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The Giver: The Flawed “Flawless” World

To immerse oneself into the reality of The Giver, it is necessary to learn the crucial points about the personality of the author and the background of her most famous novel. Lois Lowry, an American writer, was born in 1937, and her writing career began in 1977 after publishing her first novel, A Summer to […]

American Colonies Summary

Introduction The book “American Colonies” by Alan Taylor offers an opposing view to the Anglo-centric focal point through explicit review of the numerous cultural influences that created the American colony. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to present explicit summary of the thoughts of Alan Taylor from chapter one to chapter seven in the book “American […]

Is Bottled Water Ethical?

Introduction The bottled water industry is one that has grown tremendously in the contemporary society, with multinational corporations such as Pepsi, Coke and Nestle earning billions of dollars in the form of returns annually from the sale of water. Bottled water is simply clean water produced either by reverse osmosis, distillation or de-ionization of regular […]

Teaching in Middle Schools

In the recent past, teaching in middle schools has been a complex undertaking. Numerous innovations have emerged due to remarkable restructuring that has taken place in the education sector. One of the most important innovations in the sector is integrated curriculum. Teachers in middle schools can decide either to adopt single-subject curriculum, in which they […]

James Dyson’s Claim

Introduction James Dyson’s claim to fame did not start off from being a rich industrialist who helped to advance the economy of the U.K., neither was he a prolific inventor, instead the origin of his success as an entrepreneur can all be traced to sheer frustration at a product that worked in such an inefficient […]

Global Strategy in LEGO Group

Global strategy involves the ability of a company to use different productive approaches in order to remain competitive in the present dynamic business environment. A company, therefore, should have a large capital base or high liquidity so that it can survive the fluctuations in the market trend. In employing strategic management in their operations, companies […]

Cost Allocation in US Army

Introduction Cost allocation refers to assigning a cost that is standard to various cost objects. For example, if a company has one electric or water meter, it may apportion the cost of the electricity or water to various departments that use electricity. Allocation is arbitrary in nature whereby the kind of allocation done is on […]

Safety Culture in Aviation

Introduction Safety in the aviation industry is of utmost importance. Mistakes arising from human error or technical problems can lead to loss of lives. Aviation is a high-risk sector that needs stringent measures to improve safety and prevent accidents. In this regard, safety culture is important for aviation maintenance organizations, as it promotes their public […]

Performance Management at Verve Ideal Medicates

Performance management system refers to the collaboration of managers and employees with the purpose of enhancement of an organisation’s business success and the implementation of strategic plans and models ensuring the achievement of particular objectives (Keeping the Right People n. d.). The efficiency of the employees and the optimisation of their working process is the […]

Netflix Internet Marketing

Introduction The internet is an information superhighway that has virtually transformed traditional practices in all sectors throughout the globe. One area that has adopted and integrated internet capabilities is marketing. Organizations are now able to create awareness of their products or services without facing physical challenges because of the internet. This paper analyzes internet marketing […]

Inspiring Creative Webdesign

Introduction Introductory Statements This is a report that seeks to make recommendation relating to a website. The report will consider Purdue University. In this light, Purdue University Student Association has designed a website. The website has been designed to meet the demands of student organization. However, the present website is unsatisfactory. Therefore, the student body […]

USS Cole Commission

It is clearly seen in the USS Cole Commission Report that in the focus of defence is terrorism. As the Cold War ended, the situation in the country changed advantageously until the moment the number of terrorist attacks increased greatly. Thus, it is not surprising that it is stated in the USS Cole Commission Report […]

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and global trade patterns

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has a great potential of impacting global trade patterns. The RFID technology provides rich and timely information that enables those in business to have a complete control over their chain management due to increased visibility (Hansen, 2008). Many companies have been reluctant to adopt this technology because they fear facing […]

Start-up Businesses in Saudi Arabia: Challenges of finding finance

Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia Information on business venturing suggests that Saudi Arabia is increasingly becoming involved in this kind of business approach (National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, 2010, p. 1). For the last few years, very many businesses have been established in the Arab region, but the rate of failure has always been proportional to […]

Case Study: Historic Cairo

Introduction Cairo was initially a convoluted settlement. The historic site had a defense fort known as ‘Babylon fort’. Upon conquest by the Arabs, historic Cairo was formed by a combination of four historic sites. These sites were Fatimid Cairo (AL-Qahira), Al Fustat, Al Qata’i and Al Askar. The city underwent construction and urbanization during the […]

An Exploration in Perspective Drawing

Historical Context of Perspective Drawing Perspective drawings entails portraying three dimensional spaces into two dimensional spaces, and are classified into aerial and linear perspective. Historically, perspective drawing was examined by philosophers including Euclid, Roger Bacon, and Robert Grosseteste according to their professions, and the way they made observations of the visible world. Duccio and Giotto […]

Grass roots Vs. Elite Sports

Introduction Sporting is a very important activity for Australia as a nation. Previously, sporting activities have been funded through a ‘top down’ approach that is now inadequate for the maintenance of the nation’s sporting glory (Houhlias, 2011). The ‘top down’ practice has led to widespread claims of imbalance between funding of the elite and grassroots […]

Societal Structural Order and Change

Social structures keep changing day in and day out and there exist not one but many contending sociological theories that attempt to clarify why individual and societal lives exist as they are and why they keep changing. Sociological theory has continuously developed with time from classical to contemporary sociology with the recently evolved theories capable […]

The Achievements of Cyrus the Great

Introduction In historical times, most of the successful human civilizations were ruled by Kings who governed expansive regions and received tribute from their subjects. One of the great kings of the old civilizations is Cyrus the Great who ruled Persia around 570BC. Persia was located in the Middle East and is the region presently known […]

Stylistic Analysis of Film Script

Introduction The film “Stand by me” by Rob Reiner is an adventurous drama. Since the target audience of the film includes youth and teenagers, its script is written in a light-hearted manner. The story is told in the first person singular, which points to the narrative mode of discourse. In addition, there are implications of […]