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Job Sites for Canadian Business School Graduates Essay


Nowadays, searching for a job means looking for online job sites. For Canadians, who have graduated from a business school, sites such as Monster.com, Jobinga.ca, or Indeed.com are traditionally viewed as the first choices in terms of locating job opportunities. However, the usability, relevance, and accuracy of the information on these sites may differ significantly depending on the site’s layout, the interface specifics, etc. Although Indeed.com is a very valuable resource, Monster.com seems a much better choice because of a better arrangement of information and the tools suggested for the users to adjust the search process to their needs.

Introduction: Internet Job Sites in Canada

Locating a job advertisement site is not an easy task. Though most sites of the kind feature enough information, their usability and overall performance is questionable. To identify the quality of the information provided on these sites, Indeed.com and Monster.com have been analyzed. Although Jobinga.ca, Indeed.com, and Monster.com feature rather similar information, the arrangement of data, as well as extra options, display quite clearly that Monster.com is preferable due to its higher level of clarity and better navigation.

Key Features of the Sites: Analysis

User Interface Design

The elements of good design must be easy to use: “They must be executed in a simple yet understandable way” (Marcus, 2015, p. 349); therefore, the number of fonts used must be reasonable. Likewise, the colors used are not to be bright to the point where they induce seizures. However, Monster.com seems to have better zoning, as it marks the necessary areas (i.e., the navigation panel, the list of jobs) more noticeable:

Color can control or affect the look and feel of the web site. Adding a few colors can make a boring site exciting, a good site ugly, or can evoke emotional responses. Therefore, designers should have colors to enhance their sites by creating good visual and emotional effects. (The effect of color in web page design, n. d., p. 3)

Indeed.com and Jobinga.ca, in their turn, only use white color as the background for the key information. However, the abundance of fonts that Monster.com features may become an eyesore; as a result, one might give preference to the restrained choice of fonts made by Indeed.com (Arial, 12 pt.).


All three sites are also quite easy to use; the navigation panels on each allow for sorting data according to their relevance and date, which is essential for locating the right job (Appendix A). However, Monster.com also offers to find a company that is located near the user. Additionally, unlike Indeed.com and Jobinga.ca (Appendix C), Monster.com also suggests the option of classifying the results based on the salary.


Indeed.com, Jobinga.ca, and Monster.com allow for adjusting the query of the user so that the latter could view all the options available. The content of the site features an impressive amount of data, which is related to the query. Apart from different job options, the three sites suggest relevant advertisements, as well as embrace the job options that are related to business management, such as sales, business analysis, information technologies, etc.


Another essential feature of a website (Evaluating websites and other information resources, 2012) and a “very important measure of the relevance of information, and therefore, its accuracy” (CARS checklist, 2015), the timeliness rates of Indeed.com, Jobinga.ca and Monster.com are quite different. Monster.com updates the information available to users so that the job opportunities posted two days before could be available to the target population (Appendix B). Indeed.com, in its turn, suggests only the job opportunities that were posted at least six days ago (Appendix A). Thus, Monster.com can be viewed as more trustworthy in terms of the timeliness of the information provided.

Information Layout

It is also quite remarkable that each site provides a regular update. However, it is only Monster.com that suggests the user upload the resume immediately; Indeed.com has this option hidden for unregistered users.Monster.com also offers a slightly larger amount of choices per page (27) compared to Indeed.com (10) and Jobinga.ca (10). The given feature of Monster.com can be considered an advantage for the users, who are browsing for options, yet it may seem confusing for the person, who is willing to consider several sites simultaneously in-depth.

Overall Analysis

The graph below illustrates the score of each site in every domain. The specified diagram displays the correlation between the sites’ scores in every area as well. By identifying the site, which has the largest amount of positive aspects, and the scores of which are the highest, one will be able to identify the best option for locating the right job.

Indeed.com and Monster.com Comparative Analysis.
Graph 1.Indeed.com and Monster.com Comparative Analysis.

As the graph provided above shows, all three sites deliver rather impressive results in terms of their usability, as well as the availability of the requested information. The advertisements at Inded.com are admittedly more subtle; however, the fact that Monster.com uses more graphic methods for marking the advertised material may be viewed as an advantage, since it reduces the risks of the user mistaking the advertisement for a job opportunity and clicking it. Therefore, Monster.com should be given credit for using more clarity in providing various types of information. Also, the option of choosing several jobs simultaneously is a significant advantage of Monster.com, which puts the latter on top of the list of the best sites for business job opportunities.

Conclusion: What Makes a Good Site

Though all three sites represent relevant information in a rather accurate and well-organized manner, Monster.com seems to be the most reasonable choice to make when locating sites with job opportunities for Canadians. With a considerably simpler interface and a better representation of data, as well as more numerous options for information organization, Monster.com seems a perfect database of business management job advertisements. It helps arrange the information retrieved during the search, as well as identify the best job opportunities and find the companies located in the closest proximity.

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Appendix A: A Screenshot of Indeed.com

Screenshot of Indeed.com

Appendix B: A Screenshot of Monster.com

Screenshot of Monster.com

Appendix C: A Screenshot of Jobinga.ca

Screenshot of Jobinga.ca
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