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Job Study: Recruitment and Selection Coursework

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Job study is an integral part of identifying and determining the specific obligations and necessities and the comparative significance of the obligations of a specific job position. The study involves a procedure where verdicts are arrived at on information gathered regarding a particular job. Importantly, job study is not about the person holding the position but the study of the job itself. Job study helps in establishing and documenting the ‘work relatedness’ of engagement processes including staffing and selection (Overman, 2010).

Job Study

In creating job titles in the human resource department, it is critical to begin with undertaking job study. The process involves the specification of the contents, techniques and dealings of the job to satiate technological and administrative requirements. It focuses on inputs and outputs of the required transformations. In so doing, one considers the human and corporate factors that influence the transformation. As a human resource, I have selected the following job titles for the existing five positions within the HR function: HR Generalist, HR Coordinator, HR Specialist, HR Consultant and HR Clerk.

The existing staff is proficient in executing their duties. They have accumulated experience in performing their duties effectively. In giving one of the staff the title of HR Generalist, I considered the extent of duties he executes within the HR function. He has extensive knowledge and all-encompassing responsibility about HR activities. The HR Coordinator ensures that the activities within the HR function are effectively coordinated to ensure their success.

The HR Coordinator will hence ensure that daily roles are allocated to each staff. The Coordinator will ensure that each of the activities assigned supplement each other. The HR Specialist currently works on the diversity of the workforce. Considering that the firm requires skilled workers, as well as an encompassing labor force that will ensure the division of labor with each employee being allocated the areas they were trained for, diversity is critical (Garg & Rastogi, 2006).

In titling the HR Consultant, I considered that the current person working in the consultative area including the way to design an interview for prospective employees is an expert in human resource matters. The position is not constantly active as it depends on the requirements of the company as they arise. The naming of the HR Clerk emerged considering the duties performed by the position holder.

She assists the others in generating reports and small duties around their offices such as distributing reports. My knowledge of job study has played a central role in giving titles and allocating duties to the position holders. Consequently, the qualifications of individuals who will succeed the current office holders will follow these qualifications as the standard for the company (Campion & Thayer, 2001).


I intend to employ the experience I have accumulated in ensuring effective recruitment, selection and employee onboarding. Effective recruitment process ensures that new employees feel prepared for their positions giving them confidence to make an impact within the company (Mitchell, 2009).


An open and professional selection process allows an organization to get the best employees. Consequently, the organization achieves its mission. The selection based on the job study ensures that the organization does not experience employee turnover (Carless, 2009). Job descriptions founded on the job study ensure that the candidates selected are equal to the task as expected by the organization’s management (Taylor, 1998).

Personal Experience

Early in my occupation as an intern, I recognized the possibility and the impact an HR Manager could have on an organization. I utilized SHRM as my occupational development guide. Consequently, I advanced through the ladders from an Employee Specialist to the current position of the HR Manager.

Bizarre interview process

Job interviews can sometimes be bizarre and nerve breaking. However, there is typically the least acceptable expert behavior expected from the interviewer and the interviewee. Regrettably, things can take a turn for an awkward experience. I attended an interview where I was required to meet the CEO in his office. During the interview, a fire broke out in the upper floor from his office. Fire alarms went off, and everybody was running out. The CEO never seemed to notice. I held myself together all through the commotion. The smoke engulfed his office, but he did not stop interrogating me for over thirty minutes. Finally, everything came back to normal. I could see employees watching us from outside his cabin in astonishment. Eventually, he gave me a job.

Experience in job design

While working as an Employee Relations Specialist, I was assigned the role of job design in a significantly large company. Though the task was challenging, it was a launching pad in job study. I realized that job design was not about the position holder but the roles they play and the minimum requirements such a position would require. I recognized that if the holder performs beyond the expectations of such a position, the benchmark for such a position would be the minimum qualifications required to execute the roles the position entails.


The utilization of job study to recruit and select prospective employees is essential for the success of an organization. Comprehensive job study ensures that the individuals fit the criteria for the duties assigned. The experience of an HR manager is critical in ensuring that the HR function is proficient.


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