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Tristen C. studied at Colorado School of Mines, USA, with average GPA 3.32 out of 4.0.

Environmental Education for Sustainability

In recent years, it is becoming increasingly clear that the social and economic aspects of life are inherently related to how our natural environments operate and how we effectively manage our daily actions and ecosystems to live a sustainable life. Indeed, environmental sustainability issues are at the core of our very lives, particularly upon the […]

Anti- and Pro-abortion Arguments

Disagreement on the status of abortion is an old debate dating back to probably nineteenth century. In many countries like the US and Germany, abortion is considered illegal. However, a social movement through the last seven decades has distinctly divided two groups of anti- and pro-abortion advocates. These two divisions are the pro-life and the […]

The Right Moral Choice for the US in Response to Chemical Weapons attack in Syria

Introduction Some of the questions that have dominated the popular media and debates worldwide concern the situation in Syria and the question of the United States’ involvement in the ongoing events in Syria. The humanitarian situation in Syria has worsened in the past few months due to increase in the scale of violence resulting from […]

US Border Protection and Drug Policy

Abstract The United States of America has always given special priority to the homeland security. The U.S. Border Patrol is the primary governmental authority responsible for border control of lands and ports. However, the U.S. Military Forces take the active part in the so-called supporting Border Patrol in executing their functions. Since the 1960s, the […]

Importance of Unions in Enhancing Fair Wages for Workers

Introduction The relationship between employees and employers has been gradually changing as the world faces various changes in the labor relations. During the industrial revolution, the employers were generally accused of mistreating their employees, especially in terms of poor pay and inhuman working conditions. After some time, employees realized that the best way of dealing […]

Relationship Between Buyer and Supplier

Introduction In today’s contemporary world, business environment is quite competitive and more sophisticated than it was in the twentieth century. Successful business organisations need strong external relations to gain competitive advantage. Various foreign relations that are attached to enterprises should always be good for the success of enterprises. However, supplier and buyer relationship is the […]

Religion as a Powerful Tool in Governance

Before the advent of the 1990s, a sharp disparity existed between religion and major aspects of the world politics and the public sphere. Whereas religion has played a major role in the development of world politics as well as the socio-economic life, its significance has been ignored in certain jurisdictions. On the same note, literature […]

Dilmah Ceylon Tea: Market development in Australia

Introduction The performance level of any product in the marketplace depends on its reception by the target consumers relative to other competing brands placed in the same market. Marketing encompasses one of the noble activities adopted by any organisation in an effort to create awareness of value for its products and services. A fundamental interpretation […]

Toxicology Examination of a Site

Site Overview The derelict site was hitherto used by two industries, which have remained nonfunctional for the past sixty years. There are 100 drums buried underground and, unfortunately, their contents are not indicated. The drums show a sign of cracking and a, strong pungent, smell is felt in the air at the site. This must […]

Inequality of Development of Saudi Arabia

Introduction Development involves integration of modern advances in technology, democracy, social organizations, values, as well as, ethics into a single humanitarian project of making the world a better place to live. In the strongest sense, development involves using the resources of a country to improve the living standards of the poorest citizens. In the weakest […]

The controversy behind the 9/11 tragedy

In relation to the September 11, 2011 attacks, people from all over the world are still in similar dilemma. The big question is whether to believe the explanation being offered by United States government. Most people still do not perceive how this tragedy could happen. The media, both print and electronic have been on this […]

Spring Festival Gala

The Spring Festival is a well known event in the Chinese culture through which its citizens get the opportunity to learn how China as a country is viewed both locally and by other states. Traditionally meant for Han Chinese people, the Spring Festival has now been transformed into a national holiday by the government and […]

Marketing plan and segmentation

A marketing research plan for an international rental car company that will help it design the retention program Featuring prominently in this plan should be the knowledge of the customer base. This helps in knowing the customers that have to be retained, the services they value, and the incentives they ought to be given that […]

Style as Character Insight: The Use of Irony and Free Indirect Discourse in Jane Austen’s Major Works

Introduction No work of art achieves permanence unless its creator imbues it with a unique individual style that solidifies its value across cultures and across time. Truly, art would not exist without style. According to Susan Sontag, the earliest experiences of humankind reflected art as “incantatory, magical. Art was an agent of ritual” (65). This […]

A Streetcar Named Desire

The story of the play A Streetcar named Desire focuses on love. The research centers on Blanche DuBois’ lies. The research includes determining why Blanche DuBois lied. The street car named desire shows, in a certain sense, Blanche is a liar. In a sense, Blanche is a liar. Blanche DuBois gave several lies to hide […]

Kirby Report Recommendations

In 2002, the Canadian senate sought to investigate the state of health in the country and make necessary recommendations. The Standing Committee mandated on matters of social affairs, science and technology took up the matter and set out to investigate as well as come up with a document that would offer detailed information on the […]

Chronic Disease-Racial Ethnic Disparity

Evidently, it is crucial to understand critical racial/ethnic disparities in the context of their viability and contributions to health. Racial differences among Hispanics, blacks, Latin Americans, and whites among other races have posed critical disparities when considered in the health perspective. One of the chronic diseases considerable in this context is breast cancer among the […]

Agenda-setting theory

Nowadays it is possible to find a few people who do not think that mass media affect, to some extent, public opinion. Admittedly, people find out about numerous events and phenomena from mass media. This is because many citizens do not attend political rallies and therefore rely on television, radio, newspapers and magazines for information. […]

Impacts of Financial crisis on Bahrain

Introduction Rapid globalization of international markets has given rise to global crisis and emerging markets like that of Bahrain characterized with strong fundamentals attributed from sudden inflows and outflows of foreign investment has not been an exception. Impacts of financial crisis on the country’s economy have accelerated debate within the mainstream of economics and many […]

Standardized and Nonstandardized Assessments

There are two possible types of student assessment, standardized and nonstandardized, which are characterized by different purposes, styles, and methods. The effect of both assessments is regarded as positive and reliable, because students get a chance to evaluate own level of knowledge, clear up personal abilities, work on own weaknesses, and improve them. The point […]

Marketing Aquarium

Introduction This paper offers two marketing based perspectives; one in favor of the establishment of an aquarium near the Family Arena and the second against such a development. The decision to develop an aquarium has to be based on a market research. Such a research was done on existing aquariums whose basic characteristics are as […]

ADU Dorms

Living in dormitories has its own advantages and disadvantages. Basically, it depends on the perspective of the students how they want to spend their lives. There are some students who prefer the warmth of their homes rather than the dormitories, where they have to live with strangers. Such students want to share their happiness and […]

Joint Ventures: Trianon HR Management

The position present requires a person who is hard working and who knows the ways of work of Trianon. Moreover, since the joint venture involves the Hungarian government, somebody with knowledge of the Hungary government will be vital. Consequently, Alistair should choose Janos Gabor for the position in case he is forced to do that. […]

Online Media Products and Services

Napster is an online music store that was developed as an online file sharing service. Originally, Napster concentrated on sharing of music files coded in MP3 format. This service was pioneered by Shawn Fanning, and it was aimed at sharing music files among users. This marked a revolution in the music industry, thereby forming a […]

The Importance of Air Transport to Global Trade

Introduction Air transport, directly or indirectly, affects global trade because it comprises all air transportation services carried out by residents of an economy. This involves the carriage of people, movement of cargo, rental of carriers and crew and all the associated, supporting, and supplementary services. A major source of growth over the previous century has […]

Nobody Understands Debt

Summary In both 2011 and 2012, the issue that was most discussed in America was the issue to do with addressing the budget deficit. In 2011, it was struggling to recover from unemployment but this continued to persist as a national disaster (Krugman A21). Unfortunately, there was a misconception that the disconnected Congress was the […]

Impacts of acidic deposition

Introduction There is an increasing danger of acidic deposition associated with the booming industrialization at the global level. Acidic deposition is considered as a form of threat to both the ecosystem and the human life. From an ecological perspective, acidic deposition can impose a harmful effect to the purity of water bodies and a threat […]

Cooperation versus Competition Approach in Learning and Evaluation of Student Achievement

Introduction Within the last few decades, the general nature of strategies used in learning and evaluation of students’ progress in American schools has dramatically changed to coincide with changing educational needs and rapid advances in technology. Consecutive studies have revealed that performance of students in educational tasks is affected by a multiplicity of influences that […]

Teacher Career: Special Education Programming

Introduction The formation of the concept of how the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) moves its efforts towards a goal is not one of the major issues to consider from the perspective of school districts. This act is aimed at proceeding toward a goal or through an activity which is not of primary importance […]