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Zaniyah Campbell studied at Georgia State University, USA, with average GPA 3.13 out of 4.0.

Class Tardiness

Findings and discussion The purpose of this study was to establish the effect of using alarm clocks on classroom attendance by schoolchildren. Themes emerging from the literature review indicate that tardiness is an endemic problem that has evolved throughout the history of education and that is duly reflected on post learning activities by those affected. […]

Political Homophobia Problem

What is political homophobia? The debates about homosexuality have been of interest and causes of conflicts in many cultures across the globe throughout history. The rise of the Nazi in Germany was instrumental to politicization of homophobia. Political homophobia can be described as the ways or strategies in which political figures, governments, religious and business […]

Gardners Creek Reserve

Introduction Vegetation structure is an important attribute of an ecosystem because it provides primary data about a given ecosystem. Essentially, vegetation structure is a vertical and horizontal arrangement of vegetation in a space to form a three dimensional structure (Lawley et al. 2015). Vegetation structure comprises species richness, density, canopy strata, canopy cover, diversity, size, […]

Cold War Paranoia in “Captain America” and “Batman”

Introduction The prevalent mood across the United States after the Second World War was rife with optimism and unparalleled success. The middle class “rapidly expanded, unemployment was low, and the United States (the only country with a nuclear bomb) became the most powerful country on earth” (Burr par.14). Unfortunately, this mood lasted for a short […]

Procedural Programming Language

Programming languages are used by software developers to design applications that can be run on computers. The choice of programming language depends on various factors including the “response time requirements of the system, time restriction of the project, and budget allocated for development and maintenance support” (Reilly, 2003). Other determining factors are the requirement for […]

Fundamental principles of corporate finance

Introduction In corporate and business finance, there are three fundamental principles that have been studied and utilized over years. The principles take into account the capital flows intended to offer support to various business ventures. In fact, from global corporations to the small and medium sized enterprises, it is apparent that each commercial venture ought […]

Multistate Health Corporation Case Study

At the end of 80s, Multistate Health Corporation was focused on provision of indigent people and those who represent less able members of society. The strategy was quite successful until the changes that occurred in the external environment. Specific attention should be given to shifts in insurance policies and governmental regulations. The strategic planning involved […]

Maus by Art Spiegelman

There are many biographies and autobiographies that reveal the cruelty of the Holocaust and its destructive impact on a person. Art Spiegelman’s comic book Maus is probably the most unusual memoir that depicts the life of a person under the Nazi regime. The author describes the life of his father Vladek Spiegelman before the Nazi […]

Flare Fragrances Company Inc

Introduction The purpose of this report is to discuss marketing challenges, current situation, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and marketing mix of Flare Fragrances Company Inc. In addition, this report focuses on the alternative solutions to recommend the company to sustain in the market in the recessionary economy. Statement of the Marketing Challenge Flare Fragrances Company […]

Environmental damage from the BP oil spill

The outcome a disaster leaves a huge impact on the society from several perspectives. Whether it is the whole management or the individual groups connected with the disaster intentionally or unintentionally, environment hazards that result due to the disaster would not ease and continue to affect the lives. Moral and ethical issues may completely become […]

Strategies to Fight Low-Cost Rivals

Many established companies will prefer to deal with competition presentedby business rivals whose operating strategies are familiar to them. However, this preference of fighting off competition from only established competitors, while ignoring the threat from low-cost, un-established competitors spells doom for such businesses. Businesses that use the low-cost business modelstake advantage of factors such as […]

National Interest is more Significant than Ideology in Shaping Foreign Policy

Introduction Ideologies shape the foreign policy of a state when the state is in need of a justification of its actions in international relations. When those reasons are already present, then the main concern becomes how the nation will involve itself in the relations with other nations to ensure that it stays true to the […]

Public policy on corruption

Corruption denotes improper utilization of public office for personal gains. Widespread corruption is a clear indication that a given government is malfunctioning. A public policy created in this context regards anti-corruption. It is important to endorse a public policy, which advocates that no individual or any public/private office should indulge in corrupt dealings of any […]

A proposed plan to improve school performance

Abstract The improvement of academic performance relies so much on the school leadership. This is true in the eyes of the various stakeholders in the school. It is generally agreed that, correctly so, that the improvement of academic performance cannot be achieved if the school leadership is not competent. This is due to the fact […]

Diabetic Renal Disease

Introduction Diabetic renal disease also known as diabetic nephropathy is a medical condition which affects an individual’s blood sugar level as well as the kidney. This condition is characterized by persistence in albuminuria, reduced glomerular filtration rate and the increase in blood pressure within the arteries. Research findings have shown that kidney disease is a […]

Social worker in a hospital

Comparative Discussion Social worker working in a hospital provides services to in-patient, out-patient and programs of the community. Encountering changes and difficulties with your health can be a very hard and worrying moment for patients and their family. There are numerous alarms and problems which can crop up for patients as they take medication and […]

Pearl Harbor Attack

Pearl Harbor is located at Hawaii in the United States of America. This was a military base of the US military forces during the Second World War. Japan was very keen on conquering the larger Asian region, having successfully suppressed China. It had entered into an alliance with Germany and Italy. This alliance formed the […]

Safety of oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives have been used by women worldwide since they were introduced as birth control pills in 1961. There are two types of oral contraceptives depending on their synthetic hormone components. The first type is the combined pill which is an oral contraceptive that has both oestrogen and progestin. The second type is the progestin-only […]

Portraits of Escaping Slaves Portrayed as Heroic Fugitives

Introduction The institution of slavery that existed in the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries brought great changes to the American culture. The colonialists imported slaves from Africa and used them in their agricultural plantations. Since slavery was a political, social, and economic issue, it gained significant attention among the writers. Many great […]