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Curcuitcity.com and Bestbuy.com Websites Comparison Essay

Assume you are interested in buying a digital camera. Go to www.curcuitcity.com and www.bestbuy.com and comparison shopping on these two sites for a digital camera

Curcuitcity.Com: Helpful features

The website curcuitcity.com is very attractive and has an excellent design. It easily attracts any viewer’s attention and promotes the urge to explore more. Curcuitcity.com webpage is designed with colorful pictures of various items that are being advertised. The login process is also very easy. The web page is full of items being advertised. Each item is presented together with its specific price so that it is easy for the visitors to compare them and chose the most appropriate. Moreover, all the pictures posted on the website are also of high quality. This makes it easy for any potential buyer to carefully examine the desired item to be purchased.

The website also displays varieties of consumer commodities that are available in stock. Most of these items are electronic devices. They include computers, mobile phones, security cameras, and printers. The information on the final selling price for each item is also displayed. The discount for each item is indicated. For example, the market price for dell Inspiron 17R 17.3 dropped from $799.99 to $699.99. This information helps the customer when calculating the total amount of money saved after buying the item.

One of the helpful features of the site is the possibility to see customer’s reviews on each item being presented on the webpage. Those present all advantages and disadvantages of the items from the personal perspectives of users and also help new visitors with making the right decisions. Curcuitcity.com website also offers varieties of business deals and partnerships to customers. Such deals offer good discounts to customers. Depending on the deal, a discount may even shoot up to 70% on various items purchased. Moreover, curcuitcity.com‘s marketing website also caters to potential international customers. This is evident through their advertisements where they offer free shipping services for international customers. Furthermore, the minimal amount of shopping required to get free shipping service is only $100. This would easily attract any international customer viewing the website.

Difficulties encountered

Despite numerous positive attributes mentioned, the curcuitcity.com website has failed in displaying some of the consumer commodities. This is evident because the website only advertises only one type of camera. There is only one security camera presented on the webpage. Therefore, customers who wish to purchase a different brand of digital camera find the site irrelevant. Notable to mention is that this site does not offer any additional information on the items they market. This makes it very difficult for customers to know about the technical characteristics of the items. As far as the digital camera is concerned, it is impossible to tell the brand, megapixel, and other detailed features of the camera being advertised. Besides, the website does not offer a variety of digital cameras based on color and technical characteristics.

Bestbuy.com: helpful features

Bestbuy.com is one more marketing website. The webpage portrays a friendly welcoming design once the customer logs in. Furthermore, the customers are first welcomed with a broad smile from online attendants. Once the customer logins, one can choose any language from the list available, which is a very attractive website feature for international customers. This shows how the site recognizes all international customers regardless of an individual’s ethnic background. Additionally, the site also displays detailed information for all international customers regarding the possibilities of online shopping. There is also a free shipping service offered to international customers who can also pay for the item they purchase via international credit cards. This makes it easy for any international customer to buy and pay for the items without traveling.

Difficulties encountered

Bestbuy.com webpage has a plain and unattractive online web design. This can easily discourage any potential customer from logging in to the website for the first time. The login procedure for bestbuy.com is also complicated, and any impatient customer would easily log off the website. They also have a detailed login process that further demands an email address and password.

Conclusion: the best marketing website

After carefully examining the two marketing websites, bearing in mind that the item to be procured is a digital camera, I prefer shopping from bestbuy.com, because bestbuy.com offers a broader choice of digital cameras. This is contrary to the circuitcity.com site, which presents only one security camera. Besides, I also find bestbuy.com as a friendlier and better-organized website. This is evident since this website advertises more varieties of cameras at different prices. The digital cameras advertised are also arranged depending on their varying features. They also provide detailed information on each camera, for example, the make, brand, megapixel, and the designated use of the camera.

Most importantly, all discounts offered on each digital camera are also posted. I would prefer to purchase a black Sony cyber shot DSC-HX200V camera from bestbuy.com according to technical specifications it has 18.2 megapixels. It is of high quality and with advanced features. Due to the discount offered, it is also possible to save up to $60 in addition to free shipping services. In summary, bestbuy.com is the most customer-friendly marketing website for all.

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