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Culture and Socialization of Lightspan Biogas Company Evaluation Essay

Legend of Lightspan Biogas Company

Lightspan Biogas Company will be located in the UAE. It will be designing, manufacturing, and distributing biogas-powered lighting systems. The systems charge on their own from the biogas system. The Company will aim at replacing the lantern kerosene lamp with standard biogas lamps.

The challenge builds an innovative design of the Lightspan Biogas Company with a core aim of reducing to zero the use of harmful energy sources. Besides, it limits the recurrent costs as it lights for eight hours and has a lifespan of six years. Moreover, the energy will be used for cooking and charging mobile phones.

From this dimension, Lightspan Biogas Company will form part of the Society-driven companies that aim for transformative empowerment of the society. In brief, the major pillars of Lightspan Biogas Company are innovation, teamwork, environmental conservation, and organizational identity.

These pillars support sustainable development, as they take into consideration the needs of both the present and future generation. Besides, sustainable energy will be the driving force for all stakeholders in the company. A culture of conserving the environment will be the company’s mainstream or the driving force.

Given the high rate of globalization, the company will have to adopt the use of technology, especially the use of the internet in order to reach the entire globe. Notably, the company will be non-discriminative in hiring employees in terms of race, gender, ethnic group, or nationality.

Ritual of Lightspan Biogas Company

Lightspan Biogas Company uses decomposing materials as the main source of energy to produce light for lighting as well as driving machines in light industries. The Company observes rituals defined in their manifesto.

Rituals are a set of guidelines or repeated behavior in the scope of business operations that maintains its label and brand. Rituals maintain effective transmission values and beliefs of a Company.

The company will organize sporting events and community service programs three times in a year. During these occasions, employees and other stakeholders will have time to bond with each other.

Organizational and employees Identity

In Lightspan Biogas Company, the team of management and staff build a ritual of organizational and employees identity. The Company portrays an excellence through efficient and reliable provision of harmless and environmentally friendly source of energy.

In this regard, the Company reserves the greatest respect to the employees, hence building their self-esteem. Therefore, the dedicated and goal-oriented employees serve the customers perfectly, raising the profit margin and continuity of the Company. From this move, shareholders will automatically invest more resources in the Company than before.

Collective commitment

Lightspan Biogas Company also operates within the rituals of collective commitment in which every employee plays a significant role. The main goal of the operation is result-oriented and provision of proper and complete customer service care.

The Company eliminates vices of individualization, as well as prejudice and discrimination. Moreover, decision-making entails involvement of team members.

Promote social system stability

The Company in its operations maintains the perception of sustainability of the environment as well as reinforcement of conflict and change.

At the same time, the stakeholders and employees too strive to maintain their surrounding and interaction with the community. Social system stability involves the volunteerism and creating awareness on the conservation of energy.

Appreciation of surroundings through shaping of behavior

The Company helps employees to understand its system of operation and the reason of engaging such projects. The employees, therefore, must achieve exceptional performance in order to compete other firms that operate in the same field.

In addition, the Company maintains an outstanding customer services and excellent performance through sharing of profit.

Organizational language and Adaptive Corporate culture

For effective competition, Lightspan Biogas Company must portray an organizational language that promotes customers’ relation. In addition, the language determines the scope of operation in the global market. The adaptation to the corporate culture depends on the communication skills.

In order to receive competitive advantage, Lightspan Biogas Company demonstrates higher returns to shareholders, quality, high levels integrity, and honesty in all our transactions, provision of quality clients, partners, products, and services offered.

In the event of maintaining a proper organizational language, the Company promotes the values discussed below. They reflect the firm’s culture.

Efficiency and reliability

Lightspan produces reliable and efficient sources of energy that are environmentally friendly. Understanding of this matter and its expression plays an important role in building our organizational culture.

Low cost

The renewable source of energy reduces the chances of recurrent costs in purchasing of kerosene. The use of an effective language to convince the community of this advantage is a necessity to maintain our culture.

Environmentally friendly

Both the processing and transmission of this kind of energy indicates minimal pollution. The company compliance with the Health and Sanitation builds our reputation and trust in the community.

The process of Socialization

Lightspan Biogas Company from time to time employs new members who must adhere to the prevailing norms and standards of operation. In the event of employment of such individuals, the Company organizes an enrichment program in which they learn new permanent lessons.

Although there might be an overlap in the experience, there is always a slight difference and, therefore, there is need to equip employees with necessary information. The Company will apply three major socialization strategies, which are highlighted below.

Management training

Management training involves equipping the recruit with similar skills to those of other employees. The main objective of training is to make one fit for the operations of the company and minimize the slight differences that may affect the efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, the training prepares the new recruits to adapt to the behavioral patterns of the organization in order to embrace the norms and beliefs of the company. The executive members of staff will be offering the training.


Encounter is the second phase in the socialization process; it begins immediately after the signing of the employment contract. The recruit learns of the actual operations of the organization, erase some of the unmet expectations, and adapt to the new work environment.

During this stage, the company combines orientation with further training to socialize employees. The company thereafter notifies the employees of their roles and responsibilities, the procedures and policies of the corporation.

The encounter stage includes mingling with other employees, as well as engaging in online training. At the end of the encounter phase the new employee turns into a working employee.

Change and Acquisition

In this final stage of socialization, the new recruit masters the roles and responsibilities, and must adhere to the norms and values of the company.

The employee must understand the guidelines on social media usage during meetings. The employee fully participates in the decision-making processes. Any mistake done at this stage by the employee is punishable.

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