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Kakao Brand Advertising Report (Assessment)

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Updated: May 19th, 2021


The key message to send to the target audience is “Buy our products as they are healthy and made with great care and love.” To deliver this message, I will use two different creative techniques. For Grand Opening, I will use the participation ad, and later, I will employ the dramatization of a benefit. Participation ad may be conducted in the form of filling in the blanks on the Grand Opening day. It will be effective because it will involve the visitors to express their opinions on the Kakao brand and its products. Also, customers will be able to talk about their expectations and give suggestions. A dramatization of a benefit is another effective technique that allows the brand to promote the best advantages of its products: being hand-made and being natural.


Since the location of a new Kakao store is Four Seasons Resort, it is a good idea to plan its opening in summer. New visitors will come, and they will be able to taste and buy the products suggested by the Kakao brand. I think that June is the best option since vacations begin as early as this month, and I do not want to lose a single customer. Thus, the store should be opened in the first summer month.

The advertising activities should start a few months earlier. Such tactics will make it possible to let potential customers know about the future opening and encourage them to visit the store once it is opened and they come for their vacation. Local people will also have more time and opportunity to visit the store in summer. Therefore, June is the best choice for the Grand Opening.

The biggest part of the budget will be spent in the pre-opening months, and it will be invested in advertising. Adverts on TV, in magazines, and on Facebook will be the first signals of a new store opening. It is essential to organize promotional activities in the most effective way. The money spent on ads should not be wasted. Advertisements should play an excellent informative role and persuade people to buy Kakao chocolate and come to the Grand Opening of the new store in June.

April May June July
Advertising activities XXX XX
Kakao Store Grand Opening activities XXX
Easter promotion XXX
Mother’s Day promotion XXX
Promotional activities advertised via Facebook XXX XXX XXX XXX
Heavy schedule – XXX
Medium schedule – XX
Light schedule – X


To assess the project’s success, a variety of activities can be employed. First of all, it is necessary to check customers’ interest in the advertisement material. While it is difficult to trace how many people watched a TV advert or saw a magazine ad, it is quite easy to analyze how many people got interested in online promotional activities advertised via Facebook. Viewers either “like” a post or repost it to their page, and such reaction can be seen by the company. The more people react to promotional activities, the more successful a project will be considered. In this way, the incorporated tactics (adverts and Facebook activities) will be assessed, and the probability of their use in the future will be evaluated.

The best way to obtain feedback from the customers is via the internet. The company may ask people to leave their comments on the Facebook page or Kakao brand’s website. Also, customers may send emails telling what they like or dislike about the products. Finally, a special box can be put in the store where people would drop notes with their feedback.

The major aims of the project were creating awareness of the new store, increasing people’s knowledge about the Kakao brand, and motivating customers to attend the promotional events and buy Kakao chocolate. I daresay that the objectives were fully accomplished.

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