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Health Care High-Performance Work Systems Case Study

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Updated: Jul 12th, 2020

Case Study 1: High-Performance Work Systems

Identify some of the challenges for the HR managers in the public healthcare sector

It is stated that the public health care sphere is growing, and healthcare institutions experience an acute shortage of qualified personnel. Therefore, some of the major problems for HR managers in the sector include maintaining the right quantity of qualified personnel, which incorporates both hiring and retention (Pizzi par. 3).

Another important question is keeping up with constantly advancing technology, which means not only purchasing new equipment, but training the staff to properly use it, and complying with continuously changing standards (Pizzi par. 6).

How would you ensure HPWS is in place in a hospital?

Introducing HPWS is a difficult task, for it requires changing relationships between the management and employees to give the employees more freedom and allow for more autonomous decision making. The difficulties come from the managers, for they tend to be conservative and are unwilling to provide the necessary autonomy; it is also difficult for them to resist the temptation to hire low-skilled workers to pay lower salaries (Tomer 18-19). Therefore, to establish HPWS in a hospital, it is necessary to work with the management and explain to them the principles of HPWS and the benefits they bring.

What activities, duties, and attributes would you include in the role of HR manager in a hospital?

By the fundamental principles of HPWS (Tomer 2), the following duties should be among those performed by HR managers of hospitals: 1) selecting and hiring highly professional personnel; 2) providing safe and healthy working environment; 3) supplying constant training for the employees; 4) evaluating performance and providing the staff with bonuses for outstanding performance; 5) organizing and maintaining a system for effective information sharing among the workers.

Case Study 2: The Perils of Downsizing

What are the external factors that are affecting the labor profile needed by the university?

According to the materials of the case, these external factors include: (1) some modifications that the international student visa regulations have undergone, as well as alterations which occurred in General Skilled Migration Program; (2) new Australian dollar exchange rates, which made studying in Australia more expensive for overseas learners; (3) a rise in competition between Australian universities and universities from other countries, such as the United Kingdom, the USA, and some Asian states; (4) a rise in the amount of violence towards people of different race or ethnicity; (5) changes in rules for university funding, which tied the number of places at a university to student demand; (6) alterations in the structure of students’ demand for various fields.

Factors 1-4 have decreased the total level of demand for places in Australian universities, factor 6 has reduced the students’ demand for places in some faculties, whereas factor 5 establishes strict limits for funding.

Identify possible ways that the HR planning function within the university could provide better information to university decision-makers

The human resource planners of the university should have predicted that the voluntary redundancy measure would lead to the loss of the top-performance personnel of the institution. Before introducing this measure, the probable outcomes should have been estimated. It appears obvious that if there has been a drop in demand for university places in some scientific field, there would not be many staff members related to this field to whom it would be easy to find new work, and that those who could do that would be among the best employees.

It is also important to note that human resources are among the most valuable resources for an educational institution. Therefore, alternatives to staff redundancies should have been considered.

Given the information in this case, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the downsizing of staff numbers at the university?

The main advantage of cutting the personnel numbers appears to be the decrease in the budget difficulties of the university. The disadvantages, on the other hand, include the loss of prominent scholars, reduced levels of productivity and work involvement of the staff, lower job satisfaction, etc. Considering these negative consequences, it is possible to assume that these redundancies will result in lower quality of teaching, a decrease in the university’s reputation, and, therefore, in the loss of even more students.

Case Study 3: Designing a recruitment program for the Western Australian Police (215 words left to write, 60 – questions)

Given the concerns of the auditor general, provide a suite of recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the first stage of the WAP selection processes for new police members

In our opinion, it is important to review the current selection criteria and assess their timeliness. It is possible to benchmark these criteria to those of the other police departments of the country. It is also viable to improve both efficiency and effectiveness of the selection process by using modern technologies, e.g. by letting the applicants use computer-based tests rather than written ones.

What recruitment strategies would you recommend to increase the number of female recruits?

To increase the number of female recruits in the police, we would recommend considering the specific needs of women who enter the police force, and finding out what might especially attract them to this job. Among the obvious methods, it is possible to offer more career and promotional opportunities at all levels (for instance, by introducing some minimal quotas for women at different levels), provide women with better conditions of maternity leave, etc. Also, the possible prejudice against women among the male police members should be investigated; such prejudice might significantly discourage potential women candidates to work for the police. It also might prove useful to promote the image of a female police officer in the media, thus encouraging more women to join the organization.

What recruitment strategies would you recommend to increase the number of Indigenous recruits?

To increase the number of Indigenous recruits in the police, our recommendation would include researching what specific needs these people might have and offering them a way to satisfy those needs by serving in the police, as well. The image of the police that incorporates diversity as one of its fundamental principles would possibly increase the number of Indigenous people working for the organization. Better career opportunities for native people would also be helpful.

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