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Tiana Morris studied at Howard University, USA, with average GPA 3.56 out of 4.0.

A View Worth a Million Words: “A Story of Canadian Art as Told by the Hart House Art Collection”

Introduction: Taking a Time Travel A true appreciation of art comes only when one is left eye-to-eye with the author’s work. Offering the Canadian audience a chance to have a “personal conversation” with some of the renowned artists of the Modernist era, the organizers of “A Story of Canadian Art as Told by the Hart […]

The Bible among the Myths

Introduction John N. Oswalt, the author of the book “The Bible among the Myths” and he introduces his book by a comparison of the Old Testament, beliefs, and acculturation. John as well explains a great theoretical division while judging the Old Testament against its equals. Some of the differences that Oswalt notes include “essence” and […]

Comparing Historical and Present Landscapes in the East Cascades of the Washington State

Introduction There are many ways to evaluate the changes within a specific ecosystem in a particular landscape. Among the most efficient methods, a comparison between the historical and the present-day landscape can be used (Hessburg, Agee & Franklin, 2005). With the help of the latter, it is possible to find out whether the impact on […]

Ethical Issues Faced By Multi-National Companies Operating In Less Developed Countries

Introduction Multi-national companies operate in different countries around the world. Several factors have informed their decision to operate in different localities and especially moving into the less developed countries. Their movement into and operation in those countries has raised several ethical issues related to their impact on environment, culture issues, labour relations, and quality production. […]

Global Transportation and Logistical Risks

Abstract The global transportation and logistics industry is among the most important industries the world. The implication therefore is that global trade is possible. The study identifies six major aspects of risk in global transportation and logistics ranging from inadequate security to logistics volatility. Land congestion and lack of inventory have also been discussed as […]

Adult Development and Collaborative Learning

Introduction Theories of collaborative learning have, for a number of years, lend credence on the manner in which learners operate within a group setting. Several empirical studies have been carried out to explore the role of collaborative learning in adult development (Dillenbourg et al., 1996, p. 1). According to Kiely, Sandmann and Truluck (2004), the […]

Intelligence–led Policing

The introduction to intelligence-led policing and how it has effected modern policing in the United States This study identifies Intelligence led policing by the acronym IPL. It is a radical policing model which began in the United Kingdom. It is an intelligence-based policing method whereby law enforcement operations are guided by crime analysis techniques, data […]

The Gulf Cooperation Council Economic Challenges

Abstract Overreliance on oil and natural gas in economic development has not been stable and sustainable since GCC countries are vulnerable to global economic crises. The prices of oil and natural gas vary with time depending on prevailing market conditions. During inflation, GCC countries gain substantial gross domestic product, which provide an opportunity for enhancing […]

Explosion Suppression Systems

Introduction: Explosion Suppression Explosion protection is one of the most complicated areas of safety provision, partially because of the numerous sources that can lead to an explosion, and partially due to the massive effects that an explosion leads to, especially in a building. Therefore, the use of explosion suppression systems is essential for ensuring that […]

The Advantages of DAV Using Statistical Process Control

Deutsche Allgemeinversicherung The Primary Advantages of DAV Using Statistical Process Control (SPC) Statistical Process Control (SPC) helps identify the effectiveness of processes. This tool is especially effective when it comes to manufacturing. However, this tool is also applicable for controlling quality of services. One of the primary advantages of the tool is that it helps […]

Vantagon Company

Vantagon Vantagon is the IT company which specializes in developing different types of software and applications. Vantagon’s completed projects include such applications as Taskflight and Semple. The company follows the principle of focusing on innovation and benefits while proposing new models and paradigms, establishing standards, and overcoming any systems’ drawbacks. The company’s staff is rather […]

Use of Graphic Organizers in Teaching

Graphic organizers are important components, nonverbal supporters of verbal information presented during the lesson. Their role therefore is confined to organizing, structuring new information into separate notions, ideas, and concepts for a student to understand the cause-and-effect relations and draw the parallels between definitions and terms. The use of images, charts, diagrams, tables, and other […]

Analyzing Firm Strategy: Lipton Tea

Lipton Tea Industry Competitors Lipton Tea firm represents a global expert at tea production industry. The universal success of this company is referred to the exceptional quality of the products. It provides the customers with flavonoid antioxidants, which accounts for weight management and free radicals rupture (Strategic marketing management-Lipton tea, 2003). The firm adopted a […]

Political and economic implications of the trend toward concentration of media power among a few largely western conglomerates

Introduction The invention of the telegraph put in place a subtle way of ensuring that news travelled and spread to far places. On a different dimension, the same invention laid consolidated foundations under which the western media conglomerates would be anchored among them the tribune, New York herald while not negating the sun. Since the […]

Human Resource Management Strategy

Although it is presumed that Human Resource Management (HRM) strategy is determined by the internal environment of a particular organization, one should not underestimate the influence of external factors. Thus, successful HRM planning is nowadays impossible without taking into consideration the current political, economic, and technological conditions. To begin with, one is to note that […]

The British Library – economics, academic, cultural impact on the British people

Introduction In 2011, the BL unveiled Vision 2020, which underlines its ambitious plans for the near future. Yet, these plans are in jeopardy because of a reduction in government funding for library services (Potts and Roper, 1995). While such reductions are in line with the government of the UK’s budget austerity, extending it to library […]

Women in Telecommunication in Europe and Middle East

Introduction The Middle East and Eastern Europe are currently highly focused areas in telecommunication, IT and the media. The markets in this region are gaining liberty and stabilizing in terms of economical and political aspects. Romania is to date one of the biggest players and a fast growing market in telecommunication and IT. The players […]

Assessment of Organizational Behavior in “Ogilvy and Mather”

Leadership remains as one of the most remarkable models that strongly brings about positive organizational change through moderation of organizational operations, motivation and creation of best working environment. On the other hand, organizational behavior is a term used to denote how manpower in an organization runs the daily process of production towards meeting the set […]

Why Homosexuality Should Be Illegal

The origins and the mechanisms through which homosexuality came to be a part of human history is not well known. However, it is thought that it has been practiced by people since they came into being. One of the earliest documented accounts of homosexuality is found in ancient pagan religious practices according to Kulkarni (3). […]

Cell Phone Usage at Al Ittihad Model School Among Male Students

This study will utilize both qualitative and quantitative data since the study variables require that these two types of data be captured during the research process. Questionnaires will be used to collect the primary data since the study concerns variables that cannot be directly observed such as opinions, perceptions, and feelings of respondents. Such implicit […]

Human Nature: Comparative Analysis

Aphra Behn lived between 1640 and 1689. He is most known for his popular novel titled Oroonoko that was written in 1688 based on his trip to Surinam. First, he underscored the fact that he was a famous author by going against the ideas of Aristotle on fiction. Aristotle perceived fiction as an imitation of […]

Immortality of Soul

In Plato’s Phaedo, Socrates reflects the events from his life and reveals the most important ideas about the immortality of soul. In particular, the philosopher introduces the theory of separateness of immortal soul from the physical body by using a number of arguments. In particular, Socrates refers to the analysis of oppositions, introduces recollection theory, […]

Information Technology Changes in Business: Strategic IT analysis

Introduction The need to adopt strong strategic initiatives is the natural follow-up to the analysis undertaken on Medical Devices Contract Manufacturing (MDCM), to unearth systemic failures in the company’s operations. The need for the development of strategic measures to solve the supply chain bottlenecks come from the desire to turn around the financial performance of […]

The concept of Renaissance Humanism in Botticelli’s ‘Madonna and Child with Adoring Angel’

Introduction Humanism was one of the major facets of the Renaissance period that lasted from 1400 to 1650. Originating in Italy, humanism movement during the renaissance reveals human shift from the medieval tradition that was strongly linked to pious religious motivation in arts and literature to adopt a new way of life in which secularism […]

Exxon Mobil Company

Exxon Mobil is a petrochemical company based in Texas, United States of America (Exxon Mobil, 2013). The company’s operations have been classified into three broad categories; upstream, downstream, and chemical sections. It was formed in 1999 following the merger of Exxon and Mobil oil companies (Exxon Mobil, 2013). The merger marked the beginning of a […]

Like a Winding Street and Long Black Song

Introduction Richard Wright in his story, Long Black Song, illustrates how a white phonograph sales representative seduces a black woman, Sarah. While her husband, Silas, a farmer, is off in the fields. On returning from duty, he discovers Sara’s infidelity, and this infuriates him. It is a narrative told from Sara’s point of view, which […]