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IBM IT Security Dissertation


Information security is a very critical issue as we grow towards the information and knowledge age. This is due to the very many security threats, in regard to information and technology, associated with it. The more there is advancement in technology, the more security threats faced in the modern information and knowledge based world. The International Business Machines (IBM) is a well renowned company.

It is ranked as the largest information technology company in the world in regard to a number of elements, for instance, the revenue it generates per year (TechRepublic, 2004). This piece of work looks at IT Security with much emphasis being given to the information threats and the ways of enhancing information and technology security.

Enhancing IT Security

The research question for this assignment is; what are the strategies utilized by companies to foster IT security?

Information is an essential element in any organization irrespective of its size or the activities it is involved with. It is the driving force towards success and progress without which an organization would be stagnant.

Information has been identified as the pillar that keeps all organs of an organization, for instance, the human resource and assets on the move. It should therefore be safeguarded under all circumstances irrespective of the cost that may be incurred because its importance surpasses the cost incurred to greater heights.

The quality of information and how well it is managed determines the overall success of a given company, for example, in regard to the position it is able to secure in the ever competitive market place.

The International Business Machines is an example of a company that has been regarded by many organizations as a source of solution to their information security related problems due to its efficiency and effectiveness in its provision of quality services (Calder &Watkins, 2005).

There are various strategies that are put in place by different companies in order to ensure that information technology security threats are dealt with in an appropriate manner; that allows an organization to always be in a position to carry out all its functions properly and defend its operations strongly where need arise. Some of the threats include hacking, viruses, intrusion of data among others.

Hacking is the process of access an organization’s information system for malicious gains. It could take different forms for instance password cracking, E-mail cracking and packet modification.

Viruses are computer programs that usually copy themselves and infect a computer causing damages including loss of data. Intrusion of data on the other hand entails unauthorized access of data by various parties which could expose a organization’s strengths an aspect that is not good.

Some of the strategies available in the market include intrusion detection and prevention through utilization of various technologies and software. Network security is also another strategy that has been enhanced by companies. This is a very essential aspect that avoids any threat that could be perpetrated through a network, a tool through which hackers and crackers carry out their malicious deals.

Various incident response strategies should also be established to deal with different kinds of emergencies. The response is determined to a greater extent by the nature of the threat posed as well as the extent of penetration of the threat into the data system (TechRepublic, 2004).

For IBM, some of the information protection strategies that should be reinforced include IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System, IBM Security Server Protection, and IBM Security Virtual Server Protection for VMware, IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager, and IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager among others.

There are also security products that have been designed and developed specifically for the purpose of data recovery, for instance, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for System Backup and Recovery (Anonymous, 2010).

The first step in implementation of the strategies is usually a data security strategy and assessment to determine an organization’s specific needs in regard to information security hence coming up with a holistic information protection measure that aims at minimizing expenses hence boosting productivity and profitability.

One should also ensure that all the organizations involved comply with all the legal and business requirements to avoid any form of irregularities that could affect an organization in one way or the other. IBM should also recognize the fact that a good data and information protection strategy should be cost-effective and at the same time address all the set regulations to avoid fines.

The company should do this by identifying where essential and sensitive data is located and hence taking necessary steps in protecting it depending on how it is used and the risk of exposure. This is achieved through data security strategy and assessment that in turn assists in the development of a risk-balanced security strategy.


From the above discussion, it is evident that information and technology are associated with a lot of major threats and hence the need to provide maximum security to avoid losses that could even lead to closure of organizations. The security measures adopted by different organizations differ in many ways, for instance, in terms of cost, effectiveness as well as compliance with different set standards and requirements.

The IBM has however proved to be very efficient in provision of security services to counter different kinds of information security threats faced in today’s world. This has been made possible through the utilization of various strategies as mentioned above, which ensures that all threats are handled effectively avoiding any form of loss or destruction of information.

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