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Countries Integration into a Unity Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Apr 24th, 2020


Like any other sphere, politics does have its complicacies that need immediate resolution. However, sometimes the right actions cannot be carried out, because they presuppose a number of conditions fulfilled. Thus, one of the problems that is on the agenda of the contemporary politics, the need to make countries integrate into a unity that will help the world economics maintain relatively high level.

Splitting the Goals into Objectives

Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to achieve the great goals at once – to complete the global project, the mankind will need considerable amount of time. Thus, it is necessary to split the existing goals into smaller steps that the humanity will have to make on the way to the progress.

Therefore, considering the first goal introduced, one could possibly suggest that it can be subdivided into certain stages. To achieve the cooperation between the government agencies, the states could possibly start with the following points:

  • find the common points of contact, i.e. the need to help the eastern countries suffering from maritime disasters;
  • create the system that could keep the states aware of the situation concerning the state of the East countries suffering maritime disasters;
  • draw a plan that could define each country’s level of involvement into the East countries’ state of affairs.

Speaking of the way to improve the communication between the world states, one could possibly suggest the following objectives:

  • improve the technical means to maintain the constant contact between the countries;
  • appoint the people responsible for leading and protocoling the conversation with the other states;
  • draw the plan according to which the discussions of the eastern problems are going to be held in.

Speaking of the next concern of the West, the improvement of the integrated reactions, one could possibly take the following as the objectives to strive for:

  • revising the existing plans according to the various maritime agencies;
  • adjusting the maritime plans to the current situation in the East;
  • create the general maritime plan that could embrace the agencies of all countries and provide the course of actions for each of them.

However, it must be kept in mind that the “natural and cultural marine resource management” (Xiang 26) of the Eastern countries is not to be forgotten either.

There is no doubt that, to assist the Asian countries that are suffering from the maritime disasters, the countries of the West will have to join their forces to provide certain preventive planning and operations. To undertake the necessary preventive measures, the states will have to incorporate the following objectives:

  • enhancing the Eastern security institutions;
  • improve the existing technologies that help to forecast the on-coming disasters (Oros 61);
  • provide people with the shelters for them to escape to in case of emergency.

Among the reasons for concern, there is also the state of the equipment and technology – according to the latest reports, the technologies utilized at present cannot forecast the threatening changes in the environment. Therefore, another goal is to create the equipment that could meet the demands. To achieve this goal, the states will have to face the following challenges:

  • enhance the science engineering projects;
  • fundraise for the development of the new means of protection from maritime disasters;
  • transport the equipment to the Eastern countries suffering from the maritime disasters.


Although the problem concerning the maritime disasters in the East is essential, the harm brought to the countries still can be compensated. Joining their efforts, the Western countries will be able to help the East. One of the greatest concerns of the XXI century, the nature cataclysms can be prevented.

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