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Education and Nursing: IT Opportunities Essay


The use of IT opportunities as the means of promoting patient education about palliative care in nursing and the enhancement of the communication process between nurses, patients, and the community is the topic of the paper. Namely, the opportunities provided by social networks will be explored. Being powerful tools for enhancing cooperation among the community members, it can be used as the means of promoting a dialogue between patients and the community, therefore, increasing the efficacy of care for the people affected by Alzheimer’s disease (Tse et al. 2016).

Describe How the ANMAC Standards Would Impact the Curriculum Development/Renewal Process

The ANMAC standards are likely to define the choice of the curriculum elements to a considerable degree (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council 2012). Shaping the curriculum, they will contribute to a better presentation of the information. Thus, learners are expected to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills successfully.

Standard 1. Governance

Governance will be executed by healthcare providers so that the education program could embrace the needs of all stakeholders in question and cater to the needs of diverse students. As a result, the foundation for a multicultural conversation and knowledge sharing can be created (Katende & Donnelly 2016).

Standard 2. Curriculum Conceptual Framework

The program will have to follow the standards for Masters and Bachelors in Nursing. Particularly, the opportunities for not only active knowledge acquisition but also extensive nursing practice should be created.

Standard 3. Program Development and Structure

The program will be designed based on a scrupulous assessment of the essential stakeholders’ needs. Surveys and interviews will be used to determine the current requirements and quality expectations among healthcare experts, students, employers, etc.

Standard 4. Program Content

The framework will align with the current state standards for the master and Bachelor programs in Nursing. Particularly, the information that will help promote active knowledge acquisition, training of the essential skills, and a deep understanding of the subject matter will be incorporated into the curriculum.

Standard 5. Student Assessment

The degree to which the learners will have mastered the material will be evaluated with the help of formative, interim, and summative tests. Thus, the learners’ command of the material, as well as their ability to identify the needs of the patients and address these needs correspondingly will be identified (Kaplan & Owings 2015).

Standard 6. Students

The program will be aimed at maintaining the essential concepts of educational integrity by offering students equal opportunities and maintaining complete transparency as the foundation for carrying out the crucial processes. Diversity and multiculturalism will be supported and encouraged actively.

Standard 7. Resources

The learners will be provided with an opportunity to use the available financial, academic, and other types of resources. Thus, the foundation for rapid academic progress and the acquisition of the required knowledge and skills will be built (Jeffreys 2015).

Standard 8. Management of Workplace Experience

The learners will be given an opportunity to have the workplace experience that will shed light on the issues of diverse patients’ needs, the significance of communication in the context of the contemporary nursing environments, and the importance of maintaining a consistent dialogue with the community.

Standard 9. Quality Improvement and Risk Management

Active promotion of lifelong learning among students will become the foundation for improving the quality of nursing services (Dusek et al. 2016). Furthermore, the Six Sigma framework will be used to help the learners build a model of quality management (Pyzdek & Keller 2014).

List of Stakeholders

The usage of social media as the tool for enhancing the process of patient education will imply significant changes for a range of people. The following stakeholders must be listed as those that will experience impressive changes as a result of the education policy implementation:

  • Patients;
  • Patients’ families;
  • Community members;
  • Nurses (APRNs);
  • Nurse administrators;
  • Nurse educators;
  • Students;
  • Other health professionals;
  • Social media developers.

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