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Life of Pi: Key Characters, Plot, and Themes

Introduction Life of Pi is a popular fantasy novel by Yann Martel, an author from Canada. It tells the story of Piscine, a boy who travels on a life raft with a tiger after surviving a shipwreck. After a series of hardships, the main character returns to civilization and manages to succeed in life. Martel […]

Characteristics that Make a Successful Negotiator

Negotiation remains a critical element in leadership and management. The concept of negotiation has occupied the realms of leadership because it is the core for a formidable and plausible leader (Burt, Petcavage & Pinkerton, 2010). However, questions have arisen as to what constitutes a good negotiator. Therefore, the paper examines some of the basic features […]

ABC Company Project

Milestone one The major challenge facing ABC Company is the inability to capture, store and access infinite customer data. The organization lacks adequate information about its customers, which contributes to high cost of data collection. Therefore, the company continues to collect and store these types of data in a manual manner regardless of the extensive […]

Drug Abuse and Medicaid Program

A brief overview of Medicare and Medicaid is outlined together with the purpose for setting these programs up. The effect as a result of instating the above programs on those people who depended on the Supplementary Security Income (SSI) is covered. An outline of the population covered by the Medicaid and Medicare programs. An outline […]

Managing the Impacts of Climate Change

It is true that the impacts of climate change are being felt across the globe. The degree of vulnerability has also risen to alarming levels. For instance, pastoralists and subsistence farmers in sub-Saharan Africa are among the worst hit populations in the continent since they completely depend on the weather output for survival. Worse still, […]

Experience of Northeast and Southeast Asia

Compare and contrast the experience of Northeast with Southeast Asia Geography and institutions play a key role in the long-term growth and development of an economy. Geography determines the ecology, climate and nature of economic activities carried out in a particular region. If the ecology is favorable, it can provide ample fauna and floral species […]

Citibank Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is an essential practice in any organization. Performance evaluation helps an organization to know where it is, why, and what it needs to do to reach where it wanted based on its objectives. The approach to be followed in performance feedback session with James is essential in enhancing positive relationships besides ensuring that […]

Culture and Leadership in a safe Industrial Environment

Abstract The purpose of this paper was to discuss the role of culture, management leadership, and employee involvement in the process of improving safety in an industrial environment. In this regard, the discussion focused on the development and implementation of an improved environment, health, and safety (EHS) program at GE Aviation. The main goal of […]

Chanel Cosmetics

Introduction Chanel is one of the leading fashion shops in the United Kingdom. Started out as a simple fashion shop on a brick and moter basis, this shop has grown to become a giant shop that operates an online shop, besides its physical shops. The management of this firm has been keen on adopting new […]

Are workers motivated mainly by money?

Introduction Motivation is a part of the concept of work and life balance. To state it plainly, there can never be work-life balance without a motivation on the part of the worker. Motivation drives people to accomplish their tasks and work for organizational objectives. Motivation is based on man’s desire to minimize physical pain and […]

Child Development in a Bi-Racial Family

Introduction Race distinguishes people based on the physical characteristics that make them appear different from each other. Race in the United States of America is more prominent in describing different people. During the slavery period race would justify the mistreatment of people who were enslaved. The people of the United States of America thought that […]

Sufficient Justifications of the Legitimacy of Religious Positions on Social Issues

Summary In this article, Beale (2011) reflects on the notion of infallibility and inerrancy in the Bible. Aside from the usual arguments that utilize church scripture, he discusses the arguments on the Bible’s infallibility in the book “The Divine Authenticity of Scripture: Retrieving an Evangelical Heritage,” by A. T. B. McGowan. Beale (2011) points towards […]

What Are the Reasons for Why so Many Students drop College

Many people associate high education with success. However, such well-known companies as Facebook, Dell, Apple and Microsoft that earn billions of dollars are founded by college-dropout billionaires. Did Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg prove that post-secondary education is negligible? Is there any reason for the uprising trend of dropouts? These questions are very […]