Plastic Types

A plastic material is among the extensive collection of artificial or semi-synthetic organic materials that are used in the production of industrial products. Plastic materials are characteristically polymers with high molecular mass. In addition, they may contain additional substances that help them to improve their performance and/or cut down the cost of production. The most […]

Foreign policy

Introduction All countries in the world have different foreign policies concerning their counterparts. Different countries have varying opinions and perceptions and the nature of foreign policy depends largely on the country’s relations with the countries in question. These policies have in the recent years been based on the increasing terrorism across the globe. There are […]

The 1988 Education Act

After the end of the confessional teachings and indoctrinations period, the 1988 Act era was noted for adopting phenomenology as the period’s watchword. Policy recommendations prior to the enactment of the Act, were further reviewed as increased debate ensued touching on the role of religious education. According to Coleman (1992), a series of problems were […]

Comparison and contrast of exploratory, descriptive and causal research designs giving examples

Research design is a tool that is used in carrying out marketing researches. The design is supposed to give in detail the procedures that are supposed to be followed to solve problems that marketing researches present. The major approaches used in researches include exploratory, causal, and exploratory research designs. Information requirements, measures, and scales have […]

Management Decision Making

Executive summary In today’s rapidly growing competitive business environment, the pressure to have employees in the organization who are inspired as to give their very best in their work for the success of the company is very much needed now more than it has ever been. Indeed, the primary concern and a major challenge with […]