The Human Health Impact of Coal Pollution in China Proposal

The proposed study aims to critically assess the health impact of various forms of air pollution arising from overreliance on coal so as to inform current and future health policy directions in China. Towards the realization of this specific aim, the study will be guided by the following research questions: 1. What are the factors […]

A Discussion on the Effects of Geography & Climate on Arab Seafaring Essay

The assigned reading demonstrates how history is filled with various accounts of man’s conquest at the sea. Through the act of piercing together various evidentiary accounts dating back to prehistoric times, the reading brings into the limelight some of the factors that came into play to favor the development of sailing in the Arabian shores […]

Racism in American Schools: A Critical Look at the Modern School Mini-Society Research Paper

Though it has been quite a while since the people of a different racial and/or ethnical background gained the same freedoms and rights as the latter, racism is still an issue in many American schools (Gasman, 2012). According to the recent research on the problem, the instances of racial profiling are still a sad yet […]

Critical Analysis: Islamic Moral in Novel Hayy ibn Yaqdhan by Ibn Tufail Essay

THESIS: Islamic moral is an important part of the novel Hayy ibn Yaqdhan as well as the author describes the contact of a lonely child with civilization and Islamic religion. I. Picture of doe’s death as an example of the Hayy’s medical reflections II. Demonstration of the characters’ behavior in the unusual situations as a […]

Critical analysis on Does Cultural Capital Structure American Consumption Essay

The work of Douglas B. Holt titled “Does Cultural Capital Structure American Consumption?” in the Journal of Consumer Research, Volume 25 (1), is meant to give an insight into the debate on the sociology of culture in regard to Pierre Bourdieu’s theory, which relates levels of cultural capital to consumption patterns, and its application on […]

Critique for “Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters.”

Introduction The question of the extent to which nature determines one’s situation in life has occupied humanity for a long time. With the world almost evenly split between proponents and critics of the notion of free will, this question has been the subject of many debates. Inherent in this argument is the question of whether […]