Conditioning Theory by B.F. Skinner

Brief Overview of the theory According to Skinner, operant conditioning is a form of conditioning that that influences the formation of personality (Skinner, 1948, p.23). In other words, it is a learning method where people’s behavior is changed with the introduction of different incentives and reinforcements. External factors should be considered in explaining the behavior […]

Role of Central Bank

Different countries operate their own central bank that controls and monitors operations of commercial banks within their economy; central banks are the custodians of commercial bank. Other than being the sole printer of notes and coins currency of a nation, central banks provide their countries’ currencies with price stability by controlling inflation. To control and intervene in an […]

Production management: quality management systems. Case study of IDT Australia limited.

Introduction Historically, manufacturing management concept was coined by Adam Smith in eighteenth century in his contribution to specialization of labor in manufacturing. Adam Smith indicated that industrial jobs can be broken into smaller jobs and laborers were recommended to specialize in areas that they deem perfect, skilled and efficient (Anon, 1998). Accordingly, Fredrick Taylor coined […]

International Marketing Research

A case of cultural penetration on the international market The international market has for the past decades been characterized by high competition among different organizations as they all seek to gain their customers’ loyalty. Such organizations are therefore faced with difficulties especially on maintaining a competition position in the market as they strive to succeed […]

Organizational Behavior

Employee diversity at the workplace is seen in terms of religion, race, gender, as well as age. Employee motivation is a key factor towards the success of any organization. Employees, with time age, and as such experience different changes in their adult life which alters the way in which they view life. The effects of […]

Business Ethics

Introduction The major explanation for humankind having continued to exist for so long is due to certain, conventions, standards, mores and principles, which all of us live by. One needs to take a minute to see in their mind’s eye what would take place if out of the blue humanity was left minus any sense […]