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Kava Island for Business: Decision-Making Process Essay

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Our organization has come a long way toward realizing its objective of establishing a greater presence on Kava Island. The preliminary considerations have been documented and put in mind. Moreover, a detailed Decision-Making-Model has been applied and now it is time to get the ball rolling. It is time for us as an organization to follow through and implement the decisions that were deliberated upon and made.

Decision-Making Project


Before making and implementing a decision, a lot of planning and direction are vital so that all the aspects of a particular setback get accurately covered. Other than that, care must be taken that the relevant departments which are implementing the decisions have all the resources. It is also imperative that you know exactly what your goal of making the decision is. This will aid you to make the decision and implement it as it would be a step to your goal realization. The commitment of leadership, management, and other employees is also an important aspect.

Factors affecting decision implementation and actions required to resolve them

It has become apparent to us that it is important to analyze the geographical situation presented to the organization because, one of the factors that may heavily affect the decision implementation process is, the environment. The Island of Kava is faced with a multitude of tropical disasters and diseases that could attack it at any moment. These include; volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tidal waves; avian flu, and HIV/AIDS among others. With this in mind, our organization will first decide on the best and most secure location to develop itself within the island.

We have realized that we need to find a geographical location that will provide security for the employees and other stakeholders that are directly involved in the implementation of the solutions that were found. Moreover, due to the risk of terrorism from both within and outside the island, a location that provides some sought of protection would be most ideal should the need arise. This implies that we will be required to liaise with governmental services.

Other factors that arise are the four bottle-necks of the decision-making and implementation process that generally cause problems within the organization: global versus local, center versus business unit, function versus function, and inside versus outside partners (Ford & Heaton 1980). By following the standard corporate structure of dividing the organization’s branches into individual geographical locations of operation that can operate relatively independently of the central headquarters, the new bestill branch on Kava can avoid many of the problems by focusing on local and business unit operations.

Based on the solutions we formulated earlier on and the current situations, it is quite evident that these should be in favor of both external stakeholders and factors that best benefit the people of the island while keeping the organization’s business goals in mind.

Resources required for decision implementation of proposed solutions

Every business relies on four fundamental resources for survival and growth: assets, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship (Brache & Bodley-Scott 2006)). It is with this in mind, we see it vital to examine the resources and actions required to effectively and efficiently implement the solutions to guarantee the organization’s overall success in its objectives. In this case, the main resource required is labor. With a lack of human resources on the island to assist in the organization’s ventures, we shall be unable to achieve our goals and as such, the organization’s objectives will not succeed over both the short and long term.

The action that is required to be undertaken in this scenario is for the central organization, in conjunction with Alex, to actively search out both current and prospective employees in order to assist with the organization’s development on the island. One way to assist in the successful fulfillment of this action is to promote the island as a tropical location, once reconstruction is complete, as an ideal place to live and work.

Capital/funding is also another essential resource that is required and we hope to source it from the central organization.

The ethical implication from stakeholders’ perspective for proposed solutions

While it is assumed that the decisions made in favor of developing the inhabitants of Kava’s knowledge and cultural awareness will be taken positively by the masses, there are still some unknown factors that must be taken into consideration. These include, how the local population will react to a large number of individuals living and working in their communities, how the local population will react to the increase in cultural and ethnic diversity and if foreign businesses and cultural developments will be smoothly integrated into the traditional Kava culture or will face problems in the future.

We, therefore, saw it best to begin a long-term development process, that will allow the organization to ease into the Kava market, handle cultural issues as they arise (with the remedies prescribed previously) and develop our business position on the island so as to secure ourselves for future business. The timeframe of the implementation phase will be coordinated with rebuilding efforts, as a shorter rebuilding time means more focus on the actual organization’s development, while a longer rebuilding time on the other hand means the company can focus more on the people and push forward some organizational developments until a later date. This will also allow the organization to handle any ethical issues that external stakeholders may have, through careful observation and planning.


In conclusion, we have noted that the long-term implementation plan will be effective if the internal, external, resource, and ethical factors are all take into consideration and acted upon appropriately.


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