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Crown ltd. Company Analysis Report

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Crown ltd. is a private corporation based in Australia operating two major resorts facilities in Perth and Melbourne. The company has in the recent past initiated projects that will ensure carbon emissions are lowered in its facilities. Since Crown ltd., operates in the hospitality industry, the company has been keen active in undertaking measures to reduce carbon emissions by its employees and hotel guests.

The company has so far undertaken major several initiatives that ensure carbon emissions lowered (Sedorovich 2010, p. 48). Some of these initiatives include Crown Eco-Shoots and Carbon Offset Programs launched in relation to reducing carbon omissions by its employees and guests. However, the company could launch other policies and programs in order to curb carbon emissions (Pizam 2012, p. 168).

One such recommendation to the company is to launch a program that ensures use of green energy through use of solar energy. Crown Melbourne and Perth facilities receive a lot of sunshine days in a year and this could be utilized within the hotels to reduce outsourced electricity.

In terms of food offering, the company should contract suppliers who undertake green farming methods since this will reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Pettersen 2011, p. 122).

Crown ltd. handles a lot of guest every year and thus having plans for recycling of food, packaging and water waste will ensure reduced carbon emission that result in dumping. In its restaurants the company should come up with an oil recycling program and make use of biogas generated from its food waste. Food waste recycling through use of compactors and balers leads to less landfills in disposals (Brebbia 2011, p. 91).

In terms of curbing indirect emissions, the company should encourage its employees to make collective transport arrangements such as staff buses or make use of bicycles. In addition to its installed optimum lighting and heating systems, the company should in the future design buildings that are eco-friendly and utilize minimal energy in its maintenance (Chen, Sloan & Legrand 2012, p. 77).

In relation to the company’s deliveries, Crown ltd. should work with suppliers who make use of efficient vehicles which run on hydrocarbons or bio-fuels. Moreover, sourcing foodstuffs locally will greatly reduce the distance and energy used in delivery thus leading to less carbon emissions.

Reduction in packaging though utilization of reusable options such as making use of refillable dispensers for guest shampoo and soap will reduce plastic waste (Sloan, Legrand & Chen 2013, p. 86).

Heating is important for hotel guests and thus Crown ltd. should make use that it controls it heating needs by installing CHP systems that end up reducing carbon emissions (Newman & Fincham 2009, p. 55). Apart from the programs launched by Crown ltd., refrigeration is one key area they should improve by utilizing hydrocarbon refrigerators.

Hydro-carbon refrigerators are more energy efficient and thus assist in reducing carbon emissions. Refrigeration should extend to its suppliers and delivery trucks where electric units should be installed unlike making use of truck engines (Conrady 2011, p. 76). Training is an important recommendation since it supports the implementation of all policies and strategies aimed at curbing carbon emissions.

Therefore, Crown ltd. should train its employees on better methods of reducing carbon emissions and green programs. The above programs have saved the company millions of dollars and at the same time won several environmental and carbon awards.

As a result, the company’s brand and image as an environmentally responsible company has been positive leading to the company getting recognition from customers and competitors (Sedorovich 2010, p. 62).


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