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Stella Horne studied at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, with average GPA 3.37 out of 4.0.

Lab Reports – Gene Technology

Report one Introduction The Green Fluorescent Protein Gene that was noted in one of the species of jelly fish known as Aequoreavictori has been known for several decades. The jelly fish obtained from the Northwest of Pacific was used to clone the gene component. Green light is emitted when this gene species is exposed to […]

Gender Role in Sweden Society in Education and Workplace Before and After Globalization

Sweden, one of the countries that enjoy the highest levels of gender parity, has created an optimal environment for both men and women to share influence and power equally, thus leading to a fair, democratic, and just society. Actually, the country has undergone transition from a patriarchal society to the one that accepts both women […]

Kantian Perspective on Water Privatisation

Introduction In any situation, it is important to make a consideration for implementing the best ethical practices (Desjardins, 2006). This is according to various scholars who have made contributions to the study and discussed ethical issues. However, these literatures have been too general as no ethical theory was discussed in depth and its relevant applicable […]

The Issue of Constructive Discharge

The memorandum is written to present the requested information on the issue of constructive discharge. The purpose of this memo is to analyze the information presented in the article “Do I Have a Case for Constructive Discharge?” by John Gallagher and discuss the importance of the article’s content in relation to the problem of constructive […]

Urban Economics: The Urbanization Process and its Effects

Introduction The human society can generally be divided into urban and rural inhabitants. For centuries, the majority of the global population lived in rural settlements. However, this trend has been reversed in the last few centuries with more people joining urban settlements. In the last few decades, the world’s population has experienced a great transformation […]

Importance of E-Bikes as an Alternative Commuting System for Saudi Arabia

Aims, objectives, Research Questions Electric bikes use an electric motor to move it around. They are always fitted with some rechargeable batteries thus they are able to move for longer distances without experiencing any mechanical problems.The company which introduced the bikes currently records higher sales turn out implying that it is liked by many people […]

The United States Confrontation to Communism

Introduction After the World War II, the US disagreed with the Soviet Union over various issues. Especially, they did not like the Soviet’s control of the Eastern Europe, their control over atomic weapons, and their blocking of the Berlin. In addition, the people’s republic of China had established a communist government in 1949 contrary to […]

High N’ Application

Introduction The application under development is called ‘High N’. The main objective of this technology is to ease the life of partygoers. It can be used to reserve tables, buy drinks, and place orders for other products. In this paper, the author will provide a critical analysis of the company that is developing the application, […]

Practice and Concept of Racial Profiling

We live in time when the beneficence of many socio-political and judicial policies, currently institutionalized in Western countries, is being increasingly doubted not only by ordinary citizens but by governmental top officials, as well. For example, up until comparatively recent times, it used to be considered something utterly unlikely for the governmental official from a […]

Is International Trade a Zero Sum Game?

Introduction International trade has of recent increased rampantly due to free flow of information across the borders majorly enhanced by good communication. With the rapid development of technology, many businesses have been endowed with the power to interact with overseas producers and consumers of different type of goods and services. Benefits of international trade International […]

Internet and Everyday Life

Introduction The Internet, otherwise referred to as the cyberspace, stands out as the most welcomed technological advancement ever to happen. Virtually every person uses it either directly or indirectly. As a result, it has become popular and a key driver of economic systems in the world mainly through globalization. According to Heilbroner and Bottke (2007, […]

Arms Control and the Strategies of Great Powers

Introduction The Great powers of the world have many differences spanning from ideological differences, policies, population, and geographical location among others. Throughout history, wars among nations, states, regions and internal conflicts have always been there. The effects of war are always devastating regardless of who wins or loses; there is destruction of property, loss of […]

Curriculum Development Paper

Curriculum development is a well structured plan of the subjects to be taught in school and what is being learned by students as is reflected in the courses that are offered for study and the programme in school. This systematic plan is then embedded in an official documentary or put together as a curriculum guide […]

Coffee Break Café

Coffee Break Café (CB Café) is a business start up in Saudi Arabia with the intention of rolling out a new financial accounting system based on a spreadsheet. This paper evaluates the use of spreadsheets as a better strategy than using paper, pen, and calculator. Introduction Business startups have many issues to handle. The success […]

Money Mechanics in Banks System

The major business that is done by banks is the buying and selling of cash. This is how they make profits hence they are always willing to buy and sell cash to the customers. Banks ensure that they transact well so that they can realize profits in the business transactions that they make. Banks always […]

Political independence of Latin America

The countries of Latin America achieved their political independence in the early nineteenth century. The countries received the opportunity to follow their own route in setting the priorities for the independent progress. The accents were made on the development of the agricultural sector which was significant for intensifying export trade and on the rapid industrialisation […]

Risk Management in Corporate Governance

Introduction Corporate governance involves promoting corporate accountability, fairness and transparency. OECD (1999) defined corporate governance as “the system in which the business corporate is controlled; corporate governance structure specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in the corporation, including board managers, share holders and other stake holders” (OECD, 2005, p. 1). Corporate […]