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Environmental impacts of Air Pollution Essay

The heightening issue of air pollution has brought many impacts on the environment. Almost every aspect of human life depends on the environment, and for that reason, any harm caused to the environment can trigger many ramifications throughout the range of normal human activities. Indeed, one of the ultimate trade offs here can be observed from environment matters and unemployment issues.

Although it is important for countries to take environmental requirements as a priority, it is obviously clear that employment matters come first in many regions. According to a recent report by the Environmental Protection Agency, unemployment consequences associated with environmental issues are minimal compared with the overall rate of unemployment.

It is also clear that there is a direct connection between inflation and the environment as humans continue to elude environmental-related matters due to high rates of unemployment. As it would be observed, there has been increased attention by the government to save jobs for the people, while neglecting quality environmental standards.

Delays on the plans to establish and implement effective automobile emission standards have constantly been delayed in an attempt to give the automobile sector enough time to come up with effective solutions to the overwhelming issue of chemicals and substance emission (Edmunds, 1977).

Over the years, incremental costs for both government and industry have been realized in the control of heightening effects of air pollution. Direct impacts of air pollution on environment have also contributed to immense health effects upon the global populations. Various studies have linked particulates and pollutants to various health conditions and higher mortality rates.

For instance, synthetic chemicals and other substances emitted into the atmosphere as waste products are said to be the major cause of various cancers affecting humans today. The long-term supply of energy, minerals and land has seriously influenced the future of the American people as far as environmental impacts of air pollution are concerned. As a matter of fact, high levels of energy are required to sustain the bulging U.S. economy.

The current high growth rates have contributed to high concentration of particulates and pollutants in the atmosphere owing to the population’s over reliance on various sources of energy.

The same applies to the aspect of land use in the U.S., which has shifted to higher density in housing as a result of the higher growth rates that are observable today. These high-density developments around the urban centers are likely to change the way Americans live, most likely taking them backwards instead of placing them ahead of others (Edmunds, 1977).

Despite being among the more resource-rich countries globally, America lacks sufficient commodity reserves in terms of minerals to cater for its cumulative demands. In that case, a number of key commodities and resources from across the border would be needed to sustain the country’s economic growth. This high demand of minerals has reminded the Americans of the value of recycling their inadequate materials.

Even though this will greatly alter industry usage habits, it is also likely to generate increased costs. It is obviously clear that our lifestyles and living habits in all aspects of life are rapidly changing.

This certainly comes as a result of great confusion on what to choose between the basic essentials of life and the quality of our environment. There is a high demand for basic materials and resources for economical use yet there is limited supply of such expectations in the U.S. and other Western countries.

This, however, has led to increased prices for commodities and substances in these countries. In this regard, it would be important for any plans aimed at conserving energy and minimizing pollution to be prioritized. This will play an effective role in making the U.S. self-sufficiency in matters regarding resources and key commodities.


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