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Luxury Hotel Promotion in Remote Scenic Area Research Paper

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Updated: Jul 30th, 2020

The creation, development, and management hotel business in remote scenic areas turn out to be an attractive opportunity for many people around the whole world. Some people find it interesting to visit remote places and take rest where “the mountains are twice as big, the skies twice as vast, the days twice as long” (Abel). Some people believe that remote scenic places can be visited to improve their health and emotional wellbeing (Nieuwenhuijsen et al.).

Sometimes, people just want to enjoy the beauty and richness of nature (Paris; Springer). Such demands of the population make business people investigate different aspects of management, analyze the opportunities that can be used, and invest in the spheres that could be doubtful or unstable in different parts of the world (Liu et al. 295; Quinn; Riasi and Pourmiri 916; Westbrooke and Westbrooke 59).

The peculiar feature of hotel business is that people are eager to start a hotel without even knowing the basics, and the results of such start-ups can hardly be called as positive (Jones). There are many steps that have to be taken in a certain order, including the choice of the territory, the creation and discussion of a business plan, and the involvement of the necessary people in the team (“How to Start a Hotel”).

It is possible to investigate the cases of other organizations and people, who have already tried to contribute to the chosen industry and do business in remote areas. The example of Chinese Lugu Lake Holiday Hotel shows how the brain drain problems can influence the hotel industry and challenge the hospitality industry (Day and Du 112). Hotel profitability of the organizations in Tunisia is another case that can be investigated to realize what kind of work should be done to create and manage the appropriate hotel business (Aissa and Goaied 478). The review of the literature and the analysis of web information is the method that can be used to cover the need of learning the details for doing luxury hotel business in remote scenic areas.

At the international level, the luxury of hotels should be affordable because not all travels are able to choose rich options, even if they have an intention to visit a luxury place (McGuire 211). Revenue management plays an important role in business because the creators should understand how to use the interests of potential consumers, underline social status, and explain the essence of the prestige in the accommodations in a luxury hotel (Ivanov 19).

There are certain risks that can occur because of poorly made investment decisions or wrongly developed investment policy (Harper 53). The analysis of the worth and profitability of the remote areas, even if they are scenic, cannot be mono-semantic. Each country has its own sights and views. It is impossible to create one plan for the development of hotel industry in different countries. Therefore, the management process should begin with the evaluation of a country and its remote places where hotels can be created.

Then, it is expected to develop a business plan and investigate the areas for consideration. It is also importance to identify the risks in order to be ready for them and offer the solutions. Finally, business in remote scenic areas should be developed in regard to the needs of international tourists. The investigation of tourists, their interests, and expectations is an important step that cannot be neglected by managers. In general, each step of hotel business management has its goal and should be taken in a certain order.

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