Project Management and Project Alignment Strategy

Introduction Project management has been practiced mainly in the engineering and construction sectors. This is mainly due to the fact that tasks in these sectors have to be organized in a systematic manner if they are to yield the required results. However, since the 1990’s, project management has gained prominence in other sectors as various […]

The relevance of evolutionary psychology Critical Writing

Authoritarianism The authoritarian personality developed by Else Frenkiel Brunswik, D.Lewson and N (Altemeyer, 1996). Sanford attempting to explain the authoritarian trait predisposed to a strong leader and conventional values that are traditional was later modified by Altemeyer. Right wing authoritarianism was considered as a refinement of the authoritarian personality. Altemeyer pegged his findings on three […]

Critique of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Miller’s Tale: Jealousy Essay

The Miller’s Tale is the second story in the medieval collection written by Geoffrey Chaucer. The stories are told by eleven pilgrims to each other as they travel on their way to Canterbury. The first story is told a by a knight, about two princes who fall in love with Emelye at first sight. Next, […]

Do People Choose What They Are Attracted To? Critical Writing

Considering the subject of attraction, the term seems ambiguous because for a scientist, it might mean some forces of physics, to psychologist it takes the emotional perspective, to lovers it takes the emotional perception and, from the youth or the new-age point of view it faces various external determining factors or circumstances such as events. […]