Analysis of Advertisements in Magazines

Introduction Advertisement forms have changed over the years with each period suited to fit the target audience. Technological developments in print have improved the quality of magazine advertisements and increased target audience market coverage. Although technological improvements with online versions of magazines have improved, the print version has maintained a significant market share and demand. […]

Use of Technology for GE

Outline Introduction – Under this section, the importance of technology in the efficient running of an organization is explored Discussion -This section examines the use of information technology by GE and how some of the policies on use of internet from various countries could impact on the expansion program of GE. In addition, the section […]


Meaning of emotion words This research method was based on the meaning derived from words describing emotional experiences people experienced. These emotionally descriptive words target specific emotional feelings. Different emotional words convey distinctly different emotional feelings from a specific audience and situation. A word like love for example could convey a unique sense of belonging […]

Lifelong Learning

Introduction Lifelong learning may be advocated as a response to economic and technological change in relation to education workplace and the notions of advanced liberalism and a teacher as an accountable professional in an education ‘market place’, it is necessary to define a number of key terms in the essay which have relation to lifelong […]

Organizational Philosophies and Technology

Introduction All persons, whether in private or public sector, product or services industry, are guided by ethics (morally accepted conduct); this is undertaking ones duty in a way that the good of all the parties affected by the actions is looked into. Just like human beings, businesses should conduct their activities in a morally acceptable […]

Whether or not to uphold business ethics

Introduction Perhaps everyone agrees that businesses perform several possible activities, when striving to achieve their primary aim of making profits. However, the point of contention comes in; on the way the activities are handled and executed. The controversy often regards the question of whether to uphold the law, or adhere to the business ethics. Some […]