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Criminology: Drug Enforcement Agency Research Paper

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The Drug Enforcement Agency is an agency commonly known as DEA which was set up to monitor the consumption and distribution of drugs in the United States. The agency makes sure that all the drugs that circulate in the country are not misused and abused. It also monitors the illegal trafficking of such drugs. DEA monitors every prescription for narcotics, their use, and stores all the information in a central database. It is therefore a must for each practitioner and physician in the US to be registered with DEA. They are also required to have an active DEA number of registration which must be included on each prescription (Clifford 2006).

There are times when unethical and illegal practices are detected by the DEA. Cases such as giving a patient the wrong type of drugs or giving the patient an overdose of a drug. This can lead to the death of the patient or even the patient developing other complications that may put his health in more danger. The Agency takes prompt actions and disciplinary measures taken against the hospital. In most cases, the DEA registration is suspended for some time until the case is fully investigated. Investigations may take some time to be completed and if found guilty a heavy fine is paid depending on the damage caused. The final action that is taken is by DEA is to revoke the license until the owners of the hospital proved to be legible to have the license.


The main mission of the DEA is to enforce the law on drug and substance abuse. This includes the role of making sure that drug cartels are eliminated and that their leaders are put behind bars. The other missions include investigating and filing cases in court for those who violate the laws. DEA has done a great job in recent times where it captured some of the most wanted drug Lords who have been charged in a court of law. It also manages the National intelligence drug program in corporation with local and foreign officials. Their main agenda is to analyze, collect, and strategize operations to capture the drug dealers. They come out with plans to eradicate drug trafficking.

Other activities of the DEA include seizing of assets of the captured illegal drug dealers. Many vehicles, motorbikes, and firearms have been seized thus crippling the activities of the drug traffickers. In most cases, the assets are destroyed so that they will never get hold of the assets again (Doyle 2005). They also cooperate with the state and local agencies to ensure that drugs are not easily available to the drug users’.This is done through crop eradication and providing alternative crops for farmers who deal with Marijuana farming. Responsibility is their other mission. They have the mandate to corporate with US ambassadors in foreign countries and make sure that drug laws are reinforced in the countries and that drugs are not secretly sneaked into the country.


The primary responsibility of the DEA includes investigating major drug traffickers that operate at local and international levels and drug gangs that cause violence to the local people. They also cooperate with the federal-state law enforcement agencies on mutual drug enforcement efforts which include carrying out international investigations. The National drug intelligence system is also controlled by DEA. They gather intelligence information on drug trafficking and seize the assets that they use in their criminal activities. The assets are then taken to police custody and are not given back them.

DEA has for some time cooperated with foreign governments to make sure that the crop is extinct. Crops such as cocoa and marijuana are eradicated and instead, other cash crops like maize and coffee are encouraged for farmers. They have also been involved in the training of foreign officials on ways to eradicate drug abuse and drug trafficking. The new policy guidance of the secretary of state has also been included in the major roles of DEA. This involves cooperating with their ambassadors in foreign countries to make sure that drug enforcement law is strictly followed.


To be enrolled in this agency, an individual is presented with an application form that is specifically designed for this purpose. One of the forms is the New DEA Number Assignment. This form is mainly for new applicants who wish to join the agency. Other forms, such as the DEA Form 225a are meant for renewal applications for Distributors, Analytical laboratories, Exporters as well as Manufacturers. The new application forms may include DEA Form 224 which is mainly for the renewal of Teaching Institution, Hospital, Retail Pharmacy, and Hospital (Feldkamp 1999).

Divisions and Subdivisions

The Drug Enforcement Agency has twenty-one, domestic field divisions, throughout the United States along with its office headquarters. It also has offices in other foreign territories including Puerto Rico. This has helped it to carry out its responsibilities and mission efficiently. They also have thirty district offices, forty-six posts of duty in the United States, and about one hundred resident offices. Overseas, DEA has almost seventy-nine offices in fifty-six foreign countries. Each of the offices is led by a country attaché referred to as CA. In addition to this, they have almost twenty-three resident offices reporting to the country offices.


There are many benefits one can get when he or she is enlisted as a DEA special agent. This is because it is supported by good federal benefits. This guarantees the individual to be part of the Life Insurance plan as well as the health benefit of the Federal Employees that avails fundamental coverage. This features optional, standard, and family life insurance. The coverage also allows one to contribute part of his income to four hundred and one types of program. Other benefits include the Thrift Savings plan, teaching, and movement expenses. Vocational and sick leave are also given according to one’s years of service.

A career as a DEA Special Agent is supported by an excellent federal benefits package (Newton 2011). Treatment under the retirement system of the Federal Employees allows an individual to give a fraction of his or her income to a specialized program. Supplementary gains may include transfer expenses, education, as well as being enrolled in the savings plan. Furthermore, an individual is granted an ailing as well as vacation leave depending on the period in which he or she has served the agency.


The Drug Enforcement Agency plays a very crucial role in managing the well-being of society. It is a well-structured agency whose operations are efficiently coordinated.


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