Architecture Paper Examples

Essays on Architecture can be challenging, especially if you are just starting learning this subject. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to get a good grade:

  • Choosing topic the right is crucial. You should write about something that interests you or focuses on a subject that you want to pursue further. For example, if you plan to work in landscape design, use this as a subject for your essay. There are also tons of sample architecture topics that you can find online if you can’t think of a particular one.
  • Structure earns you excellent marks. The organization is a central feature of any essay, and it can be tricky to get it right if you don’t know how. Start with a simple structure containing an intro, main body, and a conclusion. Write down your ideas on the topic that could be used in these three sections. Then, for the main body, expand on these ideas to form topic sentences for each paragraph.
  • Adding meaningful information on the topic is critical. Architecture is a broad subject that has seen tremendous development over the years. Try to map how your topic fits into the overall development of architecture, from Ancient Greece until today. This will definitely impress your tutor and help you get a good mark.
  • Your personal view is relevant. Instead of offering an impartial account of the topic, try to incorporate your own views in the paper. Some tutors require you to provide an art critique as part of your essay. Check the requirements and offer your perspective on the topic where relevant.

Keeping these points in mind will help you write high-quality architecture essays. To get more ideas, browse our architecture essay examples.

Modern Architecture In China

Introduction Nowadays the level of technology and the achievements in the design practice allows creating the real masterpieces both in the design of the exterior and interior. It goes without saying that the modern techniques facilitate the realization of even the most bold and creative ideas which seemed to be impossible in the past. The […]

Spatial Planning in China

Introduction Planning of the cities is one of the roles that have been considered as very challenging with the current developments of urban centers across the world. As the cities grow, it is important to note that they are always overstretched if their capacity to handle the increased population is not enhanced. Sustainability of the […]

Building Material – Timber

Introduction Timber, as a construction material, is relatively eco-friendly. One analyses the environmental feasibility of a material on the basis of the effect it has on the environment during manufacture, construction of the facility and energy use after constructing the house. This refers to the green house gases released by the product as well as […]

Ways to Improve Architectural Practice

Certainly, architectural prime is fading away and thus putting the architectural practice in a secret crisis. Eventually, the profession has eradicated the integrity of building construction. When asked of what they exactly do, architects should not merely state that they design constructions. Architecture comprises wider matters and not just dealing with aesthetics or forms. Therefore, […]

Construction of the Empire State Building

Introduction Construction projects, like any other projects, involve risks during and after their implementation. Project managers understand that during and after the implementation of their projects, there is the likelihood that unfortunate incidences or events will occur. Organizations refer to these unfortunate events as risks. When project managers do not handle the risks in a […]

World Heritage Sites: Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

Description and Key Features The Royal Exhibition property and Carlton Gardens is situated in Melbourne Australia and covers an area of 26 hectares. At the center is the Royal Exhibition building which is constructed using a combination of brick, timber, steel and slate. Designed by Joseph Reeds of Reeds and Barnes Architects, the building and […]

Green Building in the Boston Area

Currently, many organizations attempt to construct buildings that can be sustainable from an ecological point on view. In other words, such architectural projects are supposed to minimize the impact of human activities on the environment. This paper is aimed at discussing one of such projects, namely one should speak about the famous Genzyme Center which […]

Futuristic Architecture: An Overview

Introduction Architecture is the discipline concerned with the design of buildings and cities. Architects make use of their professional skills to create buildings and spaces that can be utilized for various purposes. The field of architecture has witnessed significant changes over the centuries. Architects have adjusted their practices, form and material to take advantage of […]

The Landscape Reader

Landscape is the skill or art of organizing horizontal surfaces. It has emerged as a model for urbanization in the past few years. The architect behind this concept of urban model was James Corner. It is worth noting that this concept has greatly benefited from the intellectual and cultural revitalization. It has also become the […]

History of Severn Tunnel in UK

Historical Development This is an underwater tunnel that links South Gloucestershire to Monmouthshire in the UK (Fahey, 2010). South Gloucestershire is located on the west part of England while Monmouthshire is located on the southern part of wales. The tunnel construction began in March 1873. However, the actual tunneling of this project had to wait […]

Sydney Opera House

Introduction There are numerous art works that have been produced before and some of them are where art publications exist. The Sydney Opera house is an instance of where numerous art publications exist making it a place which is used for multiple purposes of performing arts by various artists in different settings. The Sydney Opera […]

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

According to Morrison, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process of organizing and generating building data throughout the growth of a project. Indeed, BIM is an actual-time, three dimensional, vibrant building modeling computer systems where business people can enhance productivity during generating constructions and designs functions (2003, p.4). Actually, this process generates BIM that connects […]

Art history Montreal city: Palais des Congres de Montreal

Introduction It is one of the new architectural symbols in Montreal that have gained a worldwide-prolonged applause. Major travel guides the likes of Lonely Planet, Ullysse and Hachette have chosen the building’s multicolored glass as well as the pink-lipstick forest as covers for their recent issues. Other tourism articles have recommended visiting the building for […]

Research Analysis of the Sydney Opera House

The Field To define the major design and architect principles, specific attention should be made to the Wolansky Foundation defining the site, expenditures, changes, and the architect’s concepts (n. p.). Regarding the fact that the design and construction of the Opera House are presented as the world’s known masterpiece, it is necessary to study historical, […]

Building Implementation Modelling

Use of technology is necessary for the designing industry to advance. The industry is fast moving away from old technologies to incorporate new and innovative technologies. When it comes to technologies used in designing, BIM- Building Implementation Modelling technology leads the way. This technology uses three-dimensional technology with design information (Underwood & Isikdag, 2009). Through […]

DODAF is Potentially Deficient if it Does Not Contain a Knowledge Component

The Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DODAF) is an architecture and infrastructural body which main responsibility is publication of materials. In fact, the department publishes information regarding development in the architectural field. These materials are usually submitted by any of its members to the editorial department. The editorial board works with authors to determine the […]

Discussion of the use and relevance of this architectural development process for some application of interest

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) TOGAF Architecture Skills Framework has benefits and relevance in reducing time, risks associated with training, hiring and managing IT system in professional manners. TOGAF makes communication system simple between employment agencies and organizations. It also reduces time wastages during interviews. TOGAF is also relevant in reducing time and costs […]

Role of Architecting in Capability Based Planning

Capability-based planning (CBP) entails the process of planning, delivering, and engineering of strategic business capabilities in an enterprise. This process is business oriented and mobilizes the requisite resources and efforts in every line of business to offer the desired capabilities. CBP incorporate various business models and is applicable in organizations where latent capabilities are essential […]

The Plan for a Two-story Office Building in Colorado that Houses 50 Employees

Introduction Every year, we experience various forms of disasters, where we lose lives, property, and people are injured. In such circumstances, the business operations usually come to a halt, and this causes the cost of running the business to rise. This cost is occasionally passed over to the shareholders, employees, consumers and other organs of […]

Architect Harry Seidler

Harry Seidler is regarded as one of the most influential individuals in modern architecture, especially in Australia. Based on his belief that architecture is a form of simple but functional design art, he was devoted to bettering the physical world through application of modern technology. Perhaps, one of the reasons why his works are considered […]

Critical Issues in the Design and Construction of the Qatar World Cup Buildings and Facilities in 2022

Scope of Work Qatar has been chosen as a country which is going to host FIFA World Cup in 2022. Many scholars express misunderstanding and dissatisfaction with this decision in a number of reasons. The one of purposes of this research paper is to consider the issues related to buildings and other facilities the country […]

High-Rise Building

High-rise building refers to any building used for human occupancy that exceeds 75 feet (23 m) in height. This definition depends upon the fact that ladders on fire department vehicles mostly do not reach past this point. In this case, the height of the building starts from the lowest ground level a fire truck can […]

The CN Tower

Abstract The CN Tower is one of the major achievements of Canada’s architectural and construction industry. The tower was completed in 1975 and opened to the public in 1976. As one of the tallest structures in the world, the CN Tower remains an important tourist attraction in Toronto, Canada. Additionally, the tower is an important […]

Saint Peter’s Basilica

Introduction Saint Peter’s Basilica is the largest church in the world built within Vatican City in Italy. The church applies as the centre of Christianity among catholic religious believers. Saint Peter’s Basilica holds a special place among catholic faithful as one of the holiest places associated with the religion (Letarouilly 67). The magnificent construction that […]

The Aspects of the Research on the Belle Verriere Window of the Cathedral of Chartres

The Cathedral of Chartres (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres) is located in France. The Cathedral is traditionally discussed as an example of the French High Gothic style, and the history of this building is associated with the 12th -13th centuries. The Cathedral of Chartres is famous for its remarkable architectural structure and unique stained glass panels […]

World Cultures: Sainte-Chapelle in Paris and the Great Mosque in Spain

Introduction Throughout the history, people have been faced with numerous questions about the universe, the creator, life after death and other fundamental questions that seem to have no definite answers. Consequently, people have turned to arguments that are not based on sight, but rather, on faith and belief. Different societies exhibit their faith in the […]

Architectural/Artistic Analysis of the Three Rooms of the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral

Three rooms of the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral were selected for the section of this analysis requiring one to evaluate a piece of architecture. The first section that one arrives at on his/her way into the Cathedral is the Tiler’s Room. This is part of the entrance to the cathedral and it assumes the shape […]

Djoser and Imhotep Art History

Netjerikhet Djoser, also known as Zoser, was probably the famous King who ruled Egypt in the third Dynasty for 19 years. His name means “the divine body” and he is remembered for commissioning the construction of step pyramid which was architectural work of Imhotep. Historical facts have revealed that the relation between Dsojer and Imhopet was […]

Human Response to Physical Structures

Human beings are known to react differently to the existing conditions in their lives. These reactions are put together to make up human behavior. Environmental psychology deals primarily with how human beings behave in response to the environment surrounding them. In our everyday life, physical structures are inevitable; they include both residential and commercial buildings. […]

Rem Koolhaas and Jan Gehl Theories in City Planning

People take different positions when debating on a subject and this is not any different in the architectural world. The two architects presented in this paper have taken very different positions concerning how cities should be designed as outlined below. Rem Koolhaas, in his interview with Spiegel Online titled An Obsessive Compulsion Towards the Spectacular, […]