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Personal Productivity Self-Assessment

Summary Personal productivity assessment is the starting point for improving one’s work effectiveness and efficiency. Self-assessment is important in identifying one’s strengths as well as self-defeating habits that hinder an employee from reaching optimum productivity. A higher score on the test indicates greater efficiency in workload and time management. The writer’s score on the test […]

A Journey to the Disneyland: From Oswald to Cinderella. Walt Disney and His Personal Demons

Walter Disney and his life have always been a mystery even to the contemporaries, not to mention the researchers of the XXI century. A creator, innovator, and genius, on the one hand, and a panic-stricken perfectionist, on the other hand, Disney had a number of issues, which were predisposed by the cringe inducting factors that […]

Transformational Leadership Theory

Currently this community has to struggle with the proliferation violent street gangs who can be engaged in deviant or criminal activities. The main task is to find cost-effective solutions to this problem. This issue should be addressed with the help of a transformational leadership theory which is helpful for changing the behavior of individuals. These […]

The Big-Five Personality Assessment and its Application in the Workplace

Introduction Modern-day organisational managers are highly interested in the ability of employees to meet flexibility requirements for them to suit different work environments as organisational situations change. This implies that the ability of an employee to perform well in only some specific tasks ceases from being the main criteria for selection and recruitment. According to […]

Major Idea of Teaching Mathematics

Upon reading the framework, it is evident that the major idea of teaching mathematics in California public schools revolves around the development of a balanced instructional program that not only provides students with an enabling environment to become proficient in basic computational and procedural skills, but also to continuously develop conceptual understanding of the mathematical […]

Transition to Higher Education for Psychology Students

Introduction Even though transition, apparently, seems to be the transition of student from high school education or FE background to a higher education institution, actually it is much less straightforward. Hence, offering a student with an effective transition depends on a range of contributors who jointly support a student to become conversant in, participate in […]

Gothic masculinity in the Wuthering Heights

Introduction Masculinity is a term used to categorize human behave that uses a lot energy and force. Baker (164) explains that masculinity refers to the ‘manliness’ of a character. A female who exposes male qualities is identified as threatening to the society. Masculinity may explain the character of the forceful male or the threatening female […]

Work Family Issue

Introduction The most important asset of an organization is its workforce; the organization would therefore ensure that it fulfills the needs of the workers to enable that they work effectively for the benefit of the organization. On the other hand, the most important factor that affects productivity of the workers is their motivation. Generally, highly […]


Introduction Business transformation referred to the management change strategy that targets alignment of the human resource, process and the firm’s technology to the business vision and strategy. This process is very critical for organisations and research indicated that many struggling organisation have failed in this area Objective This process helps in supporting and innovating new […]

Apple Inc. Change Case Study

In contemporary business environments, organizations need to keep restructuring, developing, innovating, and inventing better strategies to remain competitive (Nilakant & Ramnarayan, 2006). Leaders manage change using different change management methods also referred to as change management images, the change image adopt depends on an organization as well as the nature of change. Apple Inc. is […]

Nokia Case

Introduction Human resource function plays an important role in any organization. It is one of the factors that determine the direction a business takes and therefore a key driver to the success of any business. As any other business function, human resource function is never static but instead tends to change with the change in […]

Battle of Verdun

Introduction Beginning February 21 to December 1916 the Battle of Verdun can be considered one of the largest battles fought during WWI between France and Germany with a total combined death count of 698,000 on both sides (Horne, 1994). Based on the account of Alistair Horne in his book “The Price of Glory” this paper […]

Concepts of negotiation

Introduction Negotiation is a familiar term that transcends common business parlance. In the context of business, negotiation is found as a sub-branch in marketing where it refers to the wider steps applied toward agreement in decisions about buying and selling. Several situations normally arise where individuals have to negotiate (Gregor, pp79). This may entail negotiating […]

Misperceptions: Cold War

Introduction Historians attribute the occurrence of the conflicts in the 20th and 21st centuries to misperceptions among the nations. In this view, historians argue that Word War I, World War II, and the Cold War among significant wars rode on misperceptions among the major nations of the world. Misperception is a nation’s wrongful interpretation of […]

Business Communication: Lessons from a Course on Online Business Communication

Effective communication is necessary for life in general but in the business environment, it is critical. In their careers, business professionals make frequent interactions with individuals of different cultural, religious, and racial orientations as they strive to push the company’s agenda forward. The professionals must deal with customers and clients who exhibit diverse viewpoints, levels […]