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Innovative Development Strategies in the United Arab Emirates Case Study

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Updated: Jul 17th, 2021

The given report is aimed at studying the peculiarities of innovative development strategies used by large public companies in the United Arab Emirates. The main topics of the work are entrepreneurial health and the current business status of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. It belongs to the number of the largest infrastructure organizations tasked with service provision and research in the field of water and electricity supply systems.

This report is structured in such a way as to meet a set of objectives that describe the key elements of successful innovation. The first objective involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of practices and working structures currently used in the organization to ensure that they do not pose a threat to DEWA’s innovation capacity. The next objective refers to the ability to transform the analytical findings into practice-oriented incentives for DEWA’s innovative projects. As for the third objective informing the choice of the research methods, it relates to searching for the new combinations of development opportunities at the confluence of various business areas.

Given the complexity of its operations and organizational structure, the corporate entrepreneurship assessment index was used to study the health of different departments’ internal climates. Moreover, speaking about the tools used by the consultants to analyze the current position of DEWA, it is pivotal to mention the entrepreneurial grid. Focusing on the basic dimensions of entrepreneurship, its degree, and amount, the tool was helpful in defining the type of entrepreneurial strategy implemented by the executive management of DEWA.

The conclusions made by the team possess reliability and can be implemented into practice due to the high quality of information sources. The sources included annual reports issued by DEWA, its contracts with external collaborators, and the official descriptions of the company’s “smart innovations.”

From clarity considerations, the report is divided into three parts that serve different purposes. To begin with, the company description acts as an introduction since it summarizes the key facts about DEWA, its production capacity, successful projects, and strategic development plans. The conclusions of this section refer to the presence of numerous development opportunities and actual practice-oriented ideas. Therefore, the results of the preliminary analysis indicate no obvious barriers to innovative development related to the ineffective use of human, production, and financial resources.

The next section is focused on the issues at the confluence of the theory of entrepreneurship and DEWA’s practical steps aimed at the implementation of innovation. In particular, in this part of the report, the researchers apply the principles of entrepreneurial health audit to the most recent innovation development decisions announced by DEWA. The analysis covers a great number of innovation initiatives, ranging from green charging stations for electro cars to DEWA’s participation in the development of the Atlas Project. According to the results, the management’s current dominant logic makes DEWA’s innovation strategy rather effective.

The final part of the report aligns theoretical concepts with actual achievements to propose recommendations for improvement. It defines DEWA’s core competencies such as productivity, renewable energy research, and internal management and their role in further strategic development. In the end, the report proposes strategies to improve communication and search for internal and external opportunities with the help of new partnerships in the public domain and employee engagement initiatives.

Company Description and History

The well-developed infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates can be listed among the factors that ensure the high quality of life of its residents. The fundamental facilities helping to meet the needs of citizens include the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) that is responsible for managing the processes of water and electric power distribution in Dubai. The concerted efforts of specialists working for DEWA help the government to deliver high-quality water and electrical supply services on a daily basis.

DEWA belongs to a number of relatively young organizations in Dubai. The authority was founded more than twenty years ago as a result of a merger of two independent ministries that were established in the 1950s (DEWA 2016). The decision to unite the two organizations was made by Sheikh Maktoum to foster positive change and set higher standards for the provision of services. According to official statistics, power and water plants built by the organization generate over 9,500 kW of electricity and more than 450 million UK gallons of water every day (DEWA 2017; DEWA 2016, p. 18).

In addition to improving the quality of electricity and water supply services, the organization has a positive impact on the situation with labor markets in the UAE. Today, it employs more than ten thousand specialists who are committed to excellence, customer satisfaction, and continuous learning (DEWA 2016). With the help of its experienced workforce, DEWA manages to meet the needs of its individual and corporate clients in Dubai.

The organization discussed in the following report uses its human resources to provide customers with support and work with their complaints in a timely manner. Placing emphasis on customer experiences, the public company has managed to become “a leading contributor to Dubai’s economic and social development” (DEWA 2016, p. 7). The company’s accomplishments can be attributed to various factors, including its sustainable organizational structure. It has six departments responsible for strategic development, financial affairs, technical consulting, legal support, internal revisions, and public promotion activities, each of which possesses its own operating structure.

Placing emphasis on innovation and research, the organization launches new projects to meet the growing demand for water and electricity in Dubai. Among the most recent ones is the Jebel-Ali M Station, a plant with the largest production capacity in the Emirates (2700 MW) (DEWA 2016, p. 30). The M Station was built for power production and the conversion of saline water, and its continual activity is widely regarded as a successful attempt to increase the installed capacity of DEWA. One more notable project, the solar park named after Sheikh Mohammed, was launched in 2012, and its second construction phase started in 2017 (DEWA 2016, p. 38).

Since the project’s launch, one of the largest solar farms in the UAE and a photovoltaic plant have been built in Dubai. Even though many of these projects are still in the development phase, they are regarded as the hallmark of DEWA’s success in the field of power and water supply.

Apart from the need for innovation in resource generation, DEWA’s executive team recognizes the great role of control improvement in success. To minimize work-related mistakes, the organization uses two types of control centers responsible for supervising the processes of power generation and distribution. Since their establishment in 1979, these centers and the principles of their work have had substantial modifications – nowadays, they use the latest version of SCADA professional software (DEWA 2016, p. 34). Therefore, specialists from DEWA manage to prevent various mistakes or violations of internal regulations.

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