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Grapple Mobile Case Study

Introduction on Grapple Mobile and its industry

The cell phone industry is known as one of the fastest growing industries within the global market. Many changes have been recognized within cell phone industry since early 1990s guaranteeing its global expansion. The industry’s market expansion is attributed to the ever improvement in technology and innovation.

Current generation desires to live with advancement in technology hence making the cell phone industry to be one of the most important sectors in recent time. Invention of cell phones has led to easy communication and hence success in carriers which requires rapid plans within their processes (International Communications Research, 2007).

Mobile applications industry is currently recognized as one of the fastest-growing sectors within the market. According to Forrester Research, the cumulative global downloads is estimated to grow beyond forty four billion mark within the next couple of years. Various brands within the mobile industry are increasing their demand on tablets and smart phones.

This works well for Grapple mobile since their main focus is on businesses rather than consumers. The other focus of Grapple is on functionality and not so much on novelty hence places greater target on brands dealing primarily with consumers (Bhide, 2008).

Explanation on the type of service, proprietary technology Grapple Mobile offers and its main competitors. What is the business service area that offers the most growth and profits?

Grapple Mobile Company was established in 2010 in London and deals with development of mobile applications for various phones such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia as well as other devices. The company deals with the designing of applications for numerous devices within the mobile industry.

Other web technologies used by the firm include; HTML, CSS and JavaScript and deals with every aspect of application development processes such as testing, approval and submission where the company proves the acceptance of applications by operators as well as manufacturers and other stores within the industry.

Grapple makes numerous branded applications (apps) for various commercial companies such as Xbox; BT and HP. Grapple’s propriety technology is capable of translating simple web languages into various native codes. This has made possible the application of multiple mobile platforms.

The company also provides cloud-based distribution system which makes it easier for clients to download links directly from their mobile phones through a single link. The technology simplifies customer’s journey through handset detection database which delivers correct version of app directly into handsets (Heatley, 2011).

Grapple mobile uses proprietary technology for building cross-platform applications. The company uses development team specialized in building apps for various brands such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, HP as well as windows phone seven. They offer value for customers in their brands offering entertainment such as Zippo lighter and the Carling iPint.

The technology appears technically brilliant and useful based on the core business objectives. The company at the same time charge their clients on the basis of a one-off fee. This kind of pricing has enabled the consumers to get application that works on hundreds of different phone handsets giving clear guidance from the company concerning concepts and download processes.

They also provide detailed analytics revealing to the clients the number of times every version has been utilized for the purposes of assisting future marketing activities. The company turned down involvement of VCs since they perceive them as opportunistic of the whole (Heatley, 2011).

Grapple Mobile’s main competitors range from independent mobile application developers to template application platforms. However, the company’s strategy on using full-service agency as well as their platform sets them above their competitors. The level of affordability of the cell phones has made the cell phone industry to expand tremendously.

This has created a platform for companies to compete within the confines of advance technology and communication. The mobile industry market seems competitive since the companies involved offer the same products and services despite differences in costs and physical attributes.

Some of the companies have resorted to lowering the cost of their improved products for the purposes of attracting more customers. Improved technological know-how enables continuous manufacture of new products making the market for mobile phone industry to be very competitive (Heatley, 2011).

Most of the big mobile phone companies with large economies of scale within the industry provide highly automated services to wide customer base. They also have the advantage of vast financial resources necessary for maintaining communication devices with wide network coverage. This makes them have advantage over the smaller companies such as Grapple Mobile service provider.

The smaller providers need to franchise out their offices for the purposes of improving on their visibility hence attracting more consumers. The intense competition within the industry has seen increase in annual revenue from the industry with over 1,200 wireless companies. However, individual companies can also improve their profitability by applying the right marketing strategies for their products and services.

Acquiring the right expertise would help improving the cell phone function capabilities. The level of acquisitions and partnership within the industry has led to improvement of wireless technology as well as the associated services. The growth is associated with improved profit margins for service companies which have earlier been mentioned to be conducting lucrative businesses within the various market segments.

Some companies are involved in the creation of models such as Alpha Profit which are necessary within the mobile wireless industry; the industry has received positive growth brought by the introduction of modern phones which uses the third generation wireless networks (Belk, 2006).

Analysts define the cell phone industry to be in mature life cycle stage since all customers are potential users of the product. The growth of the industry majorly depends on its ability to attract new customers through value-added services including phone securities.

Buyers are normally attracted in two ways within this industry; one way is through service, where cell phones are valued at affordable prices increasing the level of competition amongst companies. Then there is the level of phone innovation which involves addition of more add-on features. The industry contains over fifty companies with the top six controlling 80% of the market (International Communications Research, 2007).

The technology enhancement within the industry creates similarities in products offered by different companies. There exists variety of products and services making consumers capable of picking their choice of services. Such demands that providers release quality products at reasonable prices.

The context of the devices means much to consumers, with such qualities as higher resolution and ability of phone to store more data attracting higher demand.

Analysis of the organizational chart and functionalities enforced by Grapple Mobile

The company’s organization structure comprises of; the CEO, Head sales, CTO, Platform Engineer, Chief strategy officer, Manager Public Relations, Financial Controller, Manager business Developer, Manager sales, Founder, COO, Chairman and Managing Director.

The value of the company has so far been valued based on its intellectual assets. The stakeholders are major contributors who should be included within the process of designing activities within business model (Heatley, 2011).

Possible network chart to represent inflows of information as it stands today

The chart below shows the different processes which Grapple Mobile should use in building information required for the successful operation of their message services. The various organization units involved and their roles are shown as well as the necessary communication links. The level of project management is manned by two individuals with the support of the company’s administration team.

The top management team is endowed with the responsibility of giving the necessary communication to customers and the suppliers of the services. The suppliers include the mobile network operators as well as the first level operation team.

The overall managers who include even the CEOs ensure that all the employees within the line of operations receive appropriate information. They are also responsible for financial control and ensuring that the new innovations are implemented.

The first level support comprises of five team members with different expertise areas. They are normally endowed with the responsibility of obtaining hardware equipments and the system installation processes. The unit creates IT security user accounts and provides consumers with necessary access to the system services.

The second level support supplies the software and at the same time conducts training to the first level support team. In addition they are responsible for system configuration as well as tracking down errors.

The server hosting company on the other hand provides equipments required for constructing data centres. The mobile network operator is concerned with delivering appropriate messages to the clients from their operation system and at the same time provides report on delivery of messages.

Figure 1

The mobile network operator is concerned with delivering appropriate messages to the clients from their operation system and at the same time provides report on delivery of messages

Discussion and analysis of the cases indicated in the above discussion and the media through which the various types of information is distributed

The various types of information are distributed through advanced technology mobile phones which have made possible and accessible the practice of marketing products and service through the internet. The advancements in communication technologies have led to great improvement within the global advertising Industry.

The methods applied in outsourcing media buying function to the media agencies has since enabled intensive innovation within the company’s core services (The Guardian. 2011).

There has been increase in the use of various communication tools such as mobile phone and personal computer. This has been made possible by the presence of easily accessible Internet advertising which enables mass adoption of Grapple Mobile services within the Global market. For the purposes of maximizing sales, Grapple Mobile Company pays premium for wide exposure through the mass media.

The use of mobile phone technology provides common advertising space, but not restricted to the realms of billboards, public transportation, movies, schools, clothing, even bathroom stalls carry ads making the industry to constantly explore new advertising ways. The outflow of information processes is influenced by the nature of technology in use and the consumer’s responses on the products and services within the market.

Outflow of information makes it easier for the companies to differentiate and position their products and services. At the same time it is easier to express quality aspect in a manipulative perspective for the purposes of improving on sales. Marketers within the industry consider with great concern responsibilities they owe to the society (The Guardian. 2011).

The end result of the information technology presents various challenges to both service providers as well as the consumers in general. The company avoids creating temporal changes which may cause negative results to the society (The Guardian. 2011).

In addition the various types of information are distributed through various cell phone technologies and innovations. Unlicensed Mobile Access assists in providing necessary high-speed Wi-Fi which enables good coverage within closets of houses. The service enables users of handsets to download programs of their like at satisfying speed even while travelling.

There is also the use of Cell phone tour guides which directs various buyers on appropriate places making the technology preferable to books since it saves on time and money. Combining iTunes into cell phones presents value added upgrade which all together boosts the sales for the phones within the market.

The Near Field Communication technology services allows for possible connection through wireless devices enabling transfer of data such as payment information and digital pictures. The services rendered through phones in-built with NFC chips enables use of electronic Identity cards such as debit cards. The technology has since enabled easy transactions to be effected from manufacturers to consumers (The Guardian. 2011).

There is the use of SkypeIn which enables those who frequently use internet make free access anywhere in the world. Users are enabled to receive regular phone numbers and also able to receive calls without paying for extra charges. There is the possibility of an individual owning more lines within their home countries hence the technology enhances cheaper ways of connecting to each other within the global base.

Inclusion of the VOIP within mobile phones assists in cutting out cell-phone bills mostly in international calls which assumes the same data plan in communication line. The service targets travellers, immigrants as well as students from overseas. The service focuses on providing quality voice and providing value-added services (The Guardian. 2011).

Advancements in Information Communications Technology (ICT) provides good platform for internet services which can easily be incorporated within cell phones. Such advancement has made it possible for other related companies within the industry to execute their services through internet search engines such as Google, Amazon and Yahoo amongst others.

Consumers are capable of accessing information just by clicking required items through websites provided in their handsets. Utilization of information outflows has at the same time enabled popular interactive advertising through blog sites.

The new trend in communication through improvised networks has given new face to the Information Communication Technology enabling global participation in the mobile phone market. The process at the same time enables easy review and evaluation of the various consumer experiences globally (The Guardian. 2011).

Within the current technology, the use of Smart phones has eminently dominated the market and this provides Grapple Mobile with the advantage of reinforcing their services, because of the phone’s unique capabilities. Preferably, being considered and valued amongst many as excellent device for provision of information and entertainment to the ever advancing generation.

The kind of technology embedded within the phone makes it easier the process of installing various applications provided by Grapple as well as disseminating information to the targeted audiences (The Guardian. 2011).

How Grapple Mobile Company conducts boundary spanning activities around the world

The recent developments in technology have greatly reshaped the nature of distributed work around the globe especially to companies such as Grapple Mobile. However, research reveals that dispersed works have got various challenges as well as advantages. At times it leads to misattributions and communication breakdowns as well as communication and collaboration.

Despite such problems there is significant rise in company’s functions being performed across the world, since the cost of working in some regions seem affordable contributing to increased globalization hence engaging in distributed work. The idea of spanning boundaries within Grapple Mobile has also contributed towards workers learning across their differences making them more creative and innovative.

Grapple Mobile Company has moved from hierarchical structure towards network based structure which makes it possible for the company to coordinate well with other mobile phone providers (SMS Gateway, 2010).

Boundary spanning knowledge brokering for Grapple Mobile Company


Figure 2: Boundary spanning knowledge brokering for Grapple Mobile Company

The company applies the use of informal brokering to pass knowledge across boundaries by first of all identifying the specific technology needed within specific markets. This is followed by the formation of interpersonal relationships with colleagues since diversity and innovation are critical to the development of Grapple’s services.

The formal brokering is also considered in making administrative work possible in different locations in their defined languages (SMS Gateway, 2010). The various modes of dispersion the company uses have helped in creation of several boundaries such as distal, temporal and disciplinary.

Grapple mobile utilizes increased use interpersonal network necessitated by the use of available technology services. However, the frame of references bridged by broker knowledge tends to differ across locations (Levy, 1999).

The company’s ability to improvise the use of Information Communication Technology through phones has enabled new and innovative ways of reaching large numbers of potential clients compared to other companies.

The inclusion of creative technologies such as Ad Words makes it possible for companies to operate online businesses with lots of ease. They also utilize the social sites through the cell phones for the same purpose of capturing the market.

Indication of the challenges the Grapple Mobile organization faces from the competitive and technology standpoint and the possible organization strategies

Grapple Mobile faces the challenge of accommodating the low prices charged by other competitors within the market. There is also possibility of offering low quality services within the industry due to the competition between companies and at the same time dealing with counterfeit products. Lowering costs for services may make Grapple Mobile to lose profits hence reduce their market share.

The company faces another challenge on dealing with the right people. The services of the company require regular commercial customers. Grapple Mobile needs to build good reputation by positioning as tasty target for acquisition. Mobile users in the market demands more interactivity necessary for sharing and distribution of content (Lakhani and Pannetta, 2007).

There is clear indication within the market showing that mere use of mobile applications may not lead to direct benefits. The process of adopting Internet applications through the mobile demonstrates fewer benefits in line with reduced transaction costs and improved efficiency.

Co-ordination of services within the industry proves crucial since the use of the Internet through cell phones does not lead to reduction of information sharing costs, but at the same time the services solve much of users reading and interpretation limitations (Slywotzky, 1995). There is also challenge in strategic utilization of business information which is always of the utmost importance to majority of the client.

However, Grapple Mobile Company could maximize the use of information transfers which help in establishing benefits from information technology like shorter lead times and affordable batches. The ability to save on time gives an advantage towards efficiency in information sharing which might be of benefit to the company’s operation costs (Lakhani and Pannetta, 2007).

Grapple Mobile could at the same time utilize the concept of integration which enables easier company’s operations within the corporate world. This ensures that the company’s services are provided in full cooperation with other partner mobile phone providers within the industry. The level of consumer demand could be spanned through the use of virtual enterprises via electronic devices.

Such a trend is capable of creating tremendous changes within the company and at the same time granting competitive advantage. The changes within the Company should incorporate both suppliers within the industry and consumers which may as well ultimately result into reductions in cycle time and the overall cost of operations (Lakhani and Pannetta, 2007).

At the same time the needs to improve on its boundary spanning techniques which could as well help in the alignment of performance goals across regions through improvement in the level of cooperation. With the improvement in new technologies which enables electronic applications from production level to distribution within the marketplace, Grapple Mobile is able to pre-condition their various management practices.

The degree of partnerships between the mobile phone service providers and manufacturers determines the probable outcomes within the supply chain hence enabling the integration of the whole processes ensuring quality supplies to consumers (Slywotzky, 1995).

How Grapple Mobile should be organized in order to efficiently manage inflows and outflows of information

Due to the rapid growth experienced by Grapple Mobile, the process of building a strong reputation, brand awareness and communicating the right messages presents a vital process in the company’s development.

The company should reinforce the nature of their Public Relations and Marketing Management processes by including a range of ad hoc duties which includes improvement in news searches, writing press releases, arranging and organizing events as well as creating company newsletter.

There is also the need for Grapple Mobile to indulge in in-depth research concerning mobile related data and at the same time remain relevant to the trends and shifts in the mobile and marketing industries through sales and business news in the corporate world.


On most of the occasions Grapple mobile have focused on creativity which provides appropriate responses to consumers’ technological needs. Such include innovating new methods of mobile phone entertainment. The main issue of focus within boundary spanning activities of Grapple Mobile is creativity.

Majority of the company’s Information Communication Technology wave centres a round the use of internet and Smart phones utilizing their abilities to combine various applications at one point (Levy, 1999).This works well with two-way rather than one-way traditional mass communication methods.

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