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E-groove Systems Corporation’ Staffing Plan Essay

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Updated: Jun 4th, 2020

According to the professional standards of human resource management, a staffing plan or layout is a system which is meant to monitor, control and regulate the human resource capital for an organization (Bechet, 2008). It is a strategic infrastructure which supports the process of running an organization successfully. A staffing plan uses a carefully set work load to measure outcomes and thus helps an organization to determine its current and future human resource needs (Borgadus, 2004). This paper discusses a staffing plan for E groove systems (Esc). The paper also gives several legally compliant strategies used to recruit the staff members for my organization.

E groove systems corporation (Esc)

E groove systems (Esc) is a web designing organization which provides web designs and development in regards to customer preferences. Our team is always ready to undertake any web work ranging from html to flash. The organization also has a sub specialty in dream weaving operations. We are very resourceful to large scale clients who need photo shop services for their organizations. The purpose of this staffing plan is to make sure that the organization has sufficient staff members who have the right training, skills and experience. This will ensure a successful completion of all the projects the company undertakes in its daily operation. The plan gives a clear number of persons who are required for the organization to continue executing its projects successfully.

Staffing Plan and Role Requirements

The following is a detailed breakdown of all roles which are to be executed during organizational projects. they include project duties, responsibility of specific roles, the skills required, the number of staff needed to fulfill the role, the set starting dates and approximate duration which staff members will be required to take on their specific duties.

Role Responsibility Skills Number of Required Staff Probable Start Date Estimated Duration Required
Project Team
Overall Project Manager Leading team, reporting status Project Management 1 7/7/12 8 months
Basic Team Reviewing deliverables, assuring quality Project Management 4 9/8/12 6 months
Content Developer Creating framework content Researching and web writing experience 1 9/8/12 6 months
Web Designer Designing web-based performance tool for management Web designing, web writing skill 1 10/8/12 4 months
Web Developer Building web-based performance managerial tool Web development 2 11/8/12 3 months
Review Team Evaluating deliverables, promoting use Management of web based projects 20 11/7/12 3 months

Staff Assignment of Roles

The following is the comprehensive breakdown of the specific staff members which have been assigned different roles, their Full Time Equivalent (FTE) in terms of roles, the actual FTE available, labor rate and labor rate unit for particular human resource together with the source of recruitment (Sinreich & Jabali, 2007).

Role Name FTE Available FTE
Rate Unit rate Sources
Project Team
Project Manager Name A- Project Manager 1.00 1.00 $90 1 hour Esc – Systems Engineering team
Basic Team Name B .10 .10 $80 1 hour Esc – Network Services
Name C .10 .10 $60 1 hour Esc – Enterprise Internet Service center
Name D .10 .10 $60 1 hour Esc –Data Resource Management pool
Content Developer Name E .90 .90 $60 1 hour Esc –Data Resource Technologies
Web Designer Name F .05 .05 $65 1 hour Academic Information Technology Solutions
Web Developer Name G .05 .00 $55 1 hour Academic &Technology Solutions
Review Team
(15 reviewers)
Various Managers .10 .10 $80 hour Managerial team
Total 2.40 2.35

Human resource Loading Chart

The following table includes the approximated effort in (FTE) days needed per month for a particular organizational project. Each staff has been assigned their duties (Bogardus, 2004).

FTE in Days
Role Number Required July August Sep October Nov December Total
Project Manager 1 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 96.00
Basic Team Members 4 4 4 4 4 16.00
Content Developers 1 13 13 13 13 52.00
Web Designers 1 3 1 1 5.50
Web Developers 1 10.00 5.00 15.00
Review Team 15 15.00 15.00 30.00
Total 16.00 16.00 33.00 46.00 49.50 49.00 198.00

Training Needs

These are the details of the training needs which will bring staff members to levels of skill required in the operations of E groove systems.

Resource Role Training Needed Time Needed Estimated Cost Suggested Method
Content Developing – Name G Writing For Web advancement By 10/9/12 $2500 Specified Information Mapping

Staff organizational chart

The staff organization chart below is the graphical picture expected at E groove systems. It gives the organization personnel structure and protocol of reporting relationships (Hu, Ray & Singh, 2007).

Esc Management Team
Esc Management Team
Working Team
Working Team

Recruitment Strategies

Studies reveal that recruitment is a very essential duty played by the human resource management professionals of any given organization (Bogardus, 2004). Indeed, the performance of an organization is highly depended on the effectiveness of its staff recruitment activities. The other factor which is crucial in the staffing of organizations is compliance to legal requirements. It is very important for organizations to form recruitment strategies which are inclusive of government’s provisions of professional activities (Bechet, 2008). This is a major way of ensuring that a business organization has an efficient and practical team of human resource.

The following are applicable recruitment strategies that can be put in place. These strategies include the key elements of complying with the legal provisions of this state. Hu, Ray and Singh (2007) point out the major elements of a legal recruitment of staff members for organizations. Recruitment should entail specific job identification, an analysis of requirements of the employer, declaration of the probable sources of recruits for various positions and the use of a well trained team of recruiters who are able to evaluate all the candidates.

The organization will conduct a clearly formulated recruitment characterized by transparency. This will involve psychometric tests, written tests, HR interviews, technical interviews and oral presentation of resumes. This is a reliable method which will give the organization an opportunity to create a pool of skilled workers which can be called on board any time. Both internal and external sources of recruits will be very resourceful. Studies have revealed that employee referral is the most effective way of recruiting staff members for information technology firms like E groove Systems Corporation. In reference to this, the recruitment team should target to recruit experienced workers in the organization. However, for the purposes of legal stipulations at the end of the process, the organization should have a group of workers that has a combination of both new and experienced professionals.

A clear specification and explanation of managerial positions should be prioritized. This is because such positions require immediate occupation if the organization will not have to come to any unnecessary halt. The process of staffing is known to be endless and therefore our team will take a category based approach. This approach will create a chance for a step by step recruitment which is likely to be the best since the company is already operating well. This strategic and preplanned recruitment will attract more skilled personnel suitable for the needs of the organization.


Bechet, T. (2008). Strategic Staffing: A Comprehensive System for Effective Workforce Planning. New York: Amacom.

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