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Vivienne Wall studied at Lamar University, USA, with average GPA 3.34 out of 4.0.

ABC marketing Company Recruitment and Selection Processes

Introduction People consider recruitment and selection process as part of the most important domains in human resource management. Companies that conduct the process in the right manner as required often succeed when it comes to tapping new talents for enhanced productivity in the companies. According to Huselid (1995: 23), It should however be noted that, […]

Corporate Responsibility as a Business Strategy

Introduction Corporate social responsibility is one of the modern tools used by corporations to promote their inimitable characteristics and brand name. As a result, the firm’s sales, customer dependability, and profitability are improved. In addition, CSR has been applied in the human resources management as well as in enhancing business operations (Cavett-Goodwin, 2007). Thus, CSR […]

An Analysis of Accountability in Traditional, New and Networked Public Management

Introduction Articles such as Considine (2002) and Kluvers & Tippett (2011) detail the importance of accountability in governance and how it is an integral aspect in establishing proper public management and policy networks. It is quite interesting to note though that traditional public management as well as new public management have different views and criticisms […]

The Economic Environment of UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is among the top ten oil-producing countries in the world. Located in the Arabian Gulf, the UAE demographic statistics indicate a population of about 4.32 million people with a free-market economy. Additionally, the country does not restrict private-sector enterprises and has enacted policies that encourage foreign investment and international trade. […]

International Politics Discussed by Wendt and Waltz

Introduction In his book chapter, The anarchic structure of the world politics, Waltz argues that the domestic power structure is defined by the principles that govern it as well as the specialisation of its various functions (Waltz, 2010). He posits that while certain rulers may make laws, governments have the final word. In his opinion, […]

The Principle of Non-Intervention in Contemporary International Law

Interference in the domestic affairs of independent states by other states is one of the most controversial issues in international law. The United Nations (UN) General Assembly resolution 2131 (XX) declared that all countries should conduct their affairs independently1. Additionally, the principle of non-intervention prohibits any state from meddling in the internal affairs of another […]

Approaches to Ethics

Utilitarianism is an ethical theory which focuses on the outcome of an action. It weighs the value of an action over its consequences. The rule of utilitarianism focuses on the result regardless of the nature of the action. It points out that, if the outcome is in line with the expected benefits, then the action […]

Market elasticity’s in banking industry

Introduction Elasticity of demand refers to the “degree to which quantity demanded changes due to a change in price or any other factors that influence the demand for the product” (Hall 2). There are three types of elasticity of demand which include price elasticity of markets, income elasticity of markets, and cross elasticity of markets. […]

Ethical Considerations in an Organisation

Introduction Ethics largely relates to the principles which oversee acceptable behavior and morality. In an organizational setting, it governs both the personal and corporate behavior, including their advancement to dealings with the interest groups and the environment. Thus, processes, which involve accountability, of finances are guided by ethical codes which guarantee their appropriateness. For instance, […]

Clear Hear Scenario

Introduction Clear Hear Company manufactures cell phones. The two most common phones used are the Alpha model and Beta Model. Kendra, the organization development specialist, has secured an order of 100,000 phones that are similar to the Big Box Alpha model. Nevertheless, Big Box is not willing to pay over $15 per phone, which they […]

Waste Management in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Production and consumption takes place in every economy worldwide. Companies utilize various raw materials in order to produce goods and services that are consumed by the public. After their consumption, there are some wastes both during production and after consumption. Countries have stipulations governing wastes disposals. Thus, wastes are disposed off in specific locations in […]

Influence on Behavior of Attitudes and Emotions

How attitudes and emotions influence behaviors Attitudes impacts on our behaviors in one of two ways: they can directly trigger consistent behaviors, with minimal thought intervention. Secondly, attitudes guides behaviors following a period of deliberate and extensive processing or consideration, through what is known as the formulation of intentions. Individuals whose attitudes towards certain objects […]

Authenticity in Cultural Tourism Sites: A Critical Discussion

Introduction The extent to which tourists search for authentic experiences in visiting new places and peoples has aroused much interest among tourism researchers and practitioners (Alberts & Hazen 2010; Leonard 2011). Indeed, the search for authenticity has become a predominant trend powering tourism because contemporary tourists are looking for experiences that are not only unique […]

Training Evaluation Methods and Their Efficiency

Literature Review Training evaluation methods have been examined in many studies related to organizational behavior and management. Overall, it is possible to single out several areas that are closely related to this topic; one of them is the differences between assessment models and their applicability to various types of organizations (Ahmed et al 2010). The […]

Compensation and Organizational Culture

Abstract This is a research paper that is based on a case study. The paper seeks to explain the compensation strategies in a company and how they impact on the culture of the organization. Microsoft Corporation is used in this case. The paper establishes the link between organizational culture and compensation policies. It justifies in […]

Recommendations following analysis of the Shuzworld firm’s current management predicaments

Below is a list of recommendations from the study, the recommendations are backed up with statistical proofs as per their workability and possible outcome and they address the key four areas of concern which my analysis paid attention to. How to improve the current workflow in the plant Workflow forms the backbone of this company […]

Healthcare provision to the aged people

Healthcare provision to the aged people forms one of the most important aspects that dictate the ability of the latter group to effectively carry out their task and continue living healthy lives. Its provision therefore requires careful consideration of their health status, inabilities and planning as well as provision of adequate resources to support the […]

Intelligence Collection Disciplines

Intelligence is the know-how of an issue. Business intelligence, for example, understands business practices. Determination of Intelligence classification is according to the field in operation. However, the intelligence community refers to a community of government operatives who work to unearth information from the society, economy and political structure, issues that are meaningful to a nation’s […]

Market Research Apple

Findings and discussion Apple Incorporation has over the past few years appreciated the importance of market research. One of the factors that have led to this transformation is the intensity of competition within the PC and mobile device industry. In 2011, Apple Incorporation enjoyed a substantial market share within the iPads segment (Vascellaro, 2012). During […]

Global Leadership and Business Environment

Introduction Global leadership refers to the study of various disciplines, where future leaders in the personal experience field are informed of the principal elements they require. This enables them to familiarize effectively with globalization impacts (anthropological, psychological, sociological, geopolitical, geographical, and physiological). In global leadership, individuals assess the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders amidst environmental […]

Google’s Business Strategy

Google is one of the few global companies which has the privilege of being listed in the Fortune 500 list. The company has managed to maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing technology industry. The global market for mobile devices continues to grow, which will has a direct impact on the company’s operations in […]

Introduction for a new edition of Patti Smith’s Just Kids

From today’s perspective, the ideas promoted by the representatives of ‘flower children’ generation through sixties and seventies, appear rather overly idealistic and naïve. Nevertheless, there can be little doubt as to the fact that, while advancing these ideas, the affiliates of hippie and punk movements never ceased acting in an intellectually honest manner. It is […]

Father of psychology

Psychology is the science of mental life, both of its phenomena and their conditions. The phenomena are such things like feelings, desires, cognitions, reasoning, decisions, and the like. When these are phenomena are superficially considered, their variety and complexity leaves a chaotic impression on the observer. Different individuals tried to organize these phenomena in order […]

Personality, Emotions and Leadership

Abstract Emotions are experiences that involve thoughts and feelings. Management of emotions is a key area of personal development since it influences individual options that in turn influence our results both in our daily activities and at the work place. Most people struggle to manage their emotions since they are important in ensuring success in […]

Being Rich means better education and more success

Introduction People have found themselves strongly arguing about whether or not being rich means better education and more success. From the two divide individuals bring forth valid and strong arguments that are very convincing. To successfully cover the relevant arguments there is need to provide arguments from both sections. It is worth noting that for […]

‘R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul’

‘R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul’ is a 1992 case involving the United States Supreme Court which had to make a ruling depending on the U.S First Amendment, Free speech clause. The case involved Robert A. Viktora (R.A.V) who was 17years of age, Athur Miller aged 18 years old and other teenagers who made a […]

Superfund as a Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act

Introduction It now became a commonplace assumption among many social scientists that the issue of environmental protection does not only relate to sociological discourses’ subject matter, but that this issue is being embedded into the very matrix of sociology’s theoretical framework. This simply could not be otherwise, especially given the fact the realities of modern […]