How to Keep Customers Loyal to Online Banking Report

Introduction Electronic banking is one of the most recent channels of communication used by modern financial institutions. The term ‘online banking’ also known as e-banking is traditionally defined as the delivery of bank’s information via different internet platforms so that customers could access their accounts and execute certain transactions online. Established in the mid 1990s, […]

Is majority rule democratic? Term Paper

Democracy is being sought by almost everyone in the world especially Africans who find it as the only alternative for survival (Kasongo 2005). They believe that under a democratic system, there is nothing to lose since it has been a potential solution for the world political crisis. India has been named as the world largest […]

The Tenets of a Successful Advertising Campaign: Understanding the Role of Good Ideas & Creative Minds Essay

Introduction Today, more than ever before, academics and practitioners are coming to terms with the increasingly complex nature of marketing and advertising brought about by media fragmentation and varied viewing and purchasing habits across consumer groups (Soberman, 2005). Indeed, according to this author, media fragmentation has made it extremely hard to cost-effectively inform a mass […]

Marketing Report for London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) Report

Executive Summary The effects of globalization on Today’s business ventures continue increasing with time. All (sporting) business entities, whether private, public or non-governmental, need to establish and posses an edge that distinguishes them uniquely from their related opponents. The edge should be something that will make them more interesting and appealing to both the media […]

Success Factors of Implementing E-Services Project Research Paper

E-Service Projects According to the Hill (2006) there are many challenges that come from the implementation and administration of e-based projects. These constraints resemble the challenges that are faced in implementing information technology projects in the world. Many organizations are finding it very hard to manage information technology projects. The management of information technology based […]