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Globalization of Australia Report (Assessment)

Introduction Liquid Animation

This is an entertainment company that is located in the Brisbane. It is known to produce educative, informational, and enlightening and entertainment materials that adapts to the most modern technology. It is known to produce high classic series of animation and general media resources in all the aspects and forms such as through the internet, video and film (Dholakia 2002).

The company was established in the year 1999 and its management is under four able brothers, their ability to manage has been witnessed through the tremendous growth that has been recorded by the business in the near past. The company has also received several awards including the “Golden Pixie” that was presented by the US Animation magazine for being the best in service provision in their industry of operation.

This signifies how competitive liquid animation is, the facets of its competitive advantage is the type of leadership that is steering the organization. Huge of the companies revenues come from its exportation abroad largely in the United States, the company is currently spreading its wings to the UK and Asia.

The management is also busy on research with the verge to expand on the variety of the products they deal in such as the 3D series and 2D television series. The driving force towards such operations is the needs of the customers, the company highly values their customers and they constantly conduct research to satisfy the consumers (Dholakia 2002).

Long Tall Clothing Company

This is a form of a sole proprietorship formed by an individual by the names Sue in the year 1995. The company has specialty in constant production and continued development of the women clothing. Sue determination to see her company grow propelled her to do the work alone before a company approached them that could now ensure their adequate supply and production.

The increased production, intensive marketing and advent of technology which facilitates internet marketing and mail order systems. This enables customers in the foreign market to embrace the purchase of the clothing online. Television and lifestyle magazine advertisements, the consumer market is in the position of accessing the variety of products on offer (Dholakia 2002).

Through internet marketing and online sales, Long Tall Clothing Company has vastly reached a variety of markets both locally in Australia and overseas markets. The company is also able to extend its sales in the foreign market from Europe to the East smoothing the operations in the fashion industry.

The company through its management was so systematic in their operations; they in the first place set a website in 1997, then they established their first showroom where customers could visit frequently to witness the new arrivals and the current hits in the fashion.

Though the showroom went down, internet marketing has shoot due to consistency in technological growth and the bulk of their customers being those from overseas (Baldauf & Stair 2011). The clothing industry is equally quite competitive and companies operating in the field need to constantly look for the changing customer needs to be able to provide what the customers want.

The company has also ensured that the clothing they provide conform to the way of life of the overseas market therefore they only need to be aware of the sizes of their consumers and prizes which change from time to time(Baldauf & Stair 2011).

HotBods Creatures

The idea was generated by a dad after he developed the product for her daughter to play with. Little did they know that this would result into a big idea that could ill a gap that existed a child companion comforter which was reheatable. The company also began operating in 1996 with a lean staff of just two employees.

The company its first operations in a n environment with high intensification of technology, this was in form of an expo where children, babies and parents attended. From the expo news about the product spread in leaps and bound enabling distribution networks to really grow, the business realized massive growth and expansion both in the local market and the foreign market (Baldauf & Stair 2011).

The growth has been witnessed by increased number of employees to 12, the warehouse floor and office expanded and sewing contractors increased to 35. Very high sales had been realized in Australia alone before considering the market abroad. The growth has since attracted mergers from firms which realized they had to trade in the company products expanding the export market.

Majority of their revenue comes from export activities since over 85% of HotBods Creatures productions are for the sole purposes of exportation. The companies strategy to reach the foreign market through widespread branches, it has head offices in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and another in Singapore.

Through this they are able to control the manufacturing of their products and the distribution of the products both in Australia and overseas (Haugen & Mach 2010). Susy highly values their customers and customer’s service is the key to their business. The company is also a heavily investor in consumer research to enable them know, they also operate a system of telephone conversation to enable them listen to their customer demands.

They also use the telephone conversation system for customers to order for the HotBods products (Haugen & Mach 2010). They adopt the use of modern communication system like the internet to marketing to reach their overseas customers. The company targeted majorly the children but the company products are since being used by even the adults for to relieve tension and headaches. Computer Design Marine

This is a company engaged in serious construction of water vessels; it started by the construction a construction of small powerboats of 4 meters which grew to a 20 meter vessel. This was as a result of invention by architects by engaging high levels of technology of IT technology and computer design. Though the business started long before the computer age, it developed out of technological advancements.

He even developed a software security system to protect them form damage. The company also employs internet marketing is spreading the gospel of the products existence (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 2011). Customers are able to browse through the internet see the product they want and then get the product by doing an email to Computer design marine’s corporation.

The company also gets much of its revenue from export business; in fact over 90% of their sales are foreign. Customer handling like advice and consultations are widely done over the internet. The business of these firms contributes much to the GDP of the Australia.

The company also has differentiated their products from the others by use of modern design technology after realizing that most participants in the industry dwelt much on speed (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 2011).

They have been able to achieve this by adopting modern software security application to protect them from their competitors. Computer Design marine has developed a strategy employing a few staff and establishing wide network of branches in the overseas market. This is geared to enhance customer checks and protect their foreign markets from competitors.

It has well established branches both in Australia and New Zealand. Buyers are also trained in a way that they are able to use the software technology to construct the boats themselves. These skills are spread through devised trainings in schools and colleges (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 2011).

Comparisons and contrasts

All the four Australian companies have both similarities and differences in the way they handle their business strategies and operations to facilitate globalization. From the summaries above, the companies have been realized to integrate technology in almost all their facets of operation. This means that they are technology oriented in their approach to doing business.

In addition, they have well established international business networks; most of the business operations of all the four companies are targeting the foreign market. This is realized from their vast revenues that results from exports and sales abroad.

Some of the companies attain this by use of internet marketing while others attain it by establishing branches in the foreign market to protect their foreign market and customer base abroad (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 2011).

From records all the four companies are on mentioned to have started form very humble beginnings with either them starting as single business owners and transferring to an instigated management ownership in the future. They also started with very few employees with the number increasing consistently and constantly into the future as business realized development and growth.

The companies also started by mere simple operations and on a small scale size with small business units growing into large enterprises and global corporations. All the four companies have a widely developed habit of employing modern technology through invention and innovation (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 2011). In spite of the clearly defined similarities, there exist differences as well.

Their fist and most fundamental difference is that all the four corporations operate in totally different businesses. While others deal in clothing, some deal in the entertainment industry while at the same time others deal in ship building and construction industry.

The objectives and strategies of operations of the firms are also different and the mission and visions of the firms are also different and diverse (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 2011).

Globalization of E-Commerce and achieved benefits

Globalization has the basic and fundamental importance of giving businesses a very fair platform and competitive advantage of operation. Globalization as presented by the four firms in the case studies through invention and innovation has highly merited the Australian companies. The instance of the benefits is seen in the case where the market base of the companies for their products is widely increased.

The companies is easily and readily in the position of accessing the overseas market for their products and this has the effect of increasing sales as witnessed through the increase of the revenues of the companies. It is also in record that the revenues are basically got from sales from export and foreign operations (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 2011).

The companies have again benefited since they are able to attract a pool of fully and highly qualified employees from across the globe. This has the effect of boosted management through effective and efficient leadership style and well developed policies.

Globalization has another very important aspect that has facilitated the growth of the Australian companies; the companies through globalization are able to borrow technology from their countries of operations to propel further the growth of their businesses (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 2011).

Opportunities for investments on other areas abroad and in foreign countries through either licensing or green field projects or any other relevant means has been critically enhanced.

Effective globalization has an impact of ensuring cultural and political integration which makes it possible for firms to expand business since they are able to now and understand the cultures and political systems of the countries they have ventured into. Multiculturalism enables the businesses to know what the businesses need to provide to the customers overseas to result into their growth (Isard 2005).

Innovations that have been made by each of the Companies

Liquid animation has made several inventions that have boosted their business operations. The company most recently has worked on two special inventions; that are the 3D special effects for duck Dodgers and the 2D television series effects for the Eggs. This has enabled the company to realize an invention of new products such as completed new music for Australian rock bands.

This has added onto the revenue increase for the firm. The invention and introduction of internet marketing has vastly boosted the operations of the Long Tall Clothing Company, this inventions have made the company be in the position of reaching many clients at ago. This invention has also enabled the firms minimize much on their costs of operation since the marketing costs are largely reduced (Isard 2005).

The technique allows the business to sell directly to customers hence the customer touch results in the created customer loyalty which is important for establishment of the firms. Internet marketing has also facilitated customer research hence enabled the clothing company have the information of what customers want and how they want it.

HotBods creatures corporation lead to the innovation the HotBods Bears as their first products to it targeted consumers which were first of all composed of children and babies. The product was reheatable children’s comforters before they invented an adult stuff when they realized that the adults were as well in need of the products.

This widened their markets hence increased sales revenue (Isard 2005). The profitability and growth became paramount and a must thing to happen. Computer Design Marine corporation made several contributions to the water transport industry by way of using computer design and information technology to facilitate growth in the industry.

The company developed unique software known as the VCS. This was meant to protect its Computer aided design (CAD) which was the threat for its intellectual rights. Without this invention other operators in the field could easily invade the systems and do copyright which would highly hinder their operations and due to stiff competition. Business of the firm would altogether be reduced and altered (Liautaud & Hammond 2000).

Why Long Tall Clothing Company would use Metrics

Long tall Clothing Company in their bid to succeed in their business operations would suggests the use of metrics as a basis to assess their marketing success. His is due to the nature of the business they deal in which advocates for client’s observation of designs online (Liautaud & Hammond 2000).

The order for purchase is done online therefore the marketing success would only be realized depending on the number of orders online. This can only be measured using the matrix method. The matrix method to be used would be termed as the online matrix method which is able to track the number of unit’s passage per unit time.

The online matrix method is highly preferred because it would be the most reliable method given the level of technology employed in conducting the business operations. Through this method the organization is still in the position of minimizing costs of operation since the method is conducted online (Turban 2011).

How Long Tall Clothing Company celebrates diversity in conducting business

The company is able to celebrate diversity in several ways, the first way being in the way they conduct their business ventures. The company was in the beginning formed to make tall women clothing given the challenge that the founder underwent hence a source of idea. The business embraced diversity when they started dealing in all women clothing.

Their marketing techniques and strategies also embrace wider technological techniques such that they market through television, magazines and largely the internet.

Their customer base is again diversified since it deals with customers across cultural and political divide, from the east to the western world. Their production and distribution is also diversified and they are in the position of producing what the other competitors are not able to hence a competitive advantage (Turban 2011).


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