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E-Zest Online Examination System Coursework

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Updated: Dec 26th, 2021


Firms today use e-learning for providing sales training to their staff. For providing sales training through E-learning latest technologies are being used. In the current scenario of the Fortune 500 Company, the company wants to launch version 1.0 of their new software application and the company’s main aim of the RFP is to train its sales force so that the sales team can generate business and customers are attracted to the company’s new product. There are a large number of e-learning software product development outsourcing firms that are offering very competitive price-friendly products to their customers.

Product Description

The web-based online examination system offered by the firm E- Zest is a product that can be used very effectively for the training of the sales personnel. The sales personnel can be provided adequate training using this product on how to increase the sales of the new software product (Version 1.0 of the new software application) that the company has produced. This is a very new e-learning technique which imparted through training can increase the sales ability of the salesmen and can increase the sales of the company in leaps and bounds. The amount of training provided using the Web-Based online examination software is huge. The Web-based online examination tool provides training to salespeople on how to identify the target market, how to capture the target market, online sales, and e- purchases, how to generate in-house and agency sales, etc. This product would be of immense benefit to any firm which wants to strengthen its sales team to increase sales. This product would serve as an educational tool and would even help new joiners to settle in jobs and to learn new techniques.

Planned RFP Schedule

Final date for the RFP reply

After RFP release 100 days

Rejoinder letter in submission to bid

After RFP release 45 days

RFP questions submission

After RFP release 30 days

Design review

45 days after contract award

Installation review

90 days after contract award.

Company Information

Software companies in the USA construct various software for the customers for a variety of functions and for that subject appoint software persons or subcontract their software schemes to any of another state, where the similar software related product can be constructing in a cost-efficient method. Huge numerals of US-based software-related organizations are at present becoming the emergent software companies in U S A. The company name is the E-Zest and also the company E-Zest thinks that the communication among client and business is the key achievement E-Zest feature for every company relationship. Headquarters of this company are located in both the USA and UK. In the present scenario, the organization comprises more than 5000 workers globally and is dominated through its product manufacturing purpose. At present, the business has made one of the strategic choices to open a description novel software appliance. And also, this new software is anticipated to earn more profit through this.

Address for communication,


161 North Clark Street Suite 4700

Chicago, IL 60601

E-mail address: [email protected]


e-Zest (UK) Ltd.

24, Ormsby, Stanley Rd,

Sutton, Greater London SM2 6TJ, UK

Voice- 44-7862711013 / +44-7810521817

e-mail: [email protected]

And also it registered office is located in Mumbai,

Address for communication “R. No. 2, Ground Floor,

607, J.S.S. Road,

Mumbai – 400 002. INDIA

Voice: +91-9823 310 360.

E-mail: [email protected]” (Locations).

Product Guidelines

One of the products offered by the E-Zest is the Web-based Online Examination System. For this product, it needs more training for the salespersons to deliver the product to the end customer in a more effective method. To develop and launch the new version of the software The Chief knowledge representative has determined that an e-learning resolution permits for the guidance content to be distributed.

To attain the desired outcome e-learning based solution that permits every training substance to be distributed via a Web-based Online Examination System. The ultimate product should be vibrant and have the appearance and sense of the real product. So that the end solution must be extremely visual, and permit the trainee to ‘play’ inside the product so they can show purposes to potential consumers. The main attention behind the e-learning training method is to increase the more sales as well as to increase the profit. E-Zest’s e-Learning manufactured goods offer various outsourcing facilities widely advantages organizations who build up e-learning software goods approximating Learning organization schemes, Authoring apparatus, web-based online examination, etc. And also the all the services provided by the E-Zest’s assist them to productively look at the stable confront of discharging newer descriptions and at the same time diminishing the cost of expansion, improvement, testing, and preservation. Web-based application system software helps to enhance the interrelation between the customer (client) and server. Web-based applications are the final method to obtain the benefit of today’s knowledge to improve your businesses’ efficiency & competence. The web-based application offers various prospects to access various business-related data from wherever on the earth at any time. Its software technique also helps to put aside time & cash and get better the interactivity by means of clientele and associates. This software facility is easy to utilize and execute.


The pricing is the crucial stage where the company and the customer come together in taking the decisions, the pricing in the software product has to comply with certain rules and the regulations of the software development. There are lots of issues to consider in fixing the pricing in the software arena. The product pricing is crucial and there are no extraordinary formulas for determining the price of the product. The product decisions are to be taken by the judgments which are within the firm. The goal of the company is in finding out the price which can maximize the profitability and the revenue can be estimated as the product of the price and the quality.

The pricing of the products starts with that of the positioning, the positioning of the products to be done first than the usual proceeding and the analysis has to be done based on the competitors and how the competitors’ product and the firms product are different in identifying and to do the market research.

Pricing constraints

The various pricing constraints that are to be noted are:


The add-on is if the online learning product is a substitute for the other product, the price is the base and which acts as a frontier in the price. The markets also usually expect the product like the one to be less expensive in comparison to the base product.


The policy has to be taken care of and the spending limit of the customer is understood and organizational policies are identified in the corporate.

Perfect pricing

Perfect pricing mainly deals with the various kinds of constraints that deal with each and every schema in the pricing, and the maximum amount that has to pay. The perfect pricing policy takes into account the volume of handling, the academic pricing, the companies’ policies and the policy on the refunds, and how much are the charges taken on the shipping and the refund policies are.

Tier pricing

The tier is a major role in the pricing the fixing of the pricing is done on the tiers like the lowest, middle and the largest. The edition also depends on the standard edition, professional one, and the enterprise.

Proposal Ground Rules and Preparation

All proposals should be sent only through the account’s manager of the firm E-Zest. All questions regarding the contract term, the conditions of the contract, etc. should also be addressed through the account’s manager.

The vendor E-Zest will be providing the maintenance cost for the program only within the warranty period. Maintenance after the warranty period will require extra charge.

E-zest does not take responsibility to reimburse expenses incurred in the RFP submission. All expenses prior to the signing of the contract should be borne by the company.

The RFP proposal it needs modification or withdrawal should be done within 125 days.


The RFP proposal submitted is competitive. The proposal‘s ground rules and preparations have been clearly explained. The planned RFP schedule has been given and the product description and pricing have been given.

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