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Web-Based Technology Report

Introduction Facebook, widely regarded as the most popular social networking sites among students, is created to connect users. It allows people to customize their profiles with personal information such as pictures, relationships and personal interests. What’s more, all Facebook users from a common region or users who list a certain movie or music as a […]

Ford Automobile Strategic Business Model

Introduction A business model refers to a company’s plan in respect of how it projects to profit from its operations currently and in the future. Therefore, a business model entails a unique procedure of determining the fundamental elements necessary for achieving the strategic business goals (Chesbrough, 2007). In essence, a business model encompasses all the […]

Posh Pastries and Economic Environment

The economic environment in Colombia is more promising than that of Venezuela. Colombia now boasts of a GDP of $365.4billion, which makes it the 29th largest economy in the world. In 2012, it grew by 4.3% and was a continuation of growth rates of 4% and 5.9% in 2010 and 2011 respectively (CIA, 2013). Venezuela […]

The Global Media is All about Money and Profit Making

Introduction The global media is all about money and profit making. Media companies implement diverse strategies in order to expand their operations and the ability to obtain additional profits. Furthermore, the global media strategies for generating profits almost surpass the film industry. The different media such as radio, television, newspapers, and online news sources are […]

Psychological Disorders in the Films

There are many movies that show psychological disorders characterized by obsessive behavior and unstable mental states. “What About Bob” is a film that does a great job in presenting and illustrating disorders that an individual has. The character’s name is Bob Wiley and he is suffering from many disorders. The viewer first encounters Bob in […]

History of Psychological Assessment: Wundt’s Laboratory

Introduction In earlier periods before the establishment of the Wundt’s laboratory, psychology was not entrenched in the discipline of sciences. Theories of philosophers such as Plato, Hobbes, and Kant were dominant in explaining the behaviors of human beings; unfortunately, these theories did not offer experimental mechanism to study psychology like any other discipline in science. […]

Religious Studies: The Doctrine of the Christian life by John Frame

People have different paths to understanding the fundamental principles of the Christian ethics. While following these paths, it is important to find the answers to all the questions which can be rather challengeable and controversial. John Frame’s The Doctrine of the Christian Life provides readers with discussions of a lot of basic and problematic issues […]

Vodafone Group Inc.

Introduction Vodafone Inc. is a multinational Company that operates in the telecommunication industry. It is one of the leading companies in the global telecommunication industry in terms of market share and asset capitalization. The company was started in 1984 as a subsidiary of Racal Electronics Plc. and it became an independent company in 1991. Since […]

Operant Conditioning in Dog Training

Introduction Dogs have for a long time been referred to as mans best friend. This has been attributed to the fact that they remain loyal to their owners and obey commands given without hesitation. In addition, dogs are social creatures once you get to know them and they have a great level of humility and […]

Nypro’s Innovation Strategy

Executive Summary The success of Nypro can be attributed to its innovativeness, internal competition between teams, and customer focus. Its production strategy is built on strong customer alliances. Gordon Lankton’s internal market approach contributed greatly to Nypro’s earlier success and innovativeness. The Novaplast technology presents the firm with an opportunity to grow its market share […]

Relational Database Management Systems

The idea of database management systems arose in the early 1970s following research conducted by IBM and university of California at Berkeley. The research intended to provide an alternative to the techniques in use at the time, especially to help reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining complex systems (Seltzer, 2008). In the modern competitive […]

“Safety, Accidents, and Investigations: Be Prepared for the Unexpected” by Robert Battles

Summary of the article The article written by Robert Battles (2011) is aimed at showing how employers can approach safety problems or accidents and mitigate their impact on the functioning of the organization. In particular, the author lays stress on the development of accident prevention plan. Employees should focus on several important activities. In particular, […]

Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination

Needs Analysis Task: Need for Instruction Many students perform poorly in the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination (WKCE), which involves open-ended questions as opposed to multiple-choice questions that many students are familiar with in most academic quarters. This performance trend is attributed to lack of students’ exposure to constructed response (CR) questions that call for […]

Ensuring ‘Good’ Knowledge use in Organizations

Overview of the essence of good and bad knowledge in management Maqsood, Walker and Finegan (2007), ascertain that knowledge is important in organizations, especially in developing practice-based operation and actions in an organization. However, not all information can be considered to be important in management or organizational development. This relates to the development of specific […]

Urban Sprawl and Motorization

Emergence of urban centers is the major cause of the increase in emissions that affect the ozone layer. The effects of global warming are also attributed to the urban sprawl and motorization. The urban sprawl affects the environment in diverse ways. The effects range from high level of energy consumption and use of transportation, cooling […]

Home Video Rental Industry

Home video rental industry is a technology intensive industry. Technology provides several growth opportunities and challenges. It provides an opportunity for companies in the industry to stream movies to their customers. However, it also increases competition from other sources of movies. This necessitates companies in the industry to develop efficient development strategies to cater for […]

Sociology of Emile Durkheim

Emile Durkheim is one of the greatest sociologists and his work has contributed a lot in the discipline of sociology. Because of his outstanding contribution, Emile Durkheim is considered as the father of sociology1. The work of Durkheim was mainly concerned with social integration2. According to Durkheim, there is a need to maintain social integration […]

Effects of Globalization in Health Care Administration

The problem Globalization is a critical provision in the current world. Its positive effects on healthcare administration are numerous. For example, IT has enhanced the connectivity and exchange of information among the health practitioners. Additionally, globalization has led to the establishment of international standards to unify the healthcare system suitably. It has integrated national economies […]

Pantera Company’s Strategic Management

Overview This essay examines the strategies adopted by Panera in growing its market share from a small firm to the current status it enjoys. Several strategies were implemented at Panera as outlined below: The best strategy implemented by Panera was through its product offering. The company offers high quality meals that are produced on order. […]

Samsung company analysis

Introduction Well established modern business organizations have increasingly been seeking to expand their operations beyond the boundaries of their mother countries. Consequently, at the international level we have a new kind of business known as international business. Business organizations particularly from world’s major economies and the emerging Asian economies offering goods and services in different […]

Causes of the Great Recession of 2007

In Economics, recession refers to decline in a country’s gross domestic product for two consecutive quarters. There are several factors which caused recession but inflation is a key element. It is believed that global financial crisis was activated by liquidity decline in the banking sector following problems related to valuation of property. The resultant is […]