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Government Accelerators and Total Quality Management Essay

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Updated: Dec 25th, 2020


The government accelerator programs are aimed at creating a tie up between the government organizations and new start-ups in order to expedite the national goals. The concept is to come up with new and better ideas so that the efficiency could be enhanced. The topic is quite significant because all over the world there has been extreme focus on government accelerator programs where the government is working with the private partners in order to come up with new and better products.

However the concept of TQM will play an equally significant role because of the fact that TQM is a quality tool which is aimed at enhancing and improving the functions or processes. Thus the applicability of TQM would be necessary for the projects because this will also help in making improvements in the concepts which are taken up as part of Government Accelerators as mentioned in Gulf News (2017).

Key research question

  • What is the Government Accelerators (GA) methodology?
  • What is the impact of GA methodology on organization’s total quality management and performance?
  • What are the challenges that organizations face during the Acceleration period?


The aim of this research is to investigate the impact of the government accelerators methodology on the total quality management and entities performance.


  • To critically assess the methodology of the government accelerators.
  • To compare the entities performance before and after applying the government accelerators methodology.
  • To make recommendation to improve the effectiveness of the methodology and increase the organizational performance.

Literature review

TQM plays a significant role in the business by doing continuous improvement on everything which is required to provide proper quality service to a customer. Management of an organization can understand and protect their in-house losses following TQM. As per the principles of TQM, quality of service directly deals with customer satisfaction. It reduces rework on any service by understanding customer’s requirements and marking the competition. Apart from this TQM is required to maintain efficiency of work and to increase revenue of a company. This activity involves all individuals on an organization including top management to lower division employees (Dr. Pandit Palande & Dr. Sri Sai, 2014).


The data has been collected basis primary study wherein we have chosen government accelerators. Interview was conducted with (NAME, POSITION ) to gain insights on the project.

Data analysis

The GA aims to rethink about how government works by introducing a unique model built on acceleration results, increased collaboration, and innovation. The GA offers several methodologies such as the 100 days challenge to achieve tangible and sustainable results in 100 days or less, on the other hand, the workout challenge develops actionable plans for an immediate decision and fast execution. The GA empower government employees to make swift and impactful decisions, give access to innovation and state of the art meeting space and provide them with a talented and specialized pool of coaches and advisors that support organization. For every challenge, a team consists of the Leadership team, Sponsors, Acceleration team, and coaches.

The GA launched two cohorts in the past year and this table shows some of the achievements. The results of those challenges clearly shows that the GA methodology increase the organization performance rapidly during the 100 days challenge which will positively impact the total quality management

Challenge Achieved Result
Reduce the time it takes to obtain a residence visa by
50% for those planning to work in the Emirate of Ajman in 100 days
Reduced the time of obtaining visa by 60%
Reduce the time it takes to resolve labor complaints in the Emirate of Dubai from 30 to 10 working days; resulting in a reduction of 66% in 100 days Reduced the time to resolve labor complaints by 82%
Improve the air quality at a rate equivalent to removing 280,000 vehicles from the roads in a 100 days Improved air quality at a rate equivalent to removing 460,000 cars of the streets
Decrease traffic accident deaths by 21% on 5 of the most dangerous roads in the UAE in 100 days Reduced road deaths on the five most dangerous roads by 63%
Deliver all identity documents of newborn Emiratis
in 1 visit instead of 7 visits in 100 days
Delivered documents for 200 newborns babies
Provide breast cancer screenings for 2000 Emirati women over age 40 in Fujairah in 100 days Screened 2,202 Emirati women over age 40 in Fujairah for breast cancer

The challenges that the teams face can differ from challenge to another. Some challenges can go smoothly with the plan and others can struggle to come up with an innovative plan. However, with the assistance and support of the GA coaches and advisors all the teams in both cohorts were able to achieve their goal.

Discussion and Conclusions

The results obtained by the analysis of the two cohorts launched by the government reveal that the achievements far exceeded the expectations. The organizational performance was improved drastically in the course of the 100-day challenge, which brought total quality management to a new level. This allows stating that pairing promising start-ups with organizations representing the public sector is an effective transformational solution. Further development of the GA programs will make it possible to create long-lasting partnerships between the government and cutting-edge entrepreneurs, which will play a decisive role in defining the future development of the strategic sector.

The methodology applied by the GA reinforces total quality management rather than interferes with it. This implies that there is no contradiction between the methods used by the government and those implemented in businesses. The government of the UAE has realized the importance of strategic planning and employee satisfaction for quality performance of any organization. That allows the leaders to elaborate working plans on an efficient and creative resource allocation and staff motivation.

Cross-section government teams are capable of addressing such challenges that cannot be overcome using the resources of either the private or the public sector in separation. Moreover, another undeniable benefit of the program is that ambitious and seemingly unrealistic goals are achieved in very short periods of time through collaboration and concentration of efforts. This happens due to the ability of the government to instill the culture of TQM and innovation in the public sector while encouraging the private sector by profit-making partnerships. Thus, the program is made mutually beneficial for both parties.

All these advantages of the program allow concluding that the GA methodology is sufficiently effective to support the major government bodies and speed up the achievement of the goals outlined in the National Agenda. Joint teams formed to address various problems encountered by the public sector allow the government to consolidate the culture of innovation and bring the country to a new level of excellence by attaining quick, impressive, and sustainable results.


Since the results of the program prove that it has been developed taking the consideration all possible obstacles, its methodology can be improved only by enhancing the cooperation between the government and private businesses. An artificial separation of the private and the public sector existed for a long time in the country, which made their missions and goals rather different or even contradictory. Now, due the launch of the GA programs, the boundaries have become blurred (Channon & Jalland, 2016).

However, there is still a division of responsibilities, which happens due to the pursuit of individual goals. That is why it is crucial to enhance collaboration and communicate the importance of the common good to the partners.

Another important aspect is connected with strategic planning, which has not yet been embraced by all public organizations in the country. Since the government intends to develop partnerships with the private sector, it is highly recommended to align with the strategies chosen by the partners instead of relying entirely on charismatic leadership and authority (Channon & Jalland, 2016).

Finally, it would bring about additional benefits if the programs promote the ideas of Emiratization by creating opportunities for country nationals to take leadership positions in the public sector (currently occupied by expats) (Aljanahi, 2017). The idea is that such initiatives may be used to attract graduates and encourage them to pursue the goals set by the government. This way they will obtain practical skills needed for establishing successful communication with leaders of private businesses (especially Western ones), which will make them more competitive not only within the country borders but also in the global market.


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