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Donald Trump: Leader Profile Essay

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Updated: Aug 6th, 2021

Donald Trump is a billionaire mainly involved in real estate development and planning. Trump began his career when he was still working at his father’s company, which focused on providing affordable housing to middle-income families. He graduated from the University of Wharton in 1968 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. In 1971, young Trump moved to Manhattan and became involved in a much bigger building, creating a name for self, which gave him an opportunity to acquire the Taj Mahal casino from Merv Griffin and Resorts International in 1988. Donald Trump is “a power-oriented business leader and celebrity with a brusque and autocratic leadership style” (DuBrin, 2010). Trump is the kind of leader who contributes heavily to decision-making and takes into consideration any idea that comes his way.

Over the years, Trump has ventured into different areas, thus expanding the Trump brand in real estate, hospitality, and entertainment industries. He has succeeded in marketing. The Trump brand and products include Trump Financial, Trump Sales and Leasing, and the Trump Entrepreneur, previously Trump University. He has expanded into restaurants and even has his own clothing line, making his Trump brand to be valued by Forbes at $200 million and net worth at $3.2 billion. In 2010, Trump announced he wanted to run for the presidency, but he later retracted in 2011.

After buying the Taj Mahal casino, his expansion led to publicized financial problems that put him into millions of dollars owed to the New York council. During this time, it was believed that New York was going bankrupt; however, he pushed through all the doubt bestowed upon him and moved forward with a never give up attitude. The winning attitude has attributed to his success over the years, even though he suffered a financial setback in the 1990s, which he explained by poor financial backup (Shrimp, 2010). One of his successes is the Trump International Hotel and Tower-Honolulu; this, as he explains, is buyers paid non-refundable deposits purchasing every unit within a day.

His comeback after suffering a financial setback took a lot of souls searching, and this lesson has greatly allowed him to make mistakes and come up with solutions (Peiperl, Arthur, & Anand, 2002). In his book, ‘How I Turned My Biggest Challenge into Success’, Trump encourages his readers that in order to succeed, one must fully understand his/her adversities. Moreover, Trump has supported many charities over the years through fundraising dinners, photo exhibits, and so on (Trump, 2010).

In addition, Donald Trump has revolutionized the world of business; he has captured the essence in which business acumen entails. He motivates by challenging business spirit to achieve more than the desired amount. His extensive business background in commercial real estate transactions and motivation to potential investors has led to his high appraisal in business circles. He has been able to mentor other young businessmen by offering jobs in real estate projects as well as by encouraging them to think like conquerors in business. Donald Trump and his family, especially his daughter, are deeply involved in charitable fundraising programs aimed at contributing to charities worldwide, including the UN. Trump emphasizes the need for work and personal life balance, emphasizing the importance of family and time to relax (Trump, 2010).

His shrewd attitude has propelled him to the achievement of more than many businessmen have succeeded. Donald Trump has a hands-on approach in his work, and in all the building he has raised, most decisions were made by him. His attitude on how he relates to his employees is respectable, and this is reciprocated highly by quality work and productivity. The way he handled the challenges of bankruptcy by putting the interest of his investors before him shows selflessness in his part.

During his time in real estate, Donald Trump lost millions, but through perseverance, he was able to make massive returns on his investments. In my career, perseverance and determination through tough economic situations will contribute to career growth. His story impacts highly on the importance of keeping good relations with my employer and colleagues, thus creating a healthy working environment. Overall, he is one person and a leader that motivates my ambitions about the direction I would like my career to follow.

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