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Alpine Wear’s Cash Budget

Proper management of cash budget is an important practice in business management that enables an organization to efficiently utilize cash inflows and control the cash outflows. It is in this regard that this is study looks at the various issues that affect Alpine Wear’s cash budget. Seasonal Variations and Target Balance When cash requirements are […]

The Economic Effect of Issuing Food Stamps to Those in Poverty

Introduction There are several effects of issuing food stamps to people who are faced with abject poverty. The major effects are economic. These effects vary depending on location, eating habits, income and other socio-economic activities. In my research, I will find out and analyze various effects of issuing these food stamps. To achieve objectives of […]

Ethical relativism concept

Introduction The concept of ethical relativism outlines that ethical principles and actions are relative to social norms. Stated differently, proponents of ethical relativism argue that ethical principles may be “right” or “wrong,” but this judgment is only relative to social norms (Welch 516). The concept of ethical relativism developed from cultural diversity, to mean that […]

Literature Review-Depression and Physical Activity

The benefits of engaging in physical activity have been widely established, with studies showing that physically active individuals are likely to incur reduced healthcare-associated costs, and minimal decline in functional impairment in comparison with their inactive counterparts (Plow, Allen, & Resnik, 2011). However, several factors can negatively affect physical activity among different individuals depending on […]

Monotheism Developed by Abram

If the question of the belief in one God is discussed by many people as the general religious principle which is characterized for monotheist practices, the issue of Israel’s unique responsibility to God is often perceived as rather provocative. Theologians pay much attention to discussing this controversial question with references to the Jewish history and […]

Diversity Training and Promotion among Learners in Class

Promotion of diversity is an essential step towards efficient learning (Ehevarria & Graves, 2007). By introducing diversity to class, teachers not only promote a better understanding of specific cultures among learners, but also foster a range of essential qualities in students, such as tolerance and cultural awareness. Seeing that the setting, in which Karen works, […]

Tort Law: “Butler v. United States”

Negligence is usually discussed as a tort which is associated with performing a wrong act which causes damages or with failing to perform the act necessary to treat a person accordingly and to cope with the illness (Pozgar, 2012, p. 32-34). While referring to the cases of negligence which can be discussed in the context […]

DDT Target Organs

Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) is an organochlorine insecticide whose introduction led to the control of malaria in many endemic regions in the world. For instance, malaria was eliminated through the use of DDT in Europe and the US. However, DDT has a slow breakdown, thus it persists in the environment for long. It has been classified under […]

Islam and Democracy in Egypt

This paper is aimed at discussing the status of Sharia under the regime of Hosni Mubarak. This question is closely related with the Islamization of Egypt. Moreover, much attention should be paid to the role played by the organizations which stated that the functioning of the state should not be separated from religion. Among these […]

Quartz Watches Strategic Management

Introduction Emerging technologies have been vital in improving operations of firms in the currently competitive marketplace. However, watch manufacturers have found themselves facing a new threat that they had not anticipated. There has been a shift in tastes and preferences when mobile phones were introduced to the market. Mobile phones have become almost a necessity […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Aspects

Introduction This essay will discuss what Corporate Social Responsibility is and three ways in which a corporation may practice the aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the involvement of corporate bodies in social aspects of the consumers in order to attract and retain them. According to […]

Environmental Issue in China

Executive Summary Rapid growth in China is negatively affecting the environment. Air pollution in Beijing is now a major source of concern, while the Chinese government seems to be doing little to protect the environment. Thus, this paper presents an in-depth public diplomacy strategy based on building a network of influence to advocate for policy […]

AT&T: Oligopoly Model

AT&T can be classified as an Oligopoly Model company. Oligopoly model is characterized by operating in an environment where competition is limited. It is a market where the players or the services providers are few and control the large market share. Lest of the market is acquired by small upcoming companies which try to enter […]

Competition in Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks & Vitamin Enhanced Beverages – Alternative Beverage Industry

Background material The soft drink industry has been dominated by some major companies like the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo. Prior to the 21st century, these companies concentrated in the processing of carbonated drinks. The drinks had an exceptionally high demand and companies that processed such drinks flourished by making enormous sales. However, as consumers have […]

Conflict in the work team

A work team consists of six members who apparently share jobs and adhere to the roster system. The case study under discussion represents the conflict caused by the leader, Kim, who changes an agreed schedule without notifying other members of the team. As a result, some members disagree with the new schedule. The changes in […]

Summary of the Article: “Stalking the Wily Hacker” by Clifford Stoll

Communication is a central pillar driving organizational performance at various levels. It holds the capacity to paralyze or propel execution of activities as it facilitates conveyance of basic information that appertains to enhancing productivity. Evidently, information, understanding and awareness of diverse issues form the lifeblood of corporations with strong growth aspirations. Communication contributes to exemplary […]

The Enlightenment period in the development of culture

Enlightenment or age of reason refers to the cultural movement associated with the intellectual growth in the eighteenth century. This movement occurred in American colonies and Europe. The main goal of this age was to encourage reforms in the society by embracing the concept of reasoning and acquisition of knowledge through science. This period promoted […]

Hearing Impairment

Apart from hearing impairment problems being a health issue, they are also an educational problem. Often, hearing impairment occurs if a student is unable to detect sound frequencies, either completely or partially. There are a number of policies which have been formulated across the globe on how to deal with students suffering from this condition, […]

Caring for the Aged

Caring for the elderly has been one of the main concerns in this society for a very long time (Scott 2011, p. 78). The aged, just like the young, are very delicate and deserve special care, treatment, and close attention. Unlike the young, these old people should be taken care of with a lot of […]

The Roles of Customers and Their Behaviour During Service Interactions

Introduction Customers react differently to various products and services within the market. This is influenced by their cultural backgrounds and their understanding of how a particular product works. It is important for firms to understand consumer behaviour and how it affects their consumption trends regarding a particular service or product. The service sector has become […]

Role of Engineer in Global Challenges

Executive Summary The present paper discusses roles that engineers could actively play to address the challenges of global food insecurity, WMD terrorism, and environmental degradation. The rationale is premised on the fact that food insecurity, global terrorism, and environmental degradation are at the core of the very existence of mankind. The results demonstrate that engineers […]

Inequality in U.S Healthcare

Introduction The following is an argument in favor of the Americare. This medical plan is different from the current Medicare. The Medicare plan is a medical insurance plan that covers the older people who are in the United States. The other insurance is the Medicaid that covers the poor and the unemployed people. This medical […]

Alternative Power Supplies and Their Efficiency

Introduction Projects play a pivotal role in ensuring that organizations succeed and survive through different competitive forces. Project management entails careful planning and organization of resources in order to avoid delays and financial overruns (Hyvari 34). Despite the efficiency of the project management team, there are external factors that may hinder the successful completion of […]

Sociological View of Family

Introduction Through the evaluation of the historical and current perceptions of families, this essay evaluates the sociological view of the family unit. To achieve this goal, this paper explores the sociological concepts, theories, and historical basis of the family unit to explain its purpose in the society. In detail, this paper explores important issues concerning […]