the Usha Martin Company has expanded its portfolio, product line, and physical structure outside India. The company has remained one of the most successful steel wire rope product manufacturers. The company’s current dilemma is how to maintain and improve the past business performance through strategic decision science within its current and […]

Lukoil Company Analysis

Presentation of the Company Established in 1991, Lukoil is a company whose principal business lies in the sale and distribution of natural gas and oil to local distributors located within Russia and several of the states within the CIS (DATAMONITOR: OAO Lukoil 2011, 1-9). Through its acquisition of a rival company (Getty Oil), Lukoil was […]

Marketing Application: Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft Kinect is a hardware that has changed the face of information technology development and application in the dynamic information age. Developed by the Microsoft Company, this hardware comes with sensor program software capable of detecting sound, movement, tacking information, and delivering the same at the convenience of a customer. Therefore, it can be customized […]

The aircraft maintenance industry (Technology analysis)

The aircraft maintenance is about the desires and fulfillment in the industry when there are no errors being reported or realized. The industry always strives at excellence and accuracy technologically to provide safe air transport. This is seen through the ever-improving aircraft technology and the innovations made are better today than the yesterdays. Any mistake […]

Stratasys: How We Create Value

Introduction Stratasys is a printing and additive manufacturing business that has provided three-dimensional text reproduction and imaging services for the past close to 30 years (Stratasys par.1). The company creates systems and materials that are essential in 3D printing for producers, stylists and instructors, and individual clients. The company’s main offices are based in Minnesota, […]


Introduction Enron is a company dealing with energy resources that was founded by Kenneth Lay in 1984 after merging Houston Natural Gas (HNG) with InterNorth. The company grew rapidly as the founder exploited the opportunities of deregulation in the United States and privatization abroad. By the early 1990s, Enron was unmistakably the leading company in […]

Nationalism and Identity among Middle East Immigrants in Australia

Introduction Nationalism is a sense of feeling where particular groups of people identify themselves with certain cultures, beliefs, traditions, norms, and are guided by similar law. People develop deeper sense of responsibility to each other in an attempt to accomplish common objectives and aims. The nation has a certain belief towards the right to statehood. […]

Analysis of Walmart and Carrefour

Wal-Mart Store, Inc was branded as Walmart in 2008. It is an American multinational retailer corporation that operates chains of discount department stores as well as warehouse stores. It is ranked as the 18 largest public corporations worldwide. It is regarded as the largest retailer in the world and the biggest private employer with over […]

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

The term e-commerce is used to describe businesses that are carried out over the internet. E-commerce describes how businesses are conducted using internet applications such as shopping carts, e-mails, web services, electronic data interchange (EDI), and instant messaging. Electronic commerce can be carried out between two or more businesses; the online business involves transactions of […]

Sports Event Management

Introduction Within the past decade there has been an unprecedented demand to host major sporting events by several of the world’s most prominent cities. This is due to such events fulfilling certain multi-leveled economic, social and political agendas in the form of a much improved local economy and greater community pride over hosting the event, […]

Italy benefits and compensation

Introduction Compensation is defined as the wages, salaries and bonuses that an employee gets while in employment. On the other hand, benefits describe the extra consideration that the employer offers to the employee. However, the employee is not expressly entitled to benefits. Benefits include health care packages, life insurance and any other form of payment […]

Article Synopsys on Public Administration

The article under consideration is called Post-foundational development management – power, politics and complexity and written by Christ Mowles (2010). The author discusses the place of management theories in learning and development theories as well as how they are applied to introduce changes and improvement. Particularly, the author focuses on post-foundational management theory based on […]

Ethics in Entertainment Journalism

Introduction Entertainment journalism, as the name suggests, refers to the category of journalism whose major products are of the entertainment nature. The entertainment journalism industry includes television, music journalism, video game journalism, and celebrity coverage and film criticism. Music journalism is meant to criticize the music as relayed to the public by means of reporting, […]

Professional Project Plan

Context of the study As the number of students studying Foreign Language increases worldwide, there is need to improve their proficiency in such languages. As a matter of interest, there have been different studies, which have been looking into ways of improving learning different foreign languages. In the recent past, there have been studies carried […]

Global Compact Principles (IKEA)

Introduction IKEA is a private company that manufactures home products such as beds, home accessories, and appliances. The company is a worldwide leader in the furniture industry with a presence in 41 countries across the globe. IKEA has set sustainability and environmental goals, which form a solid foundation for its strategy in the global market […]

Union or Not

The workers’ union plays a great role in the workplace. Lack of union in the plant that SNCC is purchasing will automatically have disparities in the company. This is because of the nature of roles played by unions in companies. They ensure a positive function in addressing and preventing familial abuse via intervention and training. […]

Corporate Governance

Executive Summary When the news broke out that Refco’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Philip Bennett had been implicated in a fraud that had taken million of dollars from the company’s account, nothing could have prepared the market for the turn of events that followed. Within a week of this announcement, the company had filed […]

The Puzzle of Motivation

Dan Pink makes a very interesting proposal on how employees should be motivated. His argument basically seeks to show that the kind of jobs done in the 21st century require a new approach to answering the question on how employees are to be maximally motivated to do these jobs. The theme of his talk is […]

What Is the Role of ICT in Development Communication? – Essay

Introduction Development is the act of maximizing a country’s output by utilizing the existing resources. Mass media plays a significant role in development communication because it transmits information, provides an environment for dialogues, educates and builds a harmony for steadiness of a country. Development is a practice that attempts to change the economic environment by […]

Modern News Programs as the Embodiment of Infotainment Principle

Information is power: those who possess actual knowledge of current events can easier find themselves in the complicated stream of everyday life, as well as classify their understanding of what is going on, make appropriate conclusions, and undertake corresponding action. Curiosity for information lies deep in human nature, and for centuries on end people have […]