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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Challenges

Introduction As a case study, this paper explores the challenges faced by organisations when they introduce Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The structure of this paper highlights three recommendations that address human resource challenges, system integration challenges, and departmental inclusion challenges experienced by the sampled organisation. The paper addresses these challenges by categorising its recommendations […]

Australia Waste Management

Introduction Usually, people dispose of unusable materials in litterbins. However, few of them are concerned with whatever happens after throwing the rubbish into the pit. Australia is experiencing one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As a result, there has been amplified utilisation of resources in an attempt to meet various needs of […]

The Most Important Barrier and an Interesting Type of the Research Study

Educational technology has become a primary concern of many researchers and practitioners as the modern world highly relies on technology. It is noteworthy that educators have employed technology quite extensively. However, there is insufficient research on the matter. According to Ross, Morrison & Lowther (2010), there is the decrease in experimental design, which leads to […]

United Parcel Services E-Strategy

Executive summary Two teenagers, Jim Ryan and Claude Casey started the United Parcel Services in a small basement office. They promised the best services at the lowest rates. The two teenagers successfully came up with a company that is a world leader in package delivery. Despite the stiff competition from FedEx and Airborne Express, UPS […]

Chloramine in Drinking Water: When the Threat of Pollution Emerges

Introduction: The Significance of the Issue In the age when the environmental awareness has become an integral part of everyone’s life, the issue of drinking water pollution causes considerable anxiety and demands immediate solutions. Unfortunately, in the light of the recent conducted researches, the fact that drinking water is being polluted by large amounts of […]

Global Competitiveness

Abstract Globalization, especially economic globalization, has led to a competitive business environment. To meet the demands of globalization, firms have undertaken various strategies including outsourcing and international diversification of their operations. Outsourcing has the advantage of lowering operational and net production costs. However, companies outsourcing abroad must consider various factors associated with the foreign supplier […]

Start up business in Saudi Arabia: challenges of finding finance.

Background overview Entrepreneurs share similar problems in terms of access to sufficient capital to start their business, ability to attract customers, developing a sufficient cash flow to sustain their venture and a variety of other issues that are involved in the process of developing a business (Zahra & Wright 2011, pp. 67-83). In this section, […]

Concept of Environmental Reporting

Introduction Our involvement on the environment is considerably becoming more significant in all walks of life, including business. According to the nature of business it utilizes resources, pollute the environment and produce waste products. This is why business attracts substantial attention from individuals and groups of environmentalists who are more concerned about the prospect natural […]

Environmental Justice and Water: Quality, Affordability and Sustainable Use. Facing the Dilemmas of the XXI Century

Introduction: Water Supply in the XXI Century. Threats and Opportunities The nature-vs.-nurture conflict will, probably, never go away. Posing a number of ethical questions to the entire population of the Earth, it persuades people to make choices that define the quality of their future life. The question regarding water quality and supply is one of […]

Apple Inc. Smartphone Marketing Strategy Presentation

The company and industry overview Apple Inc. is a publicly listed American company specializing in the production of high technological electronic products, computer hardware, and software (Apple Inc. 4). Under the electronic hardware category, the company products include personal computers, media devices, mobile communication, and portable-digital music players. In addition to high tech hardware devises, […]

The War-prone and Chaotic 21st Century

Introduction A number of challenges, ranging from economic, political to social, characterize the 21st century. The main problems that confront all states in the global system are the preservation of sovereignty and promotion of national interests. In fact, states are concerned more with the promotion of national security. Research shows that states would do everything […]

Modernism, Modernization and Modernity in Australia, 1919-1939

Introduction Modernization refers to the transition between the traditional agrarian society to developed modern society, which is based on industry and trade. It is a process through which a society undergoes social and economical changes like urbanization and industrialization that result to transformation of individual’s way of life. Modernism is a cultural change that entails […]

The Other Wes Moore

Introduction The Other Wes Moore is a 248-book written by Wes Moore in 2010 and published by Spiegel and Grau. While in his final year at university and after being given a Rhodes Scholar award, Moore learns of another man with whom he shares a name from the newspapers (Moore, para. 1). The man is […]

American History

The 19th Century definition of liberalism in adopts the realms and principles of capitalism.The first core assumption of liberal theory in political aspects is that the fundamental actors in politics are members of domestic society, understood as individuals and privately constituted groups seeking to promote their independent interests. In philosophical aspects, special conditions, limited competition, […]