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Constituting a New Sales Team

As InterClean merged with EnviroTech, we identified various criteria that served our efforts to formulate the best team to carry the firm forward in the areas identified as priorities by CEO David Spencer. Among these we used Competency Profiling, Critical Incident Technique, Threshold Traits Analysis, Position Analysis Questionnaire and the Common Metric Questionnaire (Job Ananlysis […]

Business Modeling: Customer Value Proposition, System Building and Its Analysis

Business Innovation and Value Add Proposition Reconsidering some of the recent events that shook the business world either with a dazzling performance of some of the mature entrepreneurs, or with a rapid downfall of the world’s renewed companies and business people, one must mention the notorious Harvey Norman Model (Roth, 2011). It has not been […]

Intelligence and Leadership in “Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid” by Ray Hyman

Course Themes In chapter one of the book Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid, Ray Hyman investigates several issues that relate with the terms ‘smart’ and ‘stupid’. The text uses the two terms as direct opposites. The word ‘smart’ can be a synonym the notion of cleverness as used in psychology meaning that smartness […]

Hewlett-Packard – Strategic Successes and Failures

Introduction Famously known as HP, Hewlett Packard is one of the biggest multinationals in the world. The company deals with information and technology (IT) in addition to other related products. It focuses on developing and producing computer software and hardware. In addition, it designs and develops software and delivers services to customers. William Hewlett and […]

Lessons of Leadership

Leadership is an attribute which is necessary to organize and control the work of people in order to achieve the set objectives and realize the corporate purposes. General Colin Powell provides eighteen lessons of leadership which can be discussed in the context of organizational leadership. In spite of the fact all the presented lessons are […]

Value of Correlation

Correlation is a statistical analysis tool that is used to ascertain the relationships between two linear variables. A correlation can only be effective when two or more variable are compared side by side; whereby, their strengths are compared to determine whether their relationship is correlated or non correlated (Ferguson, 1959, 1). Correlation can be established […]

Problems of Environmental Racism

This paper is aimed at discussing various aspects of environmental racism. In particular, it is important to discuss the forms that this discrimination can take. Furthermore, one should focus on case studies that can illustrate such practices and their long-term impacts. One should keep in mind that environmental racism can adversely influence many people who […]

War for Talent

Introduction The global economy has significantly expanded within the last decade. Human resource managers, business leaders, and other entrepreneurs at large have found it increasingly challenging to recruit new and skilled workforce in their business institutions. These business organisations need skilled employees for critical entrepreneurial processes such as decision-making and strategic planning in order to […]

Instagram vs. Blogs on Celebrities’ E-WOM and Purchases

Blog is short for weblog, a term that came into use in the early years of the twenty-first century. Weblogs refer to specific pieces of information posted online by individuals wishing to share their thoughts, experiences, and concerns with others. The phenomenon of blogging changed the way consumers receive information updates. Blogs are usually the […]

Economic Crisis of Europe

Europe has been affected massively by the economic crisis. Some nations in Europe have suffered massively and are dragging the entire European economic block behind. Such nations include Spain, Greece and Portugal. While some countries such as Germany and United Kingdom seem to have recovered fully from this crisis others haven’t. One of the key […]

Sustainability Performance Assessment

Overview Generally, it is observable that the site of the proposed Centennial Plaza appears to be flanked by two main areas or hubs. Observably, these mainly include the Central Station as well as the Surry Hills. This geographical placement generally provides a free development space, offering adequate construction machinery as well as vehicular movement around […]

Compaction Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste

Introduction Brief Overview of the Article The article under analysis called Compaction Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste is written by Hanson et al. (1) The paper investigates the compaction characteristics of solid waste located in Michigan landfill received from laboratory data. In general, the article has great significance for environmental and economic studies because it […]

The Quality of Work Life Is More Important Than Ever

Introduction Quality of Work Life has become an extremely important issue in organizations today. This is because it has been recognized that work-life balance has a direct bearing on the productivity of employees. While organizations could afford to disregard work-life issues in the past with little consequences, they cannot afford to do that today since […]

Technological innovations in mining and metallurgy and textile manufacturing industries in medieval Europe

Introduction Throughout history, trade stands out as the single most consistent pillar of global economic development. For many countries across the world, the extent of their development is defined by the level of involvement in trade at both local and international level. Wahl argues that it is widely acknowledged that medieval trade played a significance […]

Relationship Between Public Relations And Crisis Management

Introduction In the course of their operation, organizations in different economic sectors experience crisis emanating from various sources. Some of aspects that can lead to organizations experiencing crisis includes global economic recession, regulatory investigations by relevant authorities, occurrence of employee disputes and hostile takeover attempts. Crisis can adversely affect organizations’ performance and hence their long […]

Child Labour Policies

Introduction Many European nations and the US are putting measures in place to ban the importation of goods produced with child labour to their territories. In particular, in the US, through TVPRA (trafficking victims protection and reauthorisation act) of 2005, the US’ labour secretary coupled with other agencies and other departments are required to ensure […]

Benefits and dangers of ethical hacking

Introduction According to Media Wiley (n. d), Ethical hacking can be defined as the practice of breaking into an organizations computer system without any malicious intent. Ethical hacking is intended to sturdy and analyzes the security of information systems as well as the possible remedies for such security threats. Ethical hacklers are individuals who are […]

Chinese Calligraphy

Introduction Calligraphy refers to the art of writing letters beautifully. This type of art dates back many years ago but has evolved over the years so that modern calligraphy is even more attractive. In today’s world, calligraphy is mainly used in events like weddings, anniversaries and other entertainment events. Calligraphic writing is always striking and […]