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English Medium Teacher Job Position Essay

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Updated: Nov 10th, 2020

Context Statement

Licensed Teacher’s position forms a part of the ADEC’s New School Model Strategy aimed at raising student learning experiences and outcomes to an internationally competitive level. The New School Model will initially apply to grades KG1, KG2, and Grades 1, 2, and 3. It will be rolled out to other grade levels in subsequent years.

The Teacher English Medium will:

  1. Implement the approved ADEC curriculum, assessment and pedagogical requirements for K-Cycle 1 English, Mathematics and Science students within their appointed school;
  2. Plan and work collaboratively with Arabic medium teachers to help ensure that the teaching of English to K-Cycle 1 students adopts and builds on the concepts taught in Arabic;
  3. Plan and work collaboratively with other subject teachers to ensure alignment of English language/literacy concepts and use other subject mediums to enhance English learning.

Job Objective

To deliver effective teaching and learning that supports individual students, promoting continual improvements in academic achievement in English, Mathematics, and Science

Organizational Relationships

Reporting Relationships

Reporting Relationships

Direct Reports

See the above chart.

Key Responsibilities/Duties

Managerial Role


Organizational Role

  1. Promote and model collaborative, cooperative and productive working relationships throughout the school by leading by example, showing respect for peers and demonstrating a good team ethic;
  2. Promote and model positive attitudes to learning to students and other teachers by taking responsibility for self-development and self-improvement by keeping up-to-date with developments in education and the teaching profession (e.g., pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, classroom management, etc.), participating in relevant professional development and adopting ‘best’ pedagogical strategies and practices;
  3. Abide by all ADEC and United Arab Emirates mandates in reporting sexual or physical abuse and neglect.

Functional Role

  1. Teach English, Mathematics, and Science to grades and classes allocated through the Head of Faculty, adhering to the specified curriculum, assessment, and pedagogical requirements in ways which engage and motivate students to learn and achieve to the best of their potential;
  2. Assist with the preparation of, facilitate and supervise the implementation of school-based and ADEC assessment student processes, including external assessment processes and marking of student work in accordance with ADEC assessment policies and procedures.
Key Accountabilities Key Performance Measures
  • Customer (student/parent) satisfaction levels regarding English, Math & Science teaching
  • Student progress and achievement is consistent with or above the progress and achievement of students of the same grade/subject areas in other schools
School Environment
  • Positive student engagement, behavior and achievement
  • Evidence of participation in extra-curricular activities, including excursions
Accountability & Reporting
  • Required information and reports about students and the subject area are provided in accordance with the school’s requirements and ADEC’s policies and reporting requirements

Job Specifications

Competencies/Skills Level
Knowledge of pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, student learning, management of student behavior, teaching and learning strategies Intermediate to Advanced
Knowledge of English Studies Advanced
Knowledge of Math Studies Advanced
Knowledge of Science Studies Advanced

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in education with a focus on English, Maths or Science;
  • Current teaching certificate from an English speaking school system;
  • Must be a native English speaker, or for non-native speakers of English, the incumbent must hold the IELTS 7.5 level or equivalent qualification.

Professional Experience

  • Three years’ teaching experience in equivalent level school;
  • Previous experience in the Gulf region is preferred.

Teachers’ Professional Development

Areas Recognized for Development of Professional Practice

No. Areas to be developed Justification
1 Increasing math, science, and English teaching experience
  1. Teacher is new in the field,
  2. Summative evaluation indicated the need for improvement on this area
2 Gain presentation skills Students not comfortable with the educator’s teaching mode
3 Advancement of learners’ teamwork skills in
English writing
Learners with pathetic cooperation skills are failing to improve as hands-on

Certified Learning Target and Courses of Action

No. Specialized Learning Objectives Preliminary Course of Action Follow-up Plan Approximate Duration (hrs) Closing Date
1 Attend extra training courses Attending online courses, Attending seminars and Conferences 100 30thJune 2017
Take extra teaching sessions Volunteer to teach extra hours Request mentor to be present during the extra teaching sessions 100 June 30, 2017
2 Overcome presentation inadequacies Attend workshops on training strategies Implement lessons learned in classroom 63 28thApril 2017

County and School PDP Assistance

County/School Superintendent Support Activities

The education council and the school are dedicated to assisting educators to build formidable teaching skills as a key step to improving the quality of education in Abu Dhabi. Support activities by the school/principal include:

  • Including numerous sessions for collaborative teaching in the timetable
  • Organizing for educators to attend internal and external seminars
  • Assigning mentors to teachers who are young in the profession

PDP Growth Review

No. Confirmed Advancement Justification PDP Corrections (If Any Appraisal Date
1 Overcame some presentation inadequacies
  1. Feedback from students/ mentor
  2. Improved class participation
N/A March 6, 2017
2 Gained a considerable teaching confidence Feedback from mentor N/A March 6, 2017
3 Improved in public speaking skills Comments from colleagues/mentor N/A March 6, 2017

Observations and After-School Duties

  1. Visit online tutorials
  2. Take extra teaching classes
  3. Revisit feedback from my mentor and colleagues
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