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Integration of Best Practices: Secure Media Server Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Jul 17th, 2021

An educational facility typically uses various types of digital media in education (Frazier & Hearrington, 2017). With the switch from paper-based to digital education, students are expected to forward their works to the professor through an educational management system (EMS). The storage of all these files requires a dedicated media server, which is a computer appliance with network-attached storage (NAS) (Frazier & Hearrington, 2017). The purpose of this proposal is to propose a rationale, implementation plan, training schedule, and a budgetary estimation of the project.


As it stands, the school relies largely on paper-based assignments and physical collections of media, such as tapes, discs, pictures, posters, and other materials (Trust, 2018). These media sources are outdated and degrade over time. With the implementation of the Blackboard system, they will become obsolete, bringing out the necessity of storing various media files, which include student homework, teaching materials, instructions, demonstrations, and video conference feeds (Trust, 2018). The use of a cloud system for storing these materials is not recommended, for several reasons, some of which include the speed of access and security. Should the cloud server go down, the entire school is going to be compromised. At the same time, documents and images do not require excessive amounts of storage space. Therefore, it would be possible to install a small secured media server in the school to handle its educational needs.

Implementation Plan

The scope of the proposed project is to improve student learning experiences by enabling access and storage to various media files within the system. The proposed implementation plan for the project would consist of the following steps (Frazier & Hearrington, 2017):

  • Planning stage. At this stage, the specifications for the systems would be established. It will be required to analyze all offers available on the market to determine the best solution. Estimated time: 14 days.
  • Procurement and installation. After the necessary hardware and software are acquired, it would be necessary to assemble the server and connect it to the rest of the EMS. This stage also suggests the provision and installation of all the necessary wiring and safety utilities for the server room. Estimated time: Up to 30 days.
  • Troubleshooting. After the media server is installed, the technicians would have to test the system and ensure its functionality. Estimated time: 7 days,
  • Staff training. Educational coordinators would be required to teach the staff to use the system properly as well as perform basic maintenance and problem-solving. Estimated time: up to 30 days.
  • Full implementation. Once everything is ready, the system would be fully integrated into the EMS. Estimated time: 7 days.
  • Total time required: Up to 3 months.

This plan covers all of the necessary steps required to implement a secured media server in a school setting. Additional charges may be necessary, depending on the realities of the project. The proposed schedule would enable the project to be completed during summer vacation, allowing the school to start the new school year with an integrated EMS.

Teacher Training

The teacher training stage of the implementation plan will take up to a month, which is required to educate everyone in the use of the new secured media server and enable them to pass the knowledge to the students. The proposed program will include the following (Bakir, 2016):

  • Orientation. During this stage, teachers would be acquainted with the main purposes of the server and with its purpose in an integrated EMS (Englund, Olofsson, & Price, 2017). Estimated time: 1 day.
  • Theoretical preparation. The use of media technology in the scope of the EMS will be split into sections, with several days used to cover all aspects of the system by ISTE standards (Trust, 2018). Estimated total time: 14 days.
  • Practical use of the system. After each theoretical chapter, teachers would be allowed to use their newfound knowledge in practice. Estimated total time: 15 days.
  • Overall total: 30 days.

This program would allow everyone to accept the intervention, comply with it, and learn to use the media server in the classroom.


The estimated expenditures for the project would be the following (Frazier & Hearrington, 2017; Han, 2016):

  • Hardware and equipment: 35% of all costs; 3000 USD;
  • Software and apps: 1285 USD;
  • Contracts and services: 857 USD;
  • Professional training and development: 1714 USD;
  • Support and maintenance: 857 USD;
  • Upgrades and other needs: 857 USD;
  • Total costs: 8570 USD.

These costs could be covered by the school budget dedicated to upgrading its EMS. Companies providing the hardware, software, and services could accept payment by installments, to reduce the weight of a singular payment. The high costs of hardware are motivated by the requirements for efficiency and cybersecurity as well as the long-term benefits of the project.


Digitalization of learning processes in schools is a continuous process that requires financial and technological support. Installing a media server would help integrate the EMS into the educational facility and enable teachers and students alike to use, share, and store files in a secure environment. The costs of the project are offset by the long-term educational benefits of the project.


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